Friday, September 3, 2010

PUPdate! (Job Adjustments Part #2)

There's the second part of the job adjustments on POL today. Some of them are pretty funny (unintentionally, of course).
So....what's that do now? Just make for bigger WS? So Warrior has Attack+ JA, Accuracy+ JA, and TP Bonus+ JA? So much for that "trade-off" or stance thing.
The Bard thing falls under "about time."

The Ninja thing could be pretty nice. I was hoping for shuriken, but improving 'Ton spells works too, I guess. (My Gigas's Tiger as NIN/RDM with Aquilo's, Novio/Moldavite, INT+5 Rings, etc and 2x Weather was 590. I shall hit 900 for sure post-update!!! Muwahahahahaha!!!!)
So the Perp-X Magian Staves are now even better? Elemental Siphon being improved is nice. I don't see anyone using any of the buffs listed other than Fenrir's/Diabolos's though. ...Hastega could last five minutes already, anyway?
Activate v2.0? Level Sync not killing off Automatons for 20 minuttes is nice. I'm hoping to see more PUP stuff on update day. Some new attachments would be nice.

UPDATE: A few other things...

First, I'm glad I left NIN group 2 at 5/10 now instead of tossing my extraneous Abyssean merits into it. It remains to be seen how well the :San spells will perform post-update compared to :Ni, but being able to unlock all of them and having a reason too would be nice.

Less nice would be the Inventory -12 from carrying a stack of each tool, plus a stack of toolbags. Plus, presumably, -2 more from the two new Ichi spells. Then again, if the two new spells are like Aisha: Ichi in usefulness, I probably won't bother.

Having played Ninja a lot lately doing my two Katana trials I've got to say I'm liking the job a lot more than I had in a long time. For a while it was my, "Come NIN/DRK to Sky and tank something!" job. Then EpicLS stopped doing Sky like a year and a half ago (or something). So it was my "Come tank something random (and we don't believe Monk can tank)!" job. Then EpicLS mostly stopped doing...any events outside of Zeni NMs and Dynamis once in a while, so it sat idle. I guess my point is that even though my Monk still clobbers the shit out of things far better than my Ninja there's some...finesse that NIN has. Or something. I guess the wider variety of WS, ninjutsu, and Yonin/Innin make it sort of interesting. Being able to /WHM and Haste myself while having shadows is pretty neat too.

I'm still not too psyched about Summoner, but I'm going to finally get it up from 76 to 85 this update. PUP I've been putting off because skilling up the Automaton is quite annoying. It's Ranged skill isn't capped at level 65 even. (Magic and Melee are close to the 75 caps.)

More later.

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