Thursday, July 22, 2010

Working in the Library

I've been working on getting Scholar to 80 since finishing Black Mage and Monk (mostly) and not feeling like doing more Magian Trials for the time being. I tried the Demon & The Pit method.™
But it's not the safest EXP when I need Iceday to one-shot them usually.
If things go wrong you tend to die. Sometimes though...everybody lives! And I log out. Usually I just die. :-P

The Abyssean Alternative

I finally got to play in one of these newfangled Alliance EXP groups.
It was fun. Sort of oddly chaotic. Like a regular EXP party except with 3x the people.
Sadly, my time came to an end. But I went from barely 76 to almost 77 which is pretty nice.

It's kind of odd to see how Square-Enix made Elemental Magic desirable in EXP. By completely changing how EXP works, but still I have to give them's quite creative.


  1. Really sorry about that EP. See if you can get another stone, and I'll give it another shot tonight if there isn't an event with Epic.

  2. It's ok, I almost got a full level out of it. :)

    I have three more stones and two or three with the NPC now, so I'm looking forward to trying again.