Monday, August 30, 2010

Blade: Hi? And the rest of the new WS reviewed.

SE posted another "new WS!!!" video today.
Some of them look like they could be interesting.

Cloudsplitter - 1h Axe

Thundery axe weaponskill. Looks to be one-hit. Probably elemental and/or stun WS.

Chant du Cygne - 1h Sword

"Z for Zorro!" No, seriously. It means "Cry of the Swan" or something in french-ish and looks like a three hit physical WS. It appears a RDM is doing it because of the Teal armor.

Victory Smite - Hand-to-Hand

Looks to be 4 punches. It's being done on a Ghost, so I could be reading more into this than there is, but... maybe Monk will finally have a weaponskill that ignores physical damage reductions? Sort of like a Formless Strikes WS.

If nothing else Monks and Puppetmasters will literally get to smite shit next month. Which is pretty rad.

Rudra's Storm - Dagger

A two hit dagger WS that appears to be wind elemental. Rudra being a "wind god" and all. So maybe THF and DNC will get a fourth Wind elemental WS. Either Square-Enix is just fucking with Thieves at this point, with the level 83 Dual Wield I and all, or this one might actually do like 600-700 damage.

Torcleaver - Great Sword

A one hit GS WS. Looks like some sort of Stone stuff, so Added: Effect Slow (that never procs)?

Myrkr - Staff

This looks really goddamned cool! Hold your staff up Spirit Taker style and water pours all over the place from it! I wouldn't be surprised if it has a Magic Shield effect or something like Converts Damage to MP.

The name means "Darkness" in Norse mythology and is a forest planet in the Star Wars universe.

Jishnu's Radiance - Archery

A one hit WS that appears to be Burst II for your bow.

Jishnu's a dude's name. I can't find any significant ones. Perhaps some Bollywood guy got struck by lightning and it's gallows humor? :-P

Ukko's Fury - Great Axe

A two hit GA WS. It looks to be physical.

Ukko is the god of the sky, weather, and harvest in Finnish and Estonian mythology.

Quietus - Scythe

Looks to be a one hit physical or dark elemental WS.

Quietus was a guy who seized some power in Ancient Rome.

Camlann's Torment - Polearm

A one-hit Polearm WS. Looks a lot like the last new Polearm WS.

Tachi: Fudo - Great Katana

A one hit physical WS. Which means depending on mods/added effects/etc it could actually be good. Then again, Tachi: Butterflies.

Dagan - Club

Looks like some variation of Moonlight with five petal flowers. Could provide MP Refresh or Enmity Down?

Dagan is fishing/harvest deity or something.

Wildfire - Marksmanship

Looks like a single hit Fire elemental WS.

Blade: Hi

Looks like a one (read: two) hit physical WS. With some Attack multiplier and/or decent mods it could be better than Blade: Jin on things Ninjas....probably aren't meleeing anyway. Ninja could really use a boost if you're listening, Square-Enix.

And the video from Youtube if you haven't seen it already:


Finished my Katanas!

I finally finished off my second Katana for my Ninja earlier tonight!
There's better Katanas out there to mainhand, obviously, but this one is pretty straightforward...if grindy as all hell to complete (800 fucking WS on Vermin for the last trial).

Now I've got:
DMG:43 Delay:216 Store TP+8
DMG:40 Delay 201 DEX+6 Accuracy+12
Replacing my old:
DMG:38 Delay:227 Critical Hit Rate+6%
DMG:32 Delay:201 STR+2 DEX+4
Which is a net differences of:
DMG:+13 Delay:-11 Store TP+8 Critical Hit Rate-6% STR-2 DEX+2 Accuracy+12
Which is decent enough for me.

I did most of the last Vermin WS trial in Kuftal Tunnel on Spiders.
Which made me a decent amount of gil. Three Arachne kills and one Amemet in my time there. Four Arachne technically, but that was with a group and I didn't get any webs.
I ended up moving to Mount Z and finishing on the awful (for melee) Wamoura Princes. Shenel is working on his OA3 Katana, so he was there as NIN/RDM and I went NIN/WHM. It was pretty slow with Sanction Refresh unable to keep up with our MP usage at times (and subbed Clear Mind, with no hMP gear, being rubbish).
But I finished mine obviously.

