Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The most exciting part of the version update teasers?

So the day before the update we get our last teaser and I think it's probably the most exciting one so far. I'm probably being a bit unfair to the Empyrean Armor and new spells, but that's because we don't know... anything about either yet. Let's take a look.
OK. So they didn't start strong. But really if you've done any Magian trials you know how useful this will be. Throw in the Magian Specs that tell you the weather and a lot of trials got easier.
I'd like to do some Walk of Echoes, so hopefully this will inspire people to actually do it. I'm guessing that the "monster behavior adjusted" means that they either won't all link or might be susceptible to some form of crowd control other than kiting. Letting everyone cast lots would of course be a nice improvement.
As somone who fishes this sounds potentially really nice. Assuming that I'll be able to catch whatever fish is newly guttable with Lu Shang's it could make me some money. Hopefully the fish ate spell scrolls this time instead of Flat Shields. Something decent that's Rare/Ex would be cool too.

For some reason I'm guessing that the fish will be from Abyssea. Which is both good and bad in that it means if I want to fish there I can't EXP too (or not as much anyway).

In unrelated Fishing news I'm now 0/271 on Gugrusaurus for my Ebisu Rod. /sigh

Why didn't the loot from chests go to the Treasure Pool to start with? Well it can now in any case. With how fast mobs die unless loot sticks around longer than crystals and other crap you'll need to be lightning fast to lot though. The chest thing also makes me think that maybe, similar to CoP Dynamis, Empyrean Armor pieces will drop off specific families of mobs.

A teleport NPC is sooo nice to have around as well. I'm sure people will still take half an hour to cash in merits and come back, but at least then they won't be able to claim it's because it's a long walk. It'll be the undeniable retarded emanating from them.


I'm looking forward to the "big day" tomorrow. I've got my five Magian Weapons (Indra's & Varuna's Staves, Taipain Claws, Sekka, and Uzura all with me. I'm logged by the Ru'Lude Gardens AH for quick buying up of anything that becomes a hot commodity (hopefully). And I'm nearish to Maat so I can hopefully do the limit break quest quickly and start getting jobs to 85. See ya then!

UPDATE: I didn't notice it, but "Thursday, September 8th"? Day/date fail, indeed!

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