Thursday, August 12, 2010

Part II will probably be tomorrow.

I've been grinding out the last of my Varuna's Staff. I finished the second to last trial earlier.
I also spent some of the ~80,000 EXP I've gotten (mostly soloing) on Hyoton merits for Ninja. Why Hyoton? Mostly, because the tools for it are dirt cheap/easy to make and having an ice nuke available is handy.
I'm leaving group 2 merits at 5/10 because I'm thinking SE may make Throwing finally useful in September and that would make 5/5 Sange valuable. They probably won't, but I can dream, right? A weaponskill and some Ex shuriken you can get cheaply would be really nice.


  1. Ahahahahaha...throwing...useful...ahahahahahaha.

  2. Uh helloooo. Throwing is already useful.

    Rangers throw wind at sky gods. Come on EP, you should know that.