We should probably get a bunch of people to come and Manaburn the western island's Wamoura Princes for him. It would be crappy EXP with everyone being at or near level 80, but 300 more of those things any other way would suck pretty badly.

Anyway, it's ~1AM, so I"m off to bed. Hopefully we get some decent update teaser info tomorrow morning.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Top 3 Most Retarded BG Threads of the Day!

Number Three!

We start our dive into the stupidest things you can read on BG today without archive diving with this gem. Although the link is to a post suggesting switching to Thief, which has a native Triple Attack trait, instead of Dancer, which does not have innate Triple Attack, to clear up whether the Auric Dagger, that both jobs can use, has a hidden Triple Attack +% effect the entire thread is verifiably retarded.

Number Two!

Although I'm not a huge fan of idle speculation in general, trying to decipher and predict what's to come in the Version Updates is of some interest to me. I usually try to stick to understanding what's in the POL blurbs or just coming up with the "we want to fix BLM EXP" sort of comments from Vanafest or whereever and figure out how they could do that. (Failing pretty epically on the that particular point.)

But the second most retarded thread on BG today is an argument over "How/why/what(/thing?!?) some spells work with Scholar's AoE abilities while others do not?!?" I linked to the last post as the time of writing, but if it's not locked I'm sure it'll continue to be sufficiently retarded to earn its spot at number two.

Number the First!

And a drum roll please!

Thank you, Mr. Youtube Uploader!

The height of stupidity on BG today is... an Internet Petition (automatically extremely retarded) to fix Thief only getting Dual Wield I in next month's Version Update. Which isn't even out yet! (Unless you're reading this in the future.)


Check back tomorrow when I probably won't do a most stupid forum thread post!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Job Update Details Part I Examined

So today the first part of the update's Job Adjustments was announced. For the most part it isn't anything particularly interesting. I guess that depends on your jobs as Endark might be awesome sounding to Dark Knights or something, but I can't get too excited over it.

So let's get started.
OK.. The WHM, RDM, BRD, and DRG things were already basically known/understood. They just have names now. Sound nice to have, but nothing game changing.

BST gets something to make regular mob pets better? BLU gets a higher level Chain Affinity that can't be used for Skillchaining? And SMN gets a couple new BPs that sound unremarkable? Yay.

COR getting delay reduction Phantom Rolls looks like it'll be a nice addition to zerging things. People love Dancer for Haste Samba all the sudden, so I'm sure they'll like COR now too. (The COR probably gets to sit outside for the actual zerg still though. :-P)

DNC gets a Step that lowers Critical Evasion rate...whatever that means.

Let's hope the next section is better.
Nope, it's the list we got two days ago now in super improved box form. People on BG cried about the new Job Traits being a list instead of a table. Square-Enix must have been listening. They're still generally disappointing, unfortunately.

Moving along...
Finally, some meat!

Enlight for Paladins. They got Phalanx last update. They get an Enspell this one. Blink/Stoneskin/Aquaveil for 90, 95, 99? Probably. :-P

Red Mage gets some stuff finally, Square-Enix probably should give RDM something after pissing all over it last update. Addle will do...what? I'm guessing something between Silence and Paralyze. A chance mob's casting will be interrupted or some minus MAB effect. Refresh're going to be disappointed. Or so I think. I'm guessing it won't be much more MP efficient (without Composure) than Refresh. 4-5 MP/tick. Gain-VIT/MND are probably single target spells that boost their respective stats. Not bad. Between the MND+ spell and the new JA we could see some potent Slows/Paralyzes.

WHM gets boned. Well, mostly. Cura people use Cura I? I know "it's the most MP efficient Cure in the game!!!", but I really don't see it used very often. Boost-VIT/MND will probably be AoE versions of the Gain spells RDM gets.

