Saturday, August 28, 2010

Top 3 Most Retarded BG Threads of the Day!

Number Three!

We start our dive into the stupidest things you can read on BG today without archive diving with this gem. Although the link is to a post suggesting switching to Thief, which has a native Triple Attack trait, instead of Dancer, which does not have innate Triple Attack, to clear up whether the Auric Dagger, that both jobs can use, has a hidden Triple Attack +% effect the entire thread is verifiably retarded.

Number Two!

Although I'm not a huge fan of idle speculation in general, trying to decipher and predict what's to come in the Version Updates is of some interest to me. I usually try to stick to understanding what's in the POL blurbs or just coming up with the "we want to fix BLM EXP" sort of comments from Vanafest or whereever and figure out how they could do that. (Failing pretty epically on the that particular point.)

But the second most retarded thread on BG today is an argument over "How/why/what(/thing?!?) some spells work with Scholar's AoE abilities while others do not?!?" I linked to the last post as the time of writing, but if it's not locked I'm sure it'll continue to be sufficiently retarded to earn its spot at number two.

Number the First!

And a drum roll please!

Thank you, Mr. Youtube Uploader!

The height of stupidity on BG today is... an Internet Petition (automatically extremely retarded) to fix Thief only getting Dual Wield I in next month's Version Update. Which isn't even out yet! (Unless you're reading this in the future.)


Check back tomorrow when I probably won't do a most stupid forum thread post!

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