Thursday, September 16, 2010

Moar Abyssea

I've been doing a little bit more Abyssea stuff by myself. First, I went to Konschstat and activated some teleports.
Exciting, right? Then I went on to what I was there for.
To get some abyssite! So my Traverse Stones now recharge every 16 hours. There's one other I want to get that drops off random mobs and then I'll have to get going on quests.

I tried to get going on getting Empyrean Seals for the +1 pieces earlier today, but didn't accomplish much.
I decided to farm up some Murex Spinules to trade in. I was in the wrong zone to actually trade them though. >.< I'd like to get the Monk legs. 5% Haste and Kick Attacks +5. So it's like combined Byakko's Haidate+Melee Hose.

I killed an Ephemeral Murex that was there too, and got a temp item.
So...yay? I guess? There's just soooo much stuff to do in Abyssea figuring out a good way to go about it is a bit daunting.

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