SCH gets Enmity +/- spells! Or so I think Animus Augeo will increase Enmity and Animus Minuo will decrease it. OK, I guess. If they last five minutes or more they'll be nice to have around, but nothing amazing. I think they'll work like the merit ability Strategems as a secondary multiplier on Enmity allowing over/under the -50/+100 caps.

The Black Magic section makes me LOL a bit. Firstly, because "We're getting Fire V this update at 85, so I've got my Agni's Staff ready!" is all over BG. Aero V is unexciting...nobody has potency merits and few have a TotM Wind Potency Staff.

Square-Enix also seems to have decided -ga4s for players needed a weird name. As Stoneja and Waterja look to be AoE from the picture. The only way I could see them replacing Thundaga/Blizzaga III is if these have a Cure V-esque Enmity reduction on them. Which would still just make them situational.

Break? Really? It won't work on NMs at all most likely. If it actually works half as well on regular mobs as it does on players it'll be awesome, so I'm pretty sure it won't.

Dark Knights get Endark. Will it be worth casting? If its pretty potent on things that aren't resistant to Dark elemental damage, maybe. I'm not a Dark Knight and we don't know how strong it will be, so its impossible to say.

Bards are getting some pretty nice songs. Sentinel's Scherzo is the new damage reduction song, and could be useful if its potent. For the most part I think people would still prefer Marches or Ballads. Maybe with Ballad III it'll be an option though? Foe Lullaby II finally catches up BRD with WHM on single target Light elemental sleeping ability. lolCarol IIs.

Ninja is getting two new Ninjutsu spells. Myoshu: Ichi & Yurin: Ichi. What do they do? I really have no idea. Googling the names/tools leads me to believe they're self-buffs. I'm guessing Attack Bonus and Delay Reductions. I could, and probably am, completely wrong about this though. Ninja could really use some boon to get it competitive with, well, some other job at something.

The last part is other jobs leveling into new-to-them spells.
The nukes were pretty obvious. Just a "will we get X spell at/before 85?" question.

I had suspected Regen III would end up on Scholar eventually. And I'm a dick, so I bought up a bunch of Regen III scrolls. (It drops in Treasures and Tribulations though, so I doubt it'll end up being really expensive.) I'm still holding out hope for Raise III/RR3 for Scholar too at 90.

Aspir II is a welcome addition to Black Mage. A second MP draining spell in addition to Refresh from /RDM is looking to reduce /healing time significantly.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

w00t! (Ninja Update)

After a few Lightningsday alliance parties I finally finished off my Accuracy Katana yesterday night!
I stuck around until the day changed, and then headed to Ru'Lude Gardens.
DEX+6 Accuracy+12 goodness!

It's kind of strange to have a better-than-Relic/Mythic-weapons-used-to-be Katana. Now to finish off ~700 WS on Vermin and my Ninja's Magian stuff is complete (for now).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Making it up as you go along.

 Is anyone really interpretting this shit as anything else? Can you?
First of all, 85?


The level cap's was supposed to be hitting 99 the update after September's. Going to 90 would have been nice. While Abyssean EXP is rad and all it still takes several fucking hours and having to do it twice for each job when once would have worked is fucking annoying.

Second, 85?

What the fuck?

85 / 2 = 42.5.

42 < 43.

43 is when we get subbed fucking Refresh. Did we really all level subjobs to be ready more than a year before Square-Enix dribbles out the version update?

Also, what the fuck is this:
Subbed...Regen? We've already got the Dipper Duly pictured.

I seem to recall, I don't know, this?
Is "3" code for 3 years? Square-Enix has been squeezing blood from the Wings of the Goddess rock for quite a while now. How fucking long is it going to take to roll out the level cap increase?

Hey, Square-Enix, if you're going to do something in the most completely ass way possible that nobody is expecting (for some reason) maybe fucking tell somebody? If you're going to post "The Future of FFXI!To level 99 and beyond!" Don't post fucking graphics indicating a three step increase when you're planning FUCKING FIVE?

