Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ringthree points out that the Vanafest Site got updated since most people probably stopped checking it. If you read Elmerthepointy's coverage of Vanafest then you already knew most of the stuff, but it's still nice seeing it in print officially from SE.

What stuck out to me though was the mention of Paladins.It's certainly one of the least interesting job blurbs in itself. "We're maybe going to do something with the Cover JA." Exciting.

What I find interesting about it is the difference between Cover in FFXI and Cover in FINAL FANTASY II (aka FF4). Sure the whole Cecil taking up the Dark Sword for the King of Baron and later putting it down and turning to the light was kind of cool. Even if in retrospect FF4 was poorly translated, had a ridiculous plot, and was overflowing with preposterous melodrama. It was still a blast to play.

But was there any actual use for the Cover ability Cecil got? Not as far as I could tell. That's different in FFXI. Cover is great. Unfortunately, it gets little use in parties and I've never seen it used tactically at an endgame event. Paladins are the game's brickwall and Cover lets them put a brickwall between a mob and a party member. While leveling Ranger on Colibri it's an ability that I very much appreciate when there's a Paladin who will actually use it.

Will an update change that? I'd like to think so, but then again maybe not.

Unrelated UPDATE: She beat me to it! I was going to post about Cerberus a few days back, but forgot to. Sweet tapdancing crystal dragon Jesus does Cerberus have some stupid fucking /shouts in Whitegate. I had two people on my /blist from Hades for some reason that I don't remember. I now have two people on Cerberus for the same thing.

On Hades we'd always have one dude who was shouting to make a pickup group for things you probably should have experience and cohesion as well as the usual Nyzul Isle and Jade Sepulcher ISNMs. On Cerberus there's never anything FFXI related being shouted. Instead its painfully fucktarded random "facts" and other people shouting having a painfully fucktarded conversation about them. It's an extra special form of fucktarded because half the "facts" aren't even fucking corrent. Fuck. Fuck. Hate. Fuck.

Now I have to excuse myself. I'm going to go look for some Spring flowers to stomp on or something. Hate.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Magian Weapons...

I've been thinking about it, and I think I'm going to upgrade one of the Trial of the Magian weapons. It's ridiculously grindy, but there's several that look very enticing.

But, which one?

Not a mage one, obviously. Square-Enix isn't capable of outdoing the elemental staves and I don't melee shit as a mage when I could be doing it as a Black Belt Monk instead. I could do one for Monk and Puppetmaster as Squeenix was nice enough (or too lazy, take your pick) to put both jobs on the H2H weapons. Or I could go with Ninja. There's several interesting Katanas to upgrade.

The H2H Option

For Hand-to-Hand there's several flavors of weapons. There's the Pet:Something ones. Obviously, this is only useful for PUP. MNK/BST isn't a popular job combo for good reason. There's the DMG+~18 with an Added Effect:Something+10. And then there's the decent DMG rating Occasionally Attacks Twice knuckles. Faith Baghs without needing Virtue Stones and better WS pretty much.

Some pics courtesy of the Wiki:Unfortunately, all three have Quests that suck ass. Kill a mob during weather that is rare where you can find them, kill a particularly annoying/dangerous type of mob, or get some drops from Tier III Voidwalker NMs. Not fun. Which is why I'm leaning towards...

The Katana Option

There's a couple nice Katanas. Notably, a high base DMG Occ. Atks. Twice one. Here's the final stats on the ones I like:
DMG:21 Delay:242 Occasionally Attacks Twice
DMG:36 Delay:201 DEX+4 ACC+8
I think offhanding the first and mainhanding the second would be pretty nice. The first has grindy Quests, but they're doable. The second has lots of the weather kills bullshit.

The multi-hit Katana is really tempting. Combined with Innin NIN might do some respectable damage. How useful that'll actually be, I'm not sure though. Thoughts?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Going back to the PC...again.

So about a week or two ago I decided to get an Xbox360 controller and play on my PC. Sure, my PC was sad, but you could run FFXI on an x86 compatible cellphone probably. And then the night Hades died it took my motherboard with it.

Thankfully, I bummed my brother's old CPU/RAM/Mobo and now have a pretty decent gaming rig. Nothing amazing, but here she is:And of course, the new videocard and controller.You can get a beast of a videocard for $100 nowadays. And its nowhere near the high-end either.

So, I get to re-write my PC's macros for the third time. I really need to look up how to save them server side or at least back them up this time locally. (Anybody have a link handy?)

I'll do that after FFXI finishes reinstalling and updating. (Yay...) On the plus side I'll have screenshots in my posts again.

Update: UGH.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What the #@&% at Campaign, Square-Enix?

I spend fucking hours doing this shit to get my two squiggly thing fucking Medal back.

I spend even more fucking hours the next day doing this same boring fucking horseshit. With barely any fucking zones I can even do Campaign in since hammering on Fortifications is completely fucking pointless, mind you.

I finally get the evaluation whore to say the Campaign fucking council cocksuckers are pleased with my tolerance for mindnumbing fucking boredom.

