Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Frog was never a favorite party member! Also, No shoes, no service! Got Hat?

As everyone who owned a Super Nintendo in 1995 (or thereabouts) knows, Chrono Trigger is pretty awesome. You had to beat it about a dozen times to see all the endings and had to burn through to the end a few times to get everyone Rainbow/Prism (I forget) armor and weapons and stuff which carried over to the New Game Plus. The only problem was Frog:
Meet Frog. Ribbit.
Unfortunately, Frog's best weapon was the Masamune, which was a story-related item. So you could get his second best sword, but were stuck with a subpar party member unless you were pretty far into the game. Where am I going with this? I have no idea, but I saw this in Port Jeuno:
Jerks actually getting (apparently TONS) of stuff done in Abyssea! I'm not even a Samurai and a little jealous. ;-p



I finally leveled up Monk to 85!
It was a double bonus because my Taipan Fangs' trial is to proc 350 times on Cockatrice. I got about 80 of them out of the way.
Gotta love getting two things done at once!

Unfortunately, only ~3 pairs of boots dropped the entire time. One WAR (boo!), one BLM which I lost lot on (boo!), and one of something else I didn't care enough about to remember (boo!).

It would be great if SE didn't make Abyssean rewards some completely unbalanced and random. Some shit you can solo by warping to an NPC and trading an item that's dirt cheap. Some you can warp and trade a ludicrously expensive one(s). Some you have to run long, slow quests, but can still solo. Others are only NM dropped and you need a group.

I'm not sure how that's supposed to be balanced or fair. Did Square-Enix not realize how completely retardedly broken Limbus was? Ugh.


Got Hat?

I also did a Dyna run for the first time in a few months. Xarc was kind to us.
Around three RDM hats, two SMN hats, a PUP hat, and at least another piece or two. Dynamis Lord put out too!
He dropped a 100 shell and Shadow Mantle. Not a bad run at all.


  1. Pfft, Frog was never a bad party member. He had good Techs to back him up even if you couldn't have the Masamune right away. Besides, once you hit New Game+ you could pretty much go from start to finish with Crono wielding the Mop. Weapons weren't really an issue outside of fighting Lavos or a few things in the Black Omen.

  2. The giant frog he could inexplicably summon was pretty awesome, I'll give you that.