Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Making it up as you go along.

 Is anyone really interpretting this shit as anything else? Can you?
First of all, 85?


The level cap's was supposed to be hitting 99 the update after September's. Going to 90 would have been nice. While Abyssean EXP is rad and all it still takes several fucking hours and having to do it twice for each job when once would have worked is fucking annoying.

Second, 85?

What the fuck?

85 / 2 = 42.5.

42 < 43.

43 is when we get subbed fucking Refresh. Did we really all level subjobs to be ready more than a year before Square-Enix dribbles out the version update?

Also, what the fuck is this:
Subbed...Regen? We've already got the Dipper Duly pictured.

I seem to recall, I don't know, this?
Is "3" code for 3 years? Square-Enix has been squeezing blood from the Wings of the Goddess rock for quite a while now. How fucking long is it going to take to roll out the level cap increase?

Hey, Square-Enix, if you're going to do something in the most completely ass way possible that nobody is expecting (for some reason) maybe fucking tell somebody? If you're going to post "The Future of FFXI!To level 99 and beyond!" Don't post fucking graphics indicating a three step increase when you're planning FUCKING FIVE?

Abyssea = 15 Zones?

So with the surprise of this morning we're apparently getting 15 Abyssea zones. Anyone want to guess what the other 12 will be? Maybe we didn't get WotG Tavnazia, but we'll get Abyssea-Tavnazia?



  1. Also, what the fuck is the Dragoon in the first picture doing?

    And why aren't Samurai and Paladin getting anything?

  2. Refresh is level 41 for RDM, so you will be able to sub it ;)

  3. Bah, true. I should probably finish my morning coffee before my rants. ;-)

  4. Your rants are always fun the read anyway hehe.