And I cast Retrace on myself to go get my shiny new three squiggly medal. And I find out my medal expired AND THE CAMPAIGN COUNCIL COCKSUCKERS ARE NO LONGER FUCKING PLEASED WITH ME!?!

What in the flying fuck is this retarded fucking horseshit, Square-Enix? If I ever bother to do Campaign AGAIN (I have zero fucking reason to) and get the top fucking medal AGAIN will I have to keep doing this cocksucking fucking nonsense to keep the pointless fucking thing? Inquiring minds would love to fucking know.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There's no pie on Cerberus.

Or so some former Hades people I recognized in Whitegate informed me. ;-)

I still have very little idea on what the Version Update added. My PC is dead, so I'm typing this on the painfully slow family computer. If you read my "PC Woes" post you know that my PC was a piece of crap, so to regard this one as "slow" means it's pretty horrid.

I did go to see the Magian Moogle. You know, the pile of players standing around the NPC who isn't Maat in Ru'Lude Gardens. I have to say holy fuck the NPC dialog is slow.

First I checked on the Katanas. You know, since I play Ninja like twice a year. The first few challenges end up with a crappier than Fudo weapon. The end result gets you a 43 DMG Katana. Would +7 DMG be better to mainhand than a Senjuinrikio with 36 DMG and Crit+6%? I'm thinking probably, but I'll go see what the mathy folks are saying on job forums before considering a leap to get one.

Next, I looked at Hand-to-Hand for Monk/PUP (which now has 279 H2H skill post update) and good lord! A DMG+17, Delay+75, Ocassionally Attacks Twice H2H weapon!!! If it's like Joyeuse or the Jailer Weapons that's fucking insane. It'll be awesome for /DNC, do great DoT, not need Virtue Stones, and I can use it on PUP too! Hopefully, it won't suck too much to obtain.

Puppetmaster Updates!

I logged off in Whitegate on my PUP in anticipation of the update and to see what the changes to it are.

Using an Animator +1 from Einherjar (if that matters, I tossed the old one) I now get +6 STAT bonuses from each Maneuver. It's +12 with two and presumably +18 with three. +18 INT will be pretty awesome for the Soulreaver BLM puppet.

The Mana Tank II that used to give 2 MP/tick Refresh with a Dark Maneuver up with +1 for each additional maneuver is now giving 5 MP/tick. I don't remember if I tried putting up three to test, but that's a really nice boost. The Auto-Repair Kit II is providing a 6 HP/tick healing. Also extremely nice. I didn't get to see what Armor Plate II did as I was PUP/WAR tanking spiders/colibri outside Whitegate.

Stringing Pummel is now officially awesome. With Berserk and no food it did a little over 1200 on a spider. I didn't notice an increase in melee speed (or decrease in TP/hit), so I don't think SE gave PUP higher level Martial Arts traits.


I've seen a few shouts, but haven't bothered reading up on these guys yet. There's a Torque which I think is from Odin which provides in addition to other things Elemental Magic skill +7. So if I get one I could be one of the many people probably flooding the torque market to death. Now would probably be the best time to do the fights as well since lots of people are interested. Hmm.

Monday, March 22, 2010

PC Woes...

So, I yank out component after component to test and see what the fuck is broken. RAM's OK. Powersupply's OK. Videocard's OK. I reset the CMOS. The BIOS defaults to a 100MHz frontside bus for my CPU.

It's a Barton core Athlon XP and supposed to run off a 166MHz FSB. But apparently, I didn't hammer on Delete feverishly enough, because Windows starts booting instead of going into the BIOS Setup. And it boots all the way to the Welcome Screen.

What the fuck?

So, it works "fine" if I underclock my CPU to 1,100MHz. Holy fuck is 1,100MHz SLOW.

I reboot again, go into the BIOS Setup, set it to 166MHz FSB. Boom. Monitor turns itself off, IDE lights are on, nothing's happening.

OK, so how about 133MHz FSB? That's less fucking slow, somewhat. Windows starts loading. Boom! Blue Screen O' Death.

Hmm. That didn't make any sense. But this shit in general doesn't seem to be making much.

May as well try again.

Windows loads.

And here I am typing this. 1,466MHz and it seems to be working OK. FFXI is updating in the background. 1,122/1,499 files to go! Yay. Only going to take ~1.5 hours.

So dying CPU or dying motherboard? I have several other Socket A chips. A 600MHz Duron (*shudder*), a 1.2GHz Thunderbird Athlon (I think the multiplier is unlocked so I could try running it with a 200MHz FSB and 4x multiplier), and a 1.46GHz Palomino Athlon XP (1700+) with half the cache of my possibly fucked Barton Athlon XP. I could try popping one of those in.

I can't trust this system now. I can run some CPU intensive programs and see if it crashes or the output ends up corrupt. Ugh. This is fucking aggravating.


I get up and go to look and see what the Version Update has brought. I'm surprised to find that my PC no longer boots up. As soon as Windows gets to any sort of GUI type thing rather than the lovely BIOS looking stuff my display shuts off and my IDE light lights up.

