Friday, August 13, 2010

Of Indra and Varuna Staves (Part II)

Last time on The Pie Blog™ I covered the journey to Indra's Staff enlightenment. This time, I'll be covering finishing your Varuna's Staff.

Start by finishing off your Trial 841 with Slimes in dark-aligned weather. I went over that last time, so moving along...

Trial 842 & De ja vu?

For Trial 842 you need to kill 50 mobs under Ice day/weather. Cake.
Either go on Ice day or don't have terrible luck and Xarcabard (S)+Gigas's Tigers will have you done in no time. Alternatively, you could try doing Demon's Elementals in Ule. Range (if you can find a camp...I didn't), but Gigas's Tigers are soooooo easy, so why bother? You can also team up for this, so if you see somebody else there make a party.
You'll be done in no time.

Next, you need to kill 75 Amorphs under Ice day/weather. You could technically go back to whereever you did 50 Slimes, but that would probably inspire suicidal throughts in most people. Instead, head to Ule. Range and kill Worms. The first tunnel you come to climbing the mountain is your best bet.
Worms are pretty damned annoying. The bats aggroing is also very annoying. The worms like to go yellow all the time too. I teamed up with a BLU who was doing Worms on Darksday kills. This trial sounds a lot easier and less annoying than it is.

(Bio II helps a lot with the constantly going yellow of the worms.)
Stick with it though, you'll be done before you know it. Also, Barstone makes Worm nukes completely LOL.

Yay, Arcana. Ugh.

Trial 848 is proof that Square-Enix hates us and wants us to be unhappy. You need to kill 150 Arcana with Ice damage killshots. You know...the things that nearly all take shitty damage from magic (or some magic elements). The easiest way to do this is join an alliance of people in Ro'Maeve.
Unfortunately, I ended up with bad luck grouping and after a few tries had very few killshots and trial progress to show for it. So I ended up soloing Groudskeepers in Sky instead. It works, but takes forever.
So try to join a Ro'Maeve party and you'll be done in no time!
And for your sufferring you'll finally have an NQ Ice Staff quality weapon.

Pet Slaughtering Time!

After the pain in the ass that was 150 Arcana, Trial 849 is a breeze! You need to killshot 200 Lizards with Ice damage.

Take the Mamool Ja Staging point Runic Portal and head into Mamook. There you'll find Mamool BSTs with Lizard pets. At (E-9) you'll find two BSTs and their pets. Believe me when I tell you I've tried every possible spot as a camp, and this is the best one.
You won't get aggro from Mamools (except on resisted nukes). The bugard below will still aggro you, possibly only during Wind weather, but it's not too much of a hassle to deal with.
A little tip to help with resisted nukes: The lizards will run up the wall from whichever of the two posts you're closest to. So if your lizard is behind its master you can potentially prevent the 5% resist rate from wasting a bit of your time with the Sleepga+Log out routine.
Enjoy the easy trial while you can, because these last two suck.
On the plus side, for that easy ass trial you get a DMG+3 staff making Aquilo's no longer the highest damage option for Ice spells!

The Short Path: NOT FOR YOU.

At this point you've got a higher DMG Ice nuke staff than ever before and are just two trials away from Varuna's. So close you can practically taste it. That is, if you can taste things many hours in advance.

Trial 1708 is to kill 200 Bees. This trial sucks. If you can Level Sync to whatever level people solo Bee pets on Black Mage, I'd do that. If not, head to Wajaom Woodlands and acquaint yourself with the Pephedro. You're going to be here a while.

(J-8) has a double hive with six bees. The (pos) where the ZNM Puk is popped also has a double hive. (So, if you run into retarded Ninjas slowly killing bees at (J-8)'ve got an alternative.)
I found that killing 3-4 at a time with -ga3's worked best for me. Tarutaru with more MP or better geared BLM in general might find doing all six at once safe and viable.
Stick it out, and eventually, you'll be done!

Your "reward" is DMG+1 to the staff's DMG rating. It's so lame an improvement I didn't even take a picture of it.

The End!

At long last you've arrived at the last trial. Trial 1709 requires you to killshot 250 crabs with Ice. There's a greater selection of EXP giving crabs at 75 than bees, but I found Kuftal Tunnel to work best.
OP to Vollbow, get FoV Refresh, and stick mostly to the northern half of Map 1. Grab anywhere from 2-6 crabs and -ga3 them with the last spell being a 250+ damage Ice one. If the place isn't too crowded it will go by pretty quickly. (HQ Crab Shells NPC for ~3k gil, FYI.)
You'll be done before you know it! Head to Ru'Lude Gardens and collect your reward.
Yay! Varuna's Staff is now yours! You can now...safely hang on to Aquilo's anyway because its good for Bind and whatever resistant mobs there are out there.

Hopefully I've inspired you to give your two most commonly used nuking elements damage an upgrade. After possibly years with the best weapon being something level 51 off the AH it's nice to have an upgrade.


I have a bunch of funny and/or interesting screenshots from doing Indra's and Varuna's trials that didn't fit with either post about them. I'll probably do a mostly pictures post tomorrow or later tonight. The hilarity of Domaru SAMs and Lucky Egg PLDs must be shared.


  1. I know it might be kind of hard to estimate, but roughly how long did it take you to do each of these staves? You make it seem so EASY! :-D

    Was this like, several hours every night over the course of several weeks? Or just all non-stop craziness in one hardcore-gaming weekend? or what?

    I'm kinda considering doing a couple staves [Avatar Perp. Cost], but am kinda torn if it'll be worth the effort. altho i'll prolly still end up waiting to see what new trials exist for these weapons (if any) in the next update.

  2. The first two trials for any Staff are both kills while there's weather going and can be very easy or take several hours just standing around getting nothing done. Later ones requiring 75-250 kills take a few hours each. I'd guess finishing both took 15-25 hours.

    The Summoner staves have Avatar kill shot requirements I think which could mean your later trials are faster or slower.

    There's also the random element to it. I started working on a Katana for my NIN and needed 50 kills under Wind/Thunder weather in Grauberg [S] on Funguars. So I ended up teaming up with a Red Mage finishing his Indra's Staff (and another Ninja doing the same trial).

    The Magian Staves are really a whole lot more feasible than I'd thought when I initially saw them, but still a lot of work. At least getting one for Fenrir/Diabolos would be really nice if you play Summoner a lot.

  3. Cool. Thanks for the info.

    And yeah, I'd definitely at least do the Dark Avatar staff. Anything to be able to keep Diabolos out longer with Avatar's Favor (Refresh 1-4mp per tick) up would be nice. :)

    Unfortunately, I'd STILL have to hold onto a Dark/Pluto's Staff just for the hMP. :-P

    It's kinda wierd how they added in an extra Light staff (Cure Potency +17%) but none of the other elements have their extra capabilities. (7 endpoints for Light staves, but only 6 endpoints for all other elements.) Like how the Dark branch should probably have a "MP recovered while healing +17" staff or something.