Abyssea = 15 Zones?

So with the surprise of this morning we're apparently getting 15 Abyssea zones. Anyone want to guess what the other 12 will be? Maybe we didn't get WotG Tavnazia, but we'll get Abyssea-Tavnazia?


Monday, August 23, 2010

More Ninja.

I logged on for Lightningsday earlier today, hauled tail to The Boyahda Tree, and put up my LFP flag w/ a Plantoid Killer /seacom.
Wow! I ended up getting 135 done before the day changed.

These last few trials are crazy fucking easy compared to others I've done. Excluding BST pets, because, well, they're BST pets.


I've been working on two Katanas to get my Ninja a little more up to date. Senjuinrikio/Unji is a bit 2005. I went with the Store TP+8 one's easy. Just do a bunch of WS. OK base DMG on it and I'll get stuck at 99% TP less often. The other one I'm doing is the DEX/Accuracy+ one.
I've got two more on Lightningsday/Thunder weather trials with ~450 mobs to kill. When it's done between it and more Katana skill from level 80 I'll have like a free +30% hit-rate on anything I'm not capped on. Technically, I could upgrade two of them, but that's probably overkill.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nobody knows what Trial #216 Is! Also, some new WS thoughts...

I just wanted to mention for people who aren't /anon and set /seacoms while working on Trials...nobody knows what the fucking number of the trial you're doing means. Are you camping some worthless NM? Are you killing Leeches? Nobody fucking knows. Well, the five other people who might be on that particular trial do, but people who also need to "kill Arcana on Firesday" (or whatever) that aren't doing your Polearm (or whatever) trial don't know what you're doing. Put some sort of description! Choosing not to be retarded is a good first step. Making it easier for other people to work with you would be a helpful second.

The New Weaponskills...

As I think more about it, I'm going to bet that the level 80 Weapons and the Empyrean Weapons are the ones that are going to get the new Weaponskills. The Empyrean Weapons will probably have the Relic/Mythic-like "Pwner Stabby Stab" weaponskill on the weapon. The level 80 ones will add it to your list if you finish one.

Or so I'm guessing.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The More You Magian!

(Thanks to Jigglyrulez for The More You Magian! logo.)

Square-Enix finally announced Trial of the Magians armor trials today! They must have known I was bitching about it yesterday or the day before. ;-P

The first two subtopics are mostly expected.
Further weapon trials were a given. Reading carefully, I'm under the impression that all the weapons you can upgrade (or at least some of them besides the Empyrean ones) will get new Weaponskills.

Weaponskills that are actually worth using would be a nice change over the past few batches we've gotten. Sure things like Drakesbane and King's Justice are good for lolDRG and WAR, but Ascetic's Fury and Blade: Yu have been nothing to write home about. If Square-Enix could figure out how to make people /shout to find Black Mages for EXP, then I'm sure they're capable of making a Katana Weaponskill that's worth a shit.

Anyway, the Armor trials look promising. From the sounds of it "AF3" is going to be a base set that you do trials to build up to awesomeness. I'm curious how we'll obtain the base pieces though? Hopefully, if you have high Repuation in Abyssea and some Cruor you can get the piece, flag the trial, and be on your way.

Worst case scenario they're randomly in locked chests in Abyssea and the era of random group Abyssean EXP is completely fucked because random people tend to be greedy, thieving fucktards. There's a little of that now with people saying, "Whoops, I didn't know the Ex thing in the chest everyone just /random'd for wasn't for me!" But who really cares that much about Dark Rings? Having to deal with people /random'ing for PUP AF3 for their own amusement that haven't unlocked the job would be irritating as well.

As for the last two subtopics...

That horrifying noise was me buying Magian Spectacles.

Also, on September 23rd (the update will be the 21st) there's going to be Emergency Maintenance breaking them in Western Altepa Desert for camping KV and fixing that you can get the Tier III VNM Electroluminescent Abyssite in Abyssea-Attowha Chasm using them.

