Saturday, December 4, 2010

The most broken version update ever?

I looked at POL again and saw this.

The THF stuff...I don't care, personally. Better TH and a reason to have the THF do more than a missed /ra to put TH on the mob. Yay.

NINs and CORs get some inventory space saving stuff on Toolbags/Cards in the same update Square-Enix adds a "PS Limitations be damned!!!" second Mog Satchel. Better late than never, I guess. What's the distinction here?
Inoshishinofuda: Used to cast any elemental ninjutsu
Chonofuda: Used to cast any foe-damaging ninjutsu
The elemental ninjutsu are the foe-damaging ones. Unless we're talking Dokumori: Ichi and nobody's talking about that.

At 90 /DNC's going to give an additional Curing Waltz. Which would have been handy well before then.

SCH has lots to be happy about. SCH/BLM looks pretty viable due to the update. (Which I hadn't thought of for some reason in my last post.) A fifth Stratagem charge at 90 and Sublimation scaling up to 2HP->7MP/tick at 85 is just insane.

None of it will work?

But the last thing specifically...lots of numbers. I know update usually arrives slightly broken and an Emergency Maintenance two days after and extended server downtime on update day is expected. This particular update looks like it could be the most epically broken in quite a while though. Still, the Scholar stuff looks completely fucking awesome.

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