Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So...what do Summoners do in Abyssea?

I'm going to take Summoner and Puppetmaster both to 85 once the Version Update arrives. I'd do it now, but they're just barely 76 and I'd rather only drag them through an Abyssean party (hopefully) once rather than twice.

But I'm a little curious...what do people invite Summoners to do in Abyssea? Hastega and Cure? Damage BPs? I think pet kills all counted as Ruby light (which nobody ever wants) or something? Anybody with some experience they can share please post a comment.


  1. I've never been invited to Abyssea as Summoner for a specific purpose. Usually, I'll just do what I think would be best for whichever party I'm put into. DD I'll give them Hastega and if they ask for another Ward. BLM party I'll usually give them Dream Shroud as long as they're not running all over the place and of course I'll toss out a cure here and there if needed. It's pretty much what you think would be best to do.

    And, in regards to light, I believe any of the Blood Pacts count as the Perlescent light.

  2. Also, I forgot to add, that most of my time I do use damage BPs ^^

  3. Often get stuck in BLM party for Diabolos Favour (fresh) but if you're only doing that, you're doing it wrong.

    Buffs are nice on melee, hastega and dd BP like Pred claws/holy mist/fenrir's new one. Oh and curing.

    And yes, the BPs all count as Pearl.

  4. Abuse restore boxes and spam Zantetsuken on 2-3 mobs to rack up Pearl light.

    BLM auto kills count as Azure afaik, so if you can time the nukes well, there's PEP's use.