Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ouchies. (FFXIV) Moggi Bononoanazoaznaon (FFXI...do they still proofread POL posts?)

I try not to fall into the bashing JRPGs thing that's so popular lately. And, of course, the reasons I've decided against playing FFXIV didn't have anything to do with how good or bad it is or was. But being linked to this over at the Escapist makes me think the game's in some serious trouble.

Mogby Bonznazona.o Ahoy!

I have to say it's a little disheartening when I check the TTTO to see if anything's new with FFXI, find there's a new Mog Bonanza, and immediately find typos in it.
If you're like me you immediately went to see what the Kupons trade in for and if you cross reference that trial on the wiki you see it's for the Relic Bow. So Monks everywhere will be sporting some Namas Arrow hotness. Thanks, Square-Enix!


It's also more than a little sad to see the general prize listings. Salvage bodies? Absolute Virtue drops? Dynamis Relic Accessories? Umm, if you've been playing at all in the past six months you've probably gotten better stuff off Abyssea mobs that repop on their own every 90 or so minutes or can be force popped with an AHable item.


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