Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Scholar is gimp. ;_;

Because I finished my Indra's Staff +1 today!
And I haven't gotten around to leveling Scholar to 85 in Abyssea (and I sold my Jupiter's Staff).

Unrelated to this Magian Trial stuff, but Blogger added a Stats tab to the interface with all sorts of cool stuff. It lets you see an accurate hit counter and a per post views thingy. And it turns out my update day post with screenshots of AF3 makes up 11% of my total page views ever. LOL. This is just my personal FFXI blog. I don't have any groundbreaking stuff like cracking the code on how enmity works or statistical analysis figuring out other game mechanics, so it's awesome to see that my tolerance to slog through laggy ass menus in a zone filled with half the people on Cerberus and screenshot them in it interests people.

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  1. I had the same thing. One post got something stupid like 1200 hits in one day and I know your AFv3 screenies got passed around far more than that :)