Thursday, September 23, 2010

Abyssean Fame & Seal Quest Spammage

I haven't done any sort of event, other than ~3 Chigre pops in about four months now. It's mostly just been me soloing Magian Trials and getting my feet wet in Abyssea. It's all easy stuff, so I'll include info on how to go about it yourself (in a hopefully easier to understand than Wiki-scouring sort of way).

Since the update, it's been mostly Abyssea. I spammed the hell out of the package delivery quest in Aby-Vunkerl to get Scholar and Summoner feet.
It turns out, that you can't buy the feet for Resistance Credits or Cruor. They're from chests. So, I need to get a party in Aby-Vunkerl and win lot on Savant's Loafers now. On the plus side, I capped fame there.

The quest is easy enough, but there's some aggro on the way.
There's also a huge Marid that's also an asshole.

Here's the basic path, it's pretty straightforward.
Start by talking with Deraquien where you warp in. He's the yellow circle. Follow the green brick road to the purple dot, Elmemague, and talk to him to get a key item. Warp back with the Conflux and talk to Deraquien for (possibly) some feet seals. The first red dot is Hanuman an Opo-opo who moves at Flee speed and will rape the shit out of your face. The second is a fiery steel robot/marid pop area. They're both sight aggro and people like to repeatedly pull them to the conflux because people are retarded.

It can take a stupidly long amount of time, but spam it enough and you'll get 8/8 of your desired seals, eventually.
And just be aware that you need to find the base piece from a chest. Good luck with that. (Wish me some too, please. :-P)

After that disappointment, I decided to go and actually explore an older Abyssea zone and cap fame there. Namely, Aby-La Theine. The easiest way to do that is to trade about 50 Willow Fishing rods to one of the Lu Shang's brothers after talking to his sibling and getting a broken one. You can either fix that with a Light crystsal (and sufficient Woodworking skill) or just buy a bunch from Luisane outside Tamila's Sundries in S.Sandy.
I went with the latter.

Here's the path if you haven't done it before.
For the first time there anyway... Afterwards, just warp to #04 talk to the brother, and then warp to #06.

After repeating this 50 times, talk to Glenne (she's by the brother you've been trading Fishing Rods to) to flag an Abyssite quest. Find her Aveleleoneloneoneliene--husband--who's wandering around on the road somewhere by where the crag is supposed to be. And that's pretty much all I found to do in Aby-La Theine, really.
There's some NMs, but I'm not a RDM/NIN, so I'll pass on the pinning solos. People have been GM'd for it, and told to either kill the mob or Warp. And who knows if SE will decide it's Ban Hammer worthy a year from now. (I don't care either way.)

After this, I decided to go and try to get some Aby-Miseraux fame. Can you smell what Evilpaul is cookin'?!
Yeah, I would like Monk pants from trading in Murex Spicules, but those would cost ~9 million to buy off the AH with my luck (0/2).
It's easy enough to spam cook up the Galkan Sausage despite being in the middle of lots of cluster mobs because they deaggro when you trade.
To do the actual quest you enter, Warp to #03, talk to the Galka (hit confirm ~10 times) and then trade him a Sausage. With a little luck you'll get 8/8 seals of the pants you want pretty quickly.
I didn't want Red Mage pants. But I've still got ~ 3 dozen more sausages to trade.

So that's what I've been up to. It's easy solo stuff that anyone can do (bring RR for some of it), so hopefully it'll inspire other people to try and get some easy AF3+1 pants/feet. (Any ideas on getting the base feet pieces? Please leave a comment; I'm interested.)

My next project is to actually level my jobs to 85, finish the few Magian Weapon trials I've got open, and work on getting Aby-Attowha fame so I can get a MNK head piece.

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