Friday, October 8, 2010


For a while I didn't realize what caused it, but for me at least having Bit Torrent running (throttled; not using all my bandwidth) caused me to get FFXI-4001 and FFXI-0250 d/c errors. So, I closed BT when I wanted to play. No big deal, right?

Today, I logged on to try and get some Abyssean EXP and cap out my jobs at 85. I've been lazy with doing that as only my Black Mage is 85, nothing else is over 81. And I got disconnected every 10-15 minutes if not sooner. It turns out you don't lose your EXP chain or Atma, but those HP/Stat boosts? They're all fucking gone. And with how semi-AFK 75% of people seem to be about Abyssean EXP, because let's face it: It's pretty fucking boring, I'd really rather just burn through to 85 in one sitting per job. Instead, I  spend several minutes with my R% dropping to 0% and finally, mercifully D/Cing me, and then logging back into POL, starting FFXI, logging in to FFXI, loading into the Abyssea zone, and finally putting my flag up. Then I get to stand around until whoever has leader of one of the parties invites me back.


But I perservere. The EXP finally gets good, I'm ~3,000 EXP to 82 Monk and I can't take any more of the shit. Something like 1/3rd my fucking time isn't even spent EXP grinding. It's slogging through the painfully fucking clunky POL interface and re-entering fucking passwords. (Because, "Storing SE Account Password that's unpossible!!!" /Ralph_Wiggum)


I'll try to log back in later and hopefully get Monk, Scholar, and Ninja to 85, but there's no fucking way I can put up with this shit.

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