Monday, August 30, 2010

Blade: Hi? And the rest of the new WS reviewed.

SE posted another "new WS!!!" video today.
Some of them look like they could be interesting.

Cloudsplitter - 1h Axe

Thundery axe weaponskill. Looks to be one-hit. Probably elemental and/or stun WS.

Chant du Cygne - 1h Sword

"Z for Zorro!" No, seriously. It means "Cry of the Swan" or something in french-ish and looks like a three hit physical WS. It appears a RDM is doing it because of the Teal armor.

Victory Smite - Hand-to-Hand

Looks to be 4 punches. It's being done on a Ghost, so I could be reading more into this than there is, but... maybe Monk will finally have a weaponskill that ignores physical damage reductions? Sort of like a Formless Strikes WS.

If nothing else Monks and Puppetmasters will literally get to smite shit next month. Which is pretty rad.

Rudra's Storm - Dagger

A two hit dagger WS that appears to be wind elemental. Rudra being a "wind god" and all. So maybe THF and DNC will get a fourth Wind elemental WS. Either Square-Enix is just fucking with Thieves at this point, with the level 83 Dual Wield I and all, or this one might actually do like 600-700 damage.

Torcleaver - Great Sword

A one hit GS WS. Looks like some sort of Stone stuff, so Added: Effect Slow (that never procs)?

Myrkr - Staff

This looks really goddamned cool! Hold your staff up Spirit Taker style and water pours all over the place from it! I wouldn't be surprised if it has a Magic Shield effect or something like Converts Damage to MP.

The name means "Darkness" in Norse mythology and is a forest planet in the Star Wars universe.

Jishnu's Radiance - Archery

A one hit WS that appears to be Burst II for your bow.

Jishnu's a dude's name. I can't find any significant ones. Perhaps some Bollywood guy got struck by lightning and it's gallows humor? :-P

Ukko's Fury - Great Axe

A two hit GA WS. It looks to be physical.

Ukko is the god of the sky, weather, and harvest in Finnish and Estonian mythology.

Quietus - Scythe

Looks to be a one hit physical or dark elemental WS.

Quietus was a guy who seized some power in Ancient Rome.

Camlann's Torment - Polearm

A one-hit Polearm WS. Looks a lot like the last new Polearm WS.

Tachi: Fudo - Great Katana

A one hit physical WS. Which means depending on mods/added effects/etc it could actually be good. Then again, Tachi: Butterflies.

Dagan - Club

Looks like some variation of Moonlight with five petal flowers. Could provide MP Refresh or Enmity Down?

Dagan is fishing/harvest deity or something.

Wildfire - Marksmanship

Looks like a single hit Fire elemental WS.

Blade: Hi

Looks like a one (read: two) hit physical WS. With some Attack multiplier and/or decent mods it could be better than Blade: Jin on things Ninjas....probably aren't meleeing anyway. Ninja could really use a boost if you're listening, Square-Enix.

And the video from Youtube if you haven't seen it already:



  1. The effect on the staff is like Leviathan's Spring water which is a healing spell which removes all non-eraseable status ailments.

  2. "Jishnu's a dude's name. I can't find any significant ones. Perhaps some Bollywood guy got struck by lightning and it's gallows humor?"

    Jishnu is another name for Arjuna (it's a common thing in Hinduism to have many names for the same thing) Gandiva was said to roar with the sound of thunder whenever it's string was plucked, thus I guess this is SE's cute way of wrapping it all together.