Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who the #@%& farms Sea Monks?

I'm on my last 350x proc on Sea Monk Magian Trial. There's three places in the whole of Vanadiel I can do this. One is Arrapago Reef, so it doesn't count. The other two are outside of Charby's room in SSG or on the 55-59 ones in Onzozo. There's 17 pops in the latter, so easy choice, right?

Well, I went to SSG first anyway. And there's a Samurai there soloing the Sea Monks. He's doing a Store TP+5 GK for some reason. To his credit, he did at least need to WS on Aquans, but why in the bottom of SSG? Why Sea Monks?

So I leave and go to Onzozo. And there's people here soloing the fucking things. They give ~30 EXP. Sure you can NPC the skins, but why the fuck would you walk all the way out here to do it? Spiders outside Whitegate drop webs which you can toss right on the AH for better gil/hr.


So, yes, instead of complaining about Weather requirement trials I'm complaining that Cerberus is retarded.


  1. *gasp*
    The playerbase retarded? Say it's not so.

  2. You must have missed the memo. People are testing the latest rumor that the Octave Club has been added to the treasure pool on non-NM Sea Monks.

    There's a .000001% chance that I could be telling the truth, and that's enough reason to make people farm those.

    I should have told you sooner. =/