Monday, August 30, 2010

Finished my Katanas!

I finally finished off my second Katana for my Ninja earlier tonight!
There's better Katanas out there to mainhand, obviously, but this one is pretty straightforward...if grindy as all hell to complete (800 fucking WS on Vermin for the last trial).

Now I've got:
DMG:43 Delay:216 Store TP+8
DMG:40 Delay 201 DEX+6 Accuracy+12
Replacing my old:
DMG:38 Delay:227 Critical Hit Rate+6%
DMG:32 Delay:201 STR+2 DEX+4
Which is a net differences of:
DMG:+13 Delay:-11 Store TP+8 Critical Hit Rate-6% STR-2 DEX+2 Accuracy+12
Which is decent enough for me.

I did most of the last Vermin WS trial in Kuftal Tunnel on Spiders.
Which made me a decent amount of gil. Three Arachne kills and one Amemet in my time there. Four Arachne technically, but that was with a group and I didn't get any webs.
I ended up moving to Mount Z and finishing on the awful (for melee) Wamoura Princes. Shenel is working on his OA3 Katana, so he was there as NIN/RDM and I went NIN/WHM. It was pretty slow with Sanction Refresh unable to keep up with our MP usage at times (and subbed Clear Mind, with no hMP gear, being rubbish).
But I finished mine obviously.

We should probably get a bunch of people to come and Manaburn the western island's Wamoura Princes for him. It would be crappy EXP with everyone being at or near level 80, but 300 more of those things any other way would suck pretty badly.

Anyway, it's ~1AM, so I"m off to bed. Hopefully we get some decent update teaser info tomorrow morning.

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