Saturday, September 11, 2010

I discovered Mimics!

I think it went well.

A White Mage you can't see in the screenshot there was nice enough to give me a Raise III, so I'm no worse for wear.

Since I didn't feel like working on Indra's Staff +1 today and haven't had a stretch of time long enough to do an Abyssean EXP group, so I've been screwing around in the various Abyssea zones most of the day. It turns out I have 66 stones stored up. I was in Aby-Konsch trying to get two Abyssites when I learned why there were chests just laying around randomly.
I got one of the two. It's the "lose less EXP when something in Abyssea WTFBBQPWNs you" one. (Whether it works when your Manafont+Warp macro gets you out in time to die from Poison or not I'm not sure.)

I did some exploring of Misereaux and Vunkerl as well. I mostly just looked for and activated Veridical Confluxes and Ephemeral Abyssean mobs.
Also, I discovered Spiders.
The Ephemeral thing went OK, but none of them dropped (drop?) any Abyssite.

I'm going to try and get maxxed out on the soloable Abyssea stuff while I try and find some people to do the more interesting stuff with. The Black Mage feet +1 and Monk head +1 Empyrean armor would both be nice upgrades over what I've got now without being a huge amount of work.

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