Monday, October 11, 2010

Playing 8 and 16-bit Games in 3D?

I have to admit I'm not a 3D fanatic. I've never seen a movie in 3D. Neither the oldfangled blue and red shit, nor the newfangled shutter glasses or polarized light stuffs. Being unemployed and poor also helps with that.

But something did come to me a while back. Many emulators of older systems have the ability to turn on/off various sprite layers. This used to be necessary for ZSNES back in the pre-0.7 days when it didn't support transparencies, so you needed to turn them off for some games. (I think the Mist Cave in the beginning of Final Fantasy II/4jp?) So, how cool would it be make the foreground and background into 3D in something like Super Mario World? Granted, I don't have a 3D capable monitor, 3D glasses, or, well, anything else to enjoy it, but I could see it being pretty fucking cool. Lots of people have Home Theatre PCs hooked up to their 3D capable TVs and playing old school games is another potential use for them.

So, I posted to the ZSNES, my personal favorite emulator, forum and asked about it. And it turns out it may actually be sort of viable. I pictured it working on a per game basis with tweaking or profiles needed, and that seems to be what people who know what they're talking about agree with. (Aside from the guy who replied, "lolwut?" in less concise words.)

The good news seems to be that we may be able to actually get what I'm envisioning (aren't I the pretensious cock?) on the Nintendo 3DS. And besides the SNES the original NES could potentially be 3D'd in emulators as well. How awesome would the moving/foreground sprites being 3D in Contra or Mario Bros. 3 be? There's also the lesser known stuff like Neo Geo's Metal Slug games that are fun as shit and might be 3D-able.

So, anyway, hopefully somebody who's not shitty at programming like myself, and not poor and unemployed with access to 3D capable hardware will hopefully make retrogaming 3D for my less sucky contemporaries.

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