Thursday, October 14, 2010

I don't know why I $#@&ing bother.

So I logged on to FFXI today. I mostly stood around AFK for a while. And then I went to go help with Bastok 9-2 for lulz.
Which was mostly just difficult remembering how to get there. Hilariously easy fight, of course. :-P

And then I decided to do something productive: Level in Abyssea!
Which I think went well.

The cunt creatures at Comcast decided to shit all over the place apparently instead of running their fucking ISP shit. I "aggroed" the Spider NM on the way from the Conflux to camp. I say "Aggro", because the thing not loading onto my screen until after it hit me five times is cocklicking horseshit. Fuck Comcast. Fuck them in their child-loving monkey shit licking asses.

And I've now tried to re-login about 15 times and the fucking cockfeasting canklewhores are still shitting it up. I'll be surprised if I can get this fucking post up (on attempt #2 for that now).

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  1. Don't worry. I die a lot, too. Welcome to the club.