And last bit I'll get the tiny violin ready for:
Yet again SE is revising some of the trials. Which can only be a good thing. Unless they nerf killshots on BST pets. In which case it would be massive fucking suck. There will of course be some Q_Qery by people who walked uphill both ways through three feet of snow to complete trials, but it's to be expected. The biggest adjustments will probably be to the "Turn in 30 Chloris Buds" (or whatever) trials that take a lot of drops from harder to pop Notorious Monsters.

I'm hoping the Light and Dark elemental finishing blow requirements are lowered. Trying to get a Dark potency staff at the moment is very not-fun sounding. (The early trials for a Cure Potency staff look similarly sucky.)

There's a number of trials I've done or looked into that simply aren't viable to complete now and probably won't be (assuming everything Easy Prey now stays that way at level 90) at 90. Kill 200 Soulflayers under Thunder day/weather? Yeah. I'll pass. 

So overall I'd say this was a decent teaser blurb. Not overly ambiguous like many are. And it announced some cool stuff. There wasn't even any painfully horrible alliteration. Well done, Square-Enix!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

590 Damage :San spells! Also: Ninja Magian Trials & September Update Speculation

I mentioned that I dumped some of my "well, what the fuck should I spend these merits on?" Abyssea merits into Hyoton. I got to test them out on some less than uber targets today.
The results aren't half-bad. Of course, they're still pretty useless. An Aquilo's Staff, Novio Earring, and most of the INT gear from Black Mage I can wear on Ninja may have been involved. ;-)

ToM Stabby-time!!!: Ninja Edition

Anyway, I started up some Trials of the Magian Katanas.

The "first" one is fucking annoying. Kill 50 lizards with any weather. Technically, I could have gone to Mamook as NIN/SCH and used Sleep or Manifestation+Sleep and kill Mamool's Lizard. But I had no buffer on NIN80 yet, so I decided to go with the Pso'xja method reccomended on the Wiki.
I said "first", because having waited to get NIN80 to start I also started the Weaponskill Path level 80 Katana. It's got a decent DMG rating and with Store TP+8 I won't end up at 99% TP fucking constantly. The other Katana I'm probably going with the DEX+6 Accuracy+12 one.

What a deal! (Sarcasm! :-P)

Wow! What a deal! Square-Enix is offering a $5.95 a month discount on FFXI if you also pay for FFXIV.

To draw a picture:
Where '1' means "October" and '5' means "the total amount of money spent when January rolls around and the deal ends." I assume that you have a mule in FFXI and a Retainer in FFXIV which I think is realistic.

So...yay, I guess, if you were going to play both anyway, you save a few bucks. And there's the gold shoes for FFXIV.

I'm still going to stick FFXIV I think.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

All The Way Home!

I finally saw an interesting /shout in Whitegate and it was for an Abyssea run. Not the "running around Abyssea doing interesting stuff" sort of interesting /shout, rather the EXP kind. Which are pretty boring, but I wanted to do one anyway. Gotta get Ninja and Puppetmaster to 80 somehow, ya know!

The run was my second (or third?) on lizards in La Theine.
It started slow as Abyssea tends to but I got 78!
And 79!
And, in my largest non-BLM (or SCH) solo kill worth of EXP ever, 80!

I'm planning on getting my NIN's buffer by doing the level 80 Store TP+8 Katana trial. Post-75 my Senjuinrikio+Unji really don't keep up. I should have brought some pizzas, but used Squid and Crab sushis because I had those on me.

As for my Hyoton merit crap and best Blade: Jin of the night:
If I was gearing for it (i.e. bringing INT/MAB stuff w/ me and macroing it) Hyoton would be able to do some pretty impressive damage. Not amazing, and I'd rather punch shit as Monk or nuke it as Black Mage/Scholar, but good nonetheless.

And for the pic of the post: What are the odds of a gold chest on a Mijin Gakure without RR?

