Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nobody knows what Trial #216 Is! Also, some new WS thoughts...

I just wanted to mention for people who aren't /anon and set /seacoms while working on Trials...nobody knows what the fucking number of the trial you're doing means. Are you camping some worthless NM? Are you killing Leeches? Nobody fucking knows. Well, the five other people who might be on that particular trial do, but people who also need to "kill Arcana on Firesday" (or whatever) that aren't doing your Polearm (or whatever) trial don't know what you're doing. Put some sort of description! Choosing not to be retarded is a good first step. Making it easier for other people to work with you would be a helpful second.

The New Weaponskills...

As I think more about it, I'm going to bet that the level 80 Weapons and the Empyrean Weapons are the ones that are going to get the new Weaponskills. The Empyrean Weapons will probably have the Relic/Mythic-like "Pwner Stabby Stab" weaponskill on the weapon. The level 80 ones will add it to your list if you finish one.

Or so I'm guessing.

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