Saturday, September 11, 2010

Of Indra and Varuna Staves (Part III): Varuna's Revenge

As you know, I've previously explained how I went about getting an upgrade over the HQ Ice and Thunder staves for Black Mage and Scholar nuking damage and how you can too. It's a little tedious (read: understatement), but easy. With the update both staves got a single new trial to upgrade them to +1 versions with Damage+1. In Of Indra and Varuna Staves (Part III): Varuna's Revenge I'll detail how you can easily attain this new level of Ice Nukey Killingyness.

As in previous cases, you don't want to target mobs that are traditional solo BLM (or SCH) solo EXP fodder. BLM solo EXP is sort of 2006, really. What you want is the most utterly pathetic thing you can kill that gives EXP at 80+. In the case of getting your Varuna's Staff +1 you need to kill 250 Wyverns with 250+ damage Ice killshots.

A Whole New Killshot Experience (Or: Not your grandpappy's killshots: Grouping is clutch)

Previously, you needed to actually kill things with some amount of damage to get credit for your trial. Now, you can team up and get done more quickly. I'm not 100% sure this isn't a Square-Enix fuck up, but they did mention changing killshot trials (which I think is a very good thing), so get to it.

Anyway, if you have this trial active then a party/alliance member killing a mob with 250+ Ice damage while you have your Varuna's Staff equipped counts. So do a /sea and team up if you can. Unless the people you're with are complete idiots they're making your life easier.

There Will Be Walking

So you're ready to get started, but where to go? Ignidrakes in Riverne #B0 are the weakest options available to you. Sadly, DRG mob pets don't count. Yes, I tried. So head there.
The idea is you're running a loop with 11 Ignidrakes to kill.

The yellow and purple are the paths to take. The red circles are were you can find Blazedrakes. They are also wyverns, but level 85 and have 2x more HP than our targets. Plus they can and will rape the shit out of your face, so skip them and stick to the hilariously weak mobs.

For the green circle you need a Giant Scale to open the teleport. The blue circles are regular teleports. Hang onto some of the many scales that drop and you'll never have a problem.

Meleeing Is Encouraged

As strange as it sounds this is a Signet zone, so get Signet and use a mix of Phalanx, Stoneskin, and Signet DEF/EVA bonuses to your benefit.
By yanking out your weapon you'll get hit for 0 damage with Phalanx up as a level 81 BLM. Otherwise, you'll see the typical damage of weak mobs smacking all over.

Also to reiterate this, you can team up for killshot trials.
I did, and I got a whole lot of the trial done more quickly than I would have otherwise.
Now I just need to do some Abyssea and get my BLM and SCH to 85 so I can use my new nuking toy.

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