Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Frog was never a favorite party member! Also, No shoes, no service! Got Hat?

As everyone who owned a Super Nintendo in 1995 (or thereabouts) knows, Chrono Trigger is pretty awesome. You had to beat it about a dozen times to see all the endings and had to burn through to the end a few times to get everyone Rainbow/Prism (I forget) armor and weapons and stuff which carried over to the New Game Plus. The only problem was Frog:
Meet Frog. Ribbit.
Unfortunately, Frog's best weapon was the Masamune, which was a story-related item. So you could get his second best sword, but were stuck with a subpar party member unless you were pretty far into the game. Where am I going with this? I have no idea, but I saw this in Port Jeuno:
Jerks actually getting (apparently TONS) of stuff done in Abyssea! I'm not even a Samurai and a little jealous. ;-p



I finally leveled up Monk to 85!
It was a double bonus because my Taipan Fangs' trial is to proc 350 times on Cockatrice. I got about 80 of them out of the way.
Gotta love getting two things done at once!

Unfortunately, only ~3 pairs of boots dropped the entire time. One WAR (boo!), one BLM which I lost lot on (boo!), and one of something else I didn't care enough about to remember (boo!).

It would be great if SE didn't make Abyssean rewards some completely unbalanced and random. Some shit you can solo by warping to an NPC and trading an item that's dirt cheap. Some you can warp and trade a ludicrously expensive one(s). Some you have to run long, slow quests, but can still solo. Others are only NM dropped and you need a group.

I'm not sure how that's supposed to be balanced or fair. Did Square-Enix not realize how completely retardedly broken Limbus was? Ugh.


Got Hat?

I also did a Dyna run for the first time in a few months. Xarc was kind to us.
Around three RDM hats, two SMN hats, a PUP hat, and at least another piece or two. Dynamis Lord put out too!
He dropped a 100 shell and Shadow Mantle. Not a bad run at all.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Journalistic Integrity

People generally seem to have concluded that FFXIV is basically a disaster. Like a pre-alpha version of FFXI from six years ago with HD graphics. It's kind of expected for there to be lots of problems when an MMO launches, but 14 seems to be setting a new record. A veritable zenith of sucktitude.

Part of a discussion on a gaming site about FFXIV brought up the topic of journalistic integrity. Do you deal with official PR people and whatnot to get inside access for previews and free review copies of games? Or do you go to Gamestop (ugh) or whereever on release day like everyone else and buy a copy, play through it, and get reviews out less frequently and later? If you go with the former you'll be probably feel pressure to be favorable towards the games you get access to. You might end up blacklisted if you tell everyone how god awful something is in a preview or review. The PR person you deal with might also be nice and you don't want to be a dick. Or you could just be a money-grubbing douche who will lie to readers to get free shit. I like to think that the huge gaming sites and magazines aren't the latter, but generally find myself sticking to smaller indie outfits anyway.

In any case, I was inspired to go check Wikipedia's Reception section, and then compare some reviews of the released game with the previews (of earlier less "polished" versions of FFXIV). And some of them are pretty funny.

Here's the conclusion to Gamespot's Preview:
Unfortunately, our play session was cut short after a few hunting expeditions, but we got a fairly good sense of much of what FFXIV will attempt to offer. The new game brings everything you love about Final Fantasy, and FFXI, into modern times with detailed, colorful graphics and a much better interface. The PC version of the game will launch in September while the PS3 version is scheduled to launch next year.
And here's "The Bad" from their Review:
Absolutely miserable interface
Does a poor job of communicating important information
Limited questing means you're always looking for something fun to do Everything about the economy stinks
Every aspect of the game is filled with dumb obstacles.
Granted, it would be hard to tell the economy sucked in a beta version that you're playing with only a few other people (and what a shitty way to setup a demo for journalists of an MMO), but the interface went from being better than FFXI's to absolutely miserable? lolwut?

Did different people write the two? I'm too lazy to go check, but I think it's pretty damn funny either way. And to be clear, I'm not saying, "Gamespot takes bribes from Square-Enix!!!!"

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I don't know why I $#@&ing bother.

So I logged on to FFXI today. I mostly stood around AFK for a while. And then I went to go help with Bastok 9-2 for lulz.
Which was mostly just difficult remembering how to get there. Hilariously easy fight, of course. :-P

And then I decided to do something productive: Level in Abyssea!
Which I think went well.