So fun night overall. Now my two pet jobs are the only ones still not 80. I'm not sure if I'll try to work on those or do some more weapons trials yet.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Of Indra and Varuna Staves (Part II)

Last time on The Pie Blog™ I covered the journey to Indra's Staff enlightenment. This time, I'll be covering finishing your Varuna's Staff.

Start by finishing off your Trial 841 with Slimes in dark-aligned weather. I went over that last time, so moving along...

Trial 842 & De ja vu?

For Trial 842 you need to kill 50 mobs under Ice day/weather. Cake.
Either go on Ice day or don't have terrible luck and Xarcabard (S)+Gigas's Tigers will have you done in no time. Alternatively, you could try doing Demon's Elementals in Ule. Range (if you can find a camp...I didn't), but Gigas's Tigers are soooooo easy, so why bother? You can also team up for this, so if you see somebody else there make a party.
You'll be done in no time.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Part II will probably be tomorrow.

I've been grinding out the last of my Varuna's Staff. I finished the second to last trial earlier.
I also spent some of the ~80,000 EXP I've gotten (mostly soloing) on Hyoton merits for Ninja. Why Hyoton? Mostly, because the tools for it are dirt cheap/easy to make and having an ice nuke available is handy.
I'm leaving group 2 merits at 5/10 because I'm thinking SE may make Throwing finally useful in September and that would make 5/5 Sange valuable. They probably won't, but I can dream, right? A weaponskill and some Ex shuriken you can get cheaply would be really nice.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Elusive Cherry Muffin.

Those are some elusive fucking muffins.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Of Indra and Varuna Staves (Part I)

If you're a Black Mage or Scholar you're probably aware the Trials of the Magians has new staves that out-do the HQ Staves in terms of damage or accuracy. But how to go about getting them? The Wiki has plenty of info, but it's still a little daunting to the unintiated and a lot of work even if you know what you're doing. If you're like most Nukers you want at least a the Thunder & Ice staves, so you'll need to repeat at least the first trial once. And these things are long, so it might be optimal to work on a few concurrently. Having finished Indra's Staff this week myself, and being well on my way to Varuna's I've decided to offer a few suggestions on how to go about the trials.

A few assumptions: First, I'm going to assume your Black Mage or Scholar is at or near level 80. This isn't particularly hard to do as I'd thought given Abyssean EXP groups. Spend an evening killing Mandies or whatever and get it done. Second, for the early portion of the trials you're going to need to Warp. Probably a lot. So it would be easier to do as Black Mage over Scholar if you've got both options. For the trials that require killing 200 of a mob and no BST pets are available, Black Mage is definitely preferable due to -ga3s. Really, aside from one-shotting BST pets I'd go with BLM over SCH for these. (Your mileage may vary, personal preference and all that.)

You can also Retrace yourself as Black Mage and that makes jumping between (S) zones a lot more convenient.

Second, I'm going to assume you aren't going to Level Sync. There's several trials that you could do via SMN burn or syncing below level ~50. However, not everyone has a mule they can dual-box or a friend with a job they can drag out to the middle of nowhere to do a weather trial. As for the SMN burn option on Cerberus at least K.tunnel is RMT monopolized and who knows if Square-Enix will suddenly decide to LM-17 people for SMN burning January 22, 2011 (or whenever).

Let's Get Started!

Friday, August 6, 2010

I sold my Jupiter's Staff.

After many years of faithful service, I finally parted ways with my trusty Jupiter's Staff. It's because I finally finished my first TotM Staff.
And up it went.
I can hear the cries of "Gimp! Gimp!" now, but let's face it: Stun doesn't resist on anything it's going to land on and lolShockAccuracy.
Now to turn the five stacks of Sleepshrooms into Sleeping Potions and undercut the crap out of everyone else on Cerberus on the AH. Muwahahahahahahahaha!!!

I'm planning on posting a bit about the Staff trials in another day or two. Specifically, what I think is probably the best way to approach them for a career Black Mage/nuking-onry (or mostly) Scholar.