Friday, August 27, 2010

Job Update Details Part I Examined

So today the first part of the update's Job Adjustments was announced. For the most part it isn't anything particularly interesting. I guess that depends on your jobs as Endark might be awesome sounding to Dark Knights or something, but I can't get too excited over it.

So let's get started.
OK.. The WHM, RDM, BRD, and DRG things were already basically known/understood. They just have names now. Sound nice to have, but nothing game changing.

BST gets something to make regular mob pets better? BLU gets a higher level Chain Affinity that can't be used for Skillchaining? And SMN gets a couple new BPs that sound unremarkable? Yay.

COR getting delay reduction Phantom Rolls looks like it'll be a nice addition to zerging things. People love Dancer for Haste Samba all the sudden, so I'm sure they'll like COR now too. (The COR probably gets to sit outside for the actual zerg still though. :-P)

DNC gets a Step that lowers Critical Evasion rate...whatever that means.

Let's hope the next section is better.
Nope, it's the list we got two days ago now in super improved box form. People on BG cried about the new Job Traits being a list instead of a table. Square-Enix must have been listening. They're still generally disappointing, unfortunately.

Moving along...
Finally, some meat!

Enlight for Paladins. They got Phalanx last update. They get an Enspell this one. Blink/Stoneskin/Aquaveil for 90, 95, 99? Probably. :-P

Red Mage gets some stuff finally, Square-Enix probably should give RDM something after pissing all over it last update. Addle will do...what? I'm guessing something between Silence and Paralyze. A chance mob's casting will be interrupted or some minus MAB effect. Refresh're going to be disappointed. Or so I think. I'm guessing it won't be much more MP efficient (without Composure) than Refresh. 4-5 MP/tick. Gain-VIT/MND are probably single target spells that boost their respective stats. Not bad. Between the MND+ spell and the new JA we could see some potent Slows/Paralyzes.

WHM gets boned. Well, mostly. Cura people use Cura I? I know "it's the most MP efficient Cure in the game!!!", but I really don't see it used very often. Boost-VIT/MND will probably be AoE versions of the Gain spells RDM gets.

SCH gets Enmity +/- spells! Or so I think Animus Augeo will increase Enmity and Animus Minuo will decrease it. OK, I guess. If they last five minutes or more they'll be nice to have around, but nothing amazing. I think they'll work like the merit ability Strategems as a secondary multiplier on Enmity allowing over/under the -50/+100 caps.

The Black Magic section makes me LOL a bit. Firstly, because "We're getting Fire V this update at 85, so I've got my Agni's Staff ready!" is all over BG. Aero V is unexciting...nobody has potency merits and few have a TotM Wind Potency Staff.

Square-Enix also seems to have decided -ga4s for players needed a weird name. As Stoneja and Waterja look to be AoE from the picture. The only way I could see them replacing Thundaga/Blizzaga III is if these have a Cure V-esque Enmity reduction on them. Which would still just make them situational.

Break? Really? It won't work on NMs at all most likely. If it actually works half as well on regular mobs as it does on players it'll be awesome, so I'm pretty sure it won't.

Dark Knights get Endark. Will it be worth casting? If its pretty potent on things that aren't resistant to Dark elemental damage, maybe. I'm not a Dark Knight and we don't know how strong it will be, so its impossible to say.

Bards are getting some pretty nice songs. Sentinel's Scherzo is the new damage reduction song, and could be useful if its potent. For the most part I think people would still prefer Marches or Ballads. Maybe with Ballad III it'll be an option though? Foe Lullaby II finally catches up BRD with WHM on single target Light elemental sleeping ability. lolCarol IIs.

Ninja is getting two new Ninjutsu spells. Myoshu: Ichi & Yurin: Ichi. What do they do? I really have no idea. Googling the names/tools leads me to believe they're self-buffs. I'm guessing Attack Bonus and Delay Reductions. I could, and probably am, completely wrong about this though. Ninja could really use some boon to get it competitive with, well, some other job at something.

The last part is other jobs leveling into new-to-them spells.
The nukes were pretty obvious. Just a "will we get X spell at/before 85?" question.

I had suspected Regen III would end up on Scholar eventually. And I'm a dick, so I bought up a bunch of Regen III scrolls. (It drops in Treasures and Tribulations though, so I doubt it'll end up being really expensive.) I'm still holding out hope for Raise III/RR3 for Scholar too at 90.

Aspir II is a welcome addition to Black Mage. A second MP draining spell in addition to Refresh from /RDM is looking to reduce /healing time significantly.

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