This happens booting off the Win7 installation disc and a Windows XP PE (preinstallation enviro) disc, so its definitely a hardware problem. It also happens with two videocards, so it's not the videocard. I'd try firing up a Linux LiveCD, but I kind of get the feeling that won't start up either. I really felt like fucking around with my PC today.

Seriously, it's like, "Hey, something good is going to happen today! It's going to be great!" And, no, it wasn't the Version Update, it was real life personal stuff. So I'm immediately met with a kick to the nuts of, "Hey! Fuck you! Your PC is fucking dead!" and I get to deal with this horseshit.

The Version Update

Reading the release notes I've got to say I'm disappointed. I personally don't care about SMN or BST, so adding shit to those jobs doesn't do anything for me.

Of course I don't know what people are finding in the .DATs or what types of things the Trials of the Magians will yield. So, it could turn out to be pretty awesome still.

PUP changes could be good too. SE decided to give B+ skill rather than A skill though, so I'm going to complain about that. Like the ~4 skill points would have been fucking gamebreaking. There's some unexplained changes to several attachments which could be good. ( Armor Plate / Armor Plate II / Auto-Repair Kit / Auto-Repair Kit II / Mana Tank / Mana Tank II )If they changed Armor Plate to be a percentage damage reduction and improved automaton's defense to 350-500 range (Stormwaker-Valoredge) the problem of a dead automaton and 15 minutes on Activate might be greatly diminished. Hopefully, Mana Tank and similar attachments will either scale with level or restore percentages of MP/HP too.


Overall, I think I'm more or less just still looking forward to the June Update. I'd go read BG and see what people are .DAT mining, but my fucking PC is dead, so I'm going to go try and get it ressurected instead.

Update: Thunderstorms now.


Maybe the PSU in my PC is half-blown. Or maybe the power could do out. I'd love to sit in the dark and do nothing today.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

See You On The Other Side!

It's been a fun few years, but quietly around 5AM 11AM Eastern Daylight Time tomorrow everyone will be disconnected from Hades and it will be no more./sigh

Thursday, March 18, 2010

880 days, 3 hours, 11 minutes and 2 seconds...

Sure I leave the game running an awful lot, but good heavens that's sad.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

RE4, Trapt, Devil Summoner 2, and Drakenguard PS2 Game Mini-Reviews... (Non-FFXI related)

I've played all the way through or mostly finished a few PS2 games and decided to write up some mini-reviews of them.

Resident Evil 4

I hadn't played any Resident Evil games since the PSX ones. The original, RE2, and RE1 Director's Cut. I played the hell out of all of those and got most/all of the hidden stuff and Rank A/S for finishing them in under two hours without saving. I rented and beat the PS2 Code Veronica. I never played RE3: Nemesis.

Now that I have my REsume (horrible pun!) out of the way, onward to RE4. I'd heard good things about this game and wasn't disappointed.

The story is nothing to write home about: "The President's daughter has been kidnapped. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President's daughter?" So, Leon Kennedy from RE2 is dumped in a village in Spain to find the President's daughter and Zombie Mind-controlling Parasite Apocalypses may ensue.

The gameplay is what really makes RE4. You get to blow away a pretty wide variety of enemies from homocidal Spaniards, to those giant troll things from the Lord of the Rings movies, to giant evil fish monster...things that are towing the rickety little speed boat you're riding in. The only real complaint I have with the game is quicktime events. There will be cutscenes were I'm watching the obviously evil guy smack around Leon and then splat I'm dead because I didn't know I was going to have to hit L1+R1 or Square+X at the same time suddenly.

Much of the signature features of the RE series that gave it its charm are back. The "Scooby Doo" effect on items you can interact with or pickup is back as a glowing effect in the fully 3D environment. There's thankfully shorter, but still interesting, notes and letters to be found and read that add background info. The rocket launcher even makes a comeback. The nonsensical item puzzles are back, but fairly intuitive. I finished the game without having to go to a FAQ to figure out what the hell I was supposed to be doing.

So yeah. It's a really fun game and if you too have been living under a rock I'd go and pick it up. You can get RE4, Code Veronica, and some other RE game I've never heard of for $20 new.


Trapt is the fourth game in Tecmo's Deception series. The first three games were PSX titles Trapt is the first (and last) one on the PS2. The jist of all the games is you play a person who's in a castle/mansion hiding out for some reason and you kill intruders who are coming to kill you for various reasons by luring them into traps. And you're usually doing it to clear your name and ressurect the Devil.

It's a little weird.

If you liked the previous Deception games Trapt is worth picking up if you can find it reasonably cheap.

The localization is...bad. They left the voiceacting in Japanese and went with English subtitles. I don't speak any Japanese, but it sounds like standard anime quality. The guys' voices are all deeper than I'd expect looking at the characters. The gals' voices are uniformly high pitch and borderline irritating. The VAs sound like familar ones from anime. If you like anime and like it subbed over dubbed you'll probably be happy. I kind of lied when I said they left it in Japanese. Some of the cutscenes have no voiceacting at all. Also, from what little I could understand of the Japanese the subtitles were pretty clearly wrong rather often.

The gameplay is simple and repetitive but fun. