Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BLM/SCH finally not retarded!

Well, from level 88 onward.

Square-Enix announced some job adjustments due in the December Update today. I haven't logged in in about three weeks, but I still check a few times a week for some reason. I'm not going to copy/paste the JAs, but they all look decent. Some new uber Warcry-like party buffs, single target melee/ranged attack buffs, Holy/Arcane Circle debuffs that actually do what you'd expect the original ones to do, and the usual bizarre, new Dancer and Scholar abilities.
Stratagem: Immanence (SCH Lv.87)
Makes it possible for your next elemental magic spell to be used in a skillchain, but not a magic burst.
I have no idea. A pick your own Level 1 SC property based on the element of your spell? OK?

New Job Traits!

The new Job Traits are basically just BLM getting Fast Cast for Elemental Magic. It's at level 50 and says it will scale, so will it stack with Fast Cast? If not it could actually be a nerf. But if Black Mages start going /SCH post-88 then aside from Stun and Enfeebling Magic it might just end up keeping spell casting times where they are now.

(Unrelated Note: RDM/DRK finally dies next week. :-P)

New Spells!

The expected STAT boosts, BRD songs, and nukes arrive. The two possibly notable ones are these:
Adloquium SCH Lv.88

Migawari: Ichi NIN Lv.88
*Uses the ninja tool, "mokujin."
The SCH spell means "encouragement" or something in Latin and will do...I have no idea.

The NIN spell means something like "to sacrifice" and the NIN tool means a "wooden man"...I have even less idea. Stoneskin? And why the fuck does every new NIN spell have to be a slow as dirt casting Ichi spell?

Existing Spell GET!

The stuff previously added that's becoming available to new jobs is notably Scholar getting Blink/Stoneskin/Spikes spells.

Does Break still suck? I think I was the only one who liked it. Red Mages and Scholars will be able to cast it by 90.


And Blue Mages, of course, don't get there new spells listed or mentioned by name. The one pictured looks like Everyone's Grudge to me? lol.


I haven't been playing for almost a month now, or posting about FFXI much/at all. I'm thinking of deactivating my account on the 14th. It'll be the seventh anniversary (I think? ...I know for sure I activated it the day after my birthday which is the 13th) from when I started playing.

Not having played for a while now all I can really say I miss about the game is the people. The wacky discussions in EpicLS when there's no official event going on. Hating on FF8 because it's horrible. Raking Evilbron over the coals for failing at everything FFXI-related. The banter during events and super secretly in /tells. The talking with people from all over the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, Australia, and random spots all over the rest of the world. Doing a /dance4 at Myoubi and getting /slapped.

Way back in HopelessLS doing CoP Missions together or taking down Hakutaku back when people only had 1 or 2 75s and less than uber gear.

Further back in FinalFantasyLS (the actual name :-P) doing ZM missions with Doggy and Blackraven and taking an Everyone's Rancor to the face for almost 3,000 damage.

Having an epic battle through Yughott Grotto with Aramyth and Enelya to take down the CM2-5 Black Dragon.

Getting killed in Zeruhn Mines by a Ding Bat in my very first battle ever as a clueless BLM01/.

Good times. They can't last forever though, and I think it's about time that I moved on.


  1. The question is:

    What comes next?

  2. Relapse and life as a Tarutaru obviously.

  3. Damn it EP, don't you leave me here! Though if you do, that Novio sure does look pretty. >.>