Wednesday, August 18, 2010

590 Damage :San spells! Also: Ninja Magian Trials & September Update Speculation

I mentioned that I dumped some of my "well, what the fuck should I spend these merits on?" Abyssea merits into Hyoton. I got to test them out on some less than uber targets today.
The results aren't half-bad. Of course, they're still pretty useless. An Aquilo's Staff, Novio Earring, and most of the INT gear from Black Mage I can wear on Ninja may have been involved. ;-)

ToM Stabby-time!!!: Ninja Edition

Anyway, I started up some Trials of the Magian Katanas.

The "first" one is fucking annoying. Kill 50 lizards with any weather. Technically, I could have gone to Mamook as NIN/SCH and used Sleep or Manifestation+Sleep and kill Mamool's Lizard. But I had no buffer on NIN80 yet, so I decided to go with the Pso'xja method reccomended on the Wiki.
I said "first", because having waited to get NIN80 to start I also started the Weaponskill Path level 80 Katana. It's got a decent DMG rating and with Store TP+8 I won't end up at 99% TP fucking constantly. The other Katana I'm probably going with the DEX+6 Accuracy+12 one.

Something people say a lot about Magian Weapons is they're "free." I say they make me some nice "Gil Over Time."
Once that was done, I ended up teaming up with a Red Mage finishing Indra's Staff and another Ninja doing the same kill 50 Funguars in weather trial.
Which brings me to where I'm currently at. No further, really.
I went to help Shenel with his Wind M.Accuracy+4 staff trial though and got some more WS points for the Blade: Chi+10% Katana done.
We finished the trial with a bang! (Horrible pun alert!)
I'm going to see about doing the next trial (kill 50 things on Lightningsday) tonight. The nice thing about Dual Wielding ToM trials is that you can pretty easily work on two at the same time.

This batch, unlike later Staff trials, also has the added benefit that I can team up with people for it and have twice so far. All the ones I need to do to finish both my Katanas are {Team Up?}-friendly, thankfully.

September Update Worries

I'm hoping Square-Enix realizes if the subsequent DMG+4 Staff upgrades all require killshots people are going to be camping XYZ's Pet like they drop Ridills. It's not too bad now as there's relatively few people working on upgrading at a given time, but everyone with Indra's, Varuna's, Yama's, etc now is going to want an extra Dmg/Acc+ on it ASAP.

If Square-Enix has a sense of humor they'll use the currently tossed by the hundreds Rare items from Abyssea that pop various NMs. That Alkaline Humus you've gotten and thrown away 30x doing Mandy EXP parties in Abyssea? It's worth 100k now.

As the last update approached everyone talked about, "What's going to be your first job to 80? What order are you going to take your job to 80?" I think this time there will be that plus people are going to planning which Magian Weapon they're going to get going on first.

I wouldn't be too surprised to see in September:
  • The regular Magian Weapons get their final upgrades in September.
  • Magian Armors (finally) get introduced, and use the three Abyssean sets as their base items. This will be their first and only series of Quests for upgrades.
  • Salvage Armor gets a first set of Magian Quests. (This is assuming Salvage Gear really is getting upgraded...this is oft repeated and I can't find a straight from Square-Enix source on it.)
  • Empyrean Weapons get stats.
And then in January (Febuary?):
  • Final upgrades for Empyrean/Relic/Mythic weapons.
  • Final upgrades for Salvage Gear.
  • Magian Quests for the level 99 "merits." Whatever those end up being.
I'll end my wild speculation for the day here, I'm going to go outside and be rained on for a bit.



  1. SE never said that Salvage armor (or any armor) will get any upgrades. As far as I'm aware, the only upgrades will be to Relics and Mythics.

  2. To be honest, All of those sound like great ideas, but ever since I came back I still have a bit of issue in the gil-making department. I just wonder what SE will do to make this..long living issue a little easier, Which if you ask me it is something they should address before FFXIV's initial release, don't you think?