Monday, October 11, 2010

Linkshell Community Beta Updates!!!

Do they still exist? Because the items and armor from the September update still haven't been added to it as far as I know.

There's not much point to having a Varuna's Staff +1 you never get to use on anything if you can't show other people you have it! Or something.

Quit being lazy, Square-Enix!


  1. So how many years has that Linkshell Community thing been in beta now?

  2. Forget the Linkshell Community!! What about auto-translating spells that were introduced two updates ago?! *lol*

    Hell, they need to auto-translate "Magian Trial" and "Abyssea-[whatever]". /facepalm

  3. Yeah, "heaven's forfend" as the Miquote said to the... er, if they could actually introduce content and matching autrotranslate terms, at the same time...