Friday, August 6, 2010

I sold my Jupiter's Staff.

After many years of faithful service, I finally parted ways with my trusty Jupiter's Staff. It's because I finally finished my first TotM Staff.
And up it went.
I can hear the cries of "Gimp! Gimp!" now, but let's face it: Stun doesn't resist on anything it's going to land on and lolShockAccuracy.
Now to turn the five stacks of Sleepshrooms into Sleeping Potions and undercut the crap out of everyone else on Cerberus on the AH. Muwahahahahahahahaha!!!

I'm planning on posting a bit about the Staff trials in another day or two. Specifically, what I think is probably the best way to approach them for a career Black Mage/nuking-onry (or mostly) Scholar.

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