The cunt creatures at Comcast decided to shit all over the place apparently instead of running their fucking ISP shit. I "aggroed" the Spider NM on the way from the Conflux to camp. I say "Aggro", because the thing not loading onto my screen until after it hit me five times is cocklicking horseshit. Fuck Comcast. Fuck them in their child-loving monkey shit licking asses.

And I've now tried to re-login about 15 times and the fucking cockfeasting canklewhores are still shitting it up. I'll be surprised if I can get this fucking post up (on attempt #2 for that now).

Monday, October 11, 2010

Linkshell Community Beta Updates!!!

Do they still exist? Because the items and armor from the September update still haven't been added to it as far as I know.

There's not much point to having a Varuna's Staff +1 you never get to use on anything if you can't show other people you have it! Or something.

Quit being lazy, Square-Enix!

Playing 8 and 16-bit Games in 3D?

I have to admit I'm not a 3D fanatic. I've never seen a movie in 3D. Neither the oldfangled blue and red shit, nor the newfangled shutter glasses or polarized light stuffs. Being unemployed and poor also helps with that.

But something did come to me a while back. Many emulators of older systems have the ability to turn on/off various sprite layers. This used to be necessary for ZSNES back in the pre-0.7 days when it didn't support transparencies, so you needed to turn them off for some games. (I think the Mist Cave in the beginning of Final Fantasy II/4jp?) So, how cool would it be make the foreground and background into 3D in something like Super Mario World? Granted, I don't have a 3D capable monitor, 3D glasses, or, well, anything else to enjoy it, but I could see it being pretty fucking cool. Lots of people have Home Theatre PCs hooked up to their 3D capable TVs and playing old school games is another potential use for them.

So, I posted to the ZSNES, my personal favorite emulator, forum and asked about it. And it turns out it may actually be sort of viable. I pictured it working on a per game basis with tweaking or profiles needed, and that seems to be what people who know what they're talking about agree with. (Aside from the guy who replied, "lolwut?" in less concise words.)

The good news seems to be that we may be able to actually get what I'm envisioning (aren't I the pretensious cock?) on the Nintendo 3DS. And besides the SNES the original NES could potentially be 3D'd in emulators as well. How awesome would the moving/foreground sprites being 3D in Contra or Mario Bros. 3 be? There's also the lesser known stuff like Neo Geo's Metal Slug games that are fun as shit and might be 3D-able.

So, anyway, hopefully somebody who's not shitty at programming like myself, and not poor and unemployed with access to 3D capable hardware will hopefully make retrogaming 3D for my less sucky contemporaries.

Friday, October 8, 2010


For a while I didn't realize what caused it, but for me at least having Bit Torrent running (throttled; not using all my bandwidth) caused me to get FFXI-4001 and FFXI-0250 d/c errors. So, I closed BT when I wanted to play. No big deal, right?

Today, I logged on to try and get some Abyssean EXP and cap out my jobs at 85. I've been lazy with doing that as only my Black Mage is 85, nothing else is over 81. And I got disconnected every 10-15 minutes if not sooner. It turns out you don't lose your EXP chain or Atma, but those HP/Stat boosts? They're all fucking gone. And with how semi-AFK 75% of people seem to be about Abyssean EXP, because let's face it: It's pretty fucking boring, I'd really rather just burn through to 85 in one sitting per job. Instead, I  spend several minutes with my R% dropping to 0% and finally, mercifully D/Cing me, and then logging back into POL, starting FFXI, logging in to FFXI, loading into the Abyssea zone, and finally putting my flag up. Then I get to stand around until whoever has leader of one of the parties invites me back.


But I perservere. The EXP finally gets good, I'm ~3,000 EXP to 82 Monk and I can't take any more of the shit. Something like 1/3rd my fucking time isn't even spent EXP grinding. It's slogging through the painfully fucking clunky POL interface and re-entering fucking passwords. (Because, "Storing SE Account Password that's unpossible!!!" /Ralph_Wiggum)


I'll try to log back in later and hopefully get Monk, Scholar, and Ninja to 85, but there's no fucking way I can put up with this shit.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Not many posts lately, I know.

I should hopefully have some FFXI related stuff to post tomorrow. But I just saw this on Youtube and wanted to share it. If you played Super Mario World, it will blow your fucking mind. Completely the fuck up. Seriously.