Friday, August 20, 2010

The More You Magian!

(Thanks to Jigglyrulez for The More You Magian! logo.)

Square-Enix finally announced Trial of the Magians armor trials today! They must have known I was bitching about it yesterday or the day before. ;-P

The first two subtopics are mostly expected.
Further weapon trials were a given. Reading carefully, I'm under the impression that all the weapons you can upgrade (or at least some of them besides the Empyrean ones) will get new Weaponskills.

Weaponskills that are actually worth using would be a nice change over the past few batches we've gotten. Sure things like Drakesbane and King's Justice are good for lolDRG and WAR, but Ascetic's Fury and Blade: Yu have been nothing to write home about. If Square-Enix could figure out how to make people /shout to find Black Mages for EXP, then I'm sure they're capable of making a Katana Weaponskill that's worth a shit.

Anyway, the Armor trials look promising. From the sounds of it "AF3" is going to be a base set that you do trials to build up to awesomeness. I'm curious how we'll obtain the base pieces though? Hopefully, if you have high Repuation in Abyssea and some Cruor you can get the piece, flag the trial, and be on your way.

Worst case scenario they're randomly in locked chests in Abyssea and the era of random group Abyssean EXP is completely fucked because random people tend to be greedy, thieving fucktards. There's a little of that now with people saying, "Whoops, I didn't know the Ex thing in the chest everyone just /random'd for wasn't for me!" But who really cares that much about Dark Rings? Having to deal with people /random'ing for PUP AF3 for their own amusement that haven't unlocked the job would be irritating as well.

As for the last two subtopics...

That horrifying noise was me buying Magian Spectacles.

Also, on September 23rd (the update will be the 21st) there's going to be Emergency Maintenance breaking them in Western Altepa Desert for camping KV and fixing that you can get the Tier III VNM Electroluminescent Abyssite in Abyssea-Attowha Chasm using them.

And last bit I'll get the tiny violin ready for:
Yet again SE is revising some of the trials. Which can only be a good thing. Unless they nerf killshots on BST pets. In which case it would be massive fucking suck. There will of course be some Q_Qery by people who walked uphill both ways through three feet of snow to complete trials, but it's to be expected. The biggest adjustments will probably be to the "Turn in 30 Chloris Buds" (or whatever) trials that take a lot of drops from harder to pop Notorious Monsters.

I'm hoping the Light and Dark elemental finishing blow requirements are lowered. Trying to get a Dark potency staff at the moment is very not-fun sounding. (The early trials for a Cure Potency staff look similarly sucky.)

There's a number of trials I've done or looked into that simply aren't viable to complete now and probably won't be (assuming everything Easy Prey now stays that way at level 90) at 90. Kill 200 Soulflayers under Thunder day/weather? Yeah. I'll pass. 

So overall I'd say this was a decent teaser blurb. Not overly ambiguous like many are. And it announced some cool stuff. There wasn't even any painfully horrible alliteration. Well done, Square-Enix!

Update: If you want to see the very sad old graphic, here it is:

A quick shout-out to The Pie Blog™ Gaphics Department: I wish you existed!


  1. Here's my best effort for the graphic

  2. Ya I also think AF3 will come from Magian Trials. You get the base AF and then have to work your way up. I also remember that on Vanafest they specifically said AF3 was meant to be able to get from a 6 person party. So we'll see about that. No word on if you're going to be able to upgrade Homam, Salvage gear and the other stuff (would be a real turn down if they said you can't).

    Empyreal Weapons are - so far - impossible to obtain. I hear level 90 will make a lot of those NMs in Abyssea soloable (i've seen ppl pinning them already, so...). I'm also foreseeing adjustments on getting stones (maybe less time, more stones?)

    What I wonder is what the hell they gonna make us do to break level cap. Abyssea is out of the question since you actually need to buy it for it so... It's gonna be probably some silly quest. Just hope you don't have to turn down 10 merits...

  3. The cap increase quest will hopefully be easy like the last one. I should probably save up 10 merits (only have 2.5 atm) for when they make it retarded though. >.<