Monday, September 13, 2010

Black Mage 85!

I finally did some Abyssean EXPing and got my Black Mage to 85!
The party lasted long enough to get capped EXP and 6 merits.
Some people apparently didn't get an Auric Dagger because that thing was zoned and came back. And a couple people in my group weren't smart enough to not stand in front of the gigantic dragon that may not be friendly.

I decided to go and pick up my Varuna's Staff +1.
I can't equip it as Scholar (yet), but I've still got Aquilo's. I'm planning on making Scholar my next job to 85 anyway.

I also went to get some new shinies.
I don't have Stoneja or Waterja yet, but I don't use Stone V or Water V, so I don't feel left out. A guy in the Abyssea party was overnuking (yet paradoxically still doing pretty crappy damage) and dying with them. I  wasn't impressed.

I put my extra merits to good use.
I've got 3/3 into Fine-Tuning now. It'll make capping Automaton skills a bit easier once I get around to leveling Puppetmaster which is still 76.

Black Mage got a whole lot of new stuff with 85 and I'm really looking forward to using it. Self-Refresh, Break (crowd control that works on Bats/Skeletons!), Aspir II, etc...all quite nice.

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