Sunday, August 15, 2010

All The Way Home!

I finally saw an interesting /shout in Whitegate and it was for an Abyssea run. Not the "running around Abyssea doing interesting stuff" sort of interesting /shout, rather the EXP kind. Which are pretty boring, but I wanted to do one anyway. Gotta get Ninja and Puppetmaster to 80 somehow, ya know!

The run was my second (or third?) on lizards in La Theine.
It started slow as Abyssea tends to but I got 78!
And 79!
And, in my largest non-BLM (or SCH) solo kill worth of EXP ever, 80!

I'm planning on getting my NIN's buffer by doing the level 80 Store TP+8 Katana trial. Post-75 my Senjuinrikio+Unji really don't keep up. I should have brought some pizzas, but used Squid and Crab sushis because I had those on me.

As for my Hyoton merit crap and best Blade: Jin of the night:
If I was gearing for it (i.e. bringing INT/MAB stuff w/ me and macroing it) Hyoton would be able to do some pretty impressive damage. Not amazing, and I'd rather punch shit as Monk or nuke it as Black Mage/Scholar, but good nonetheless.

And for the pic of the post: What are the odds of a gold chest on a Mijin Gakure without RR?

So fun night overall. Now my two pet jobs are the only ones still not 80. I'm not sure if I'll try to work on those or do some more weapons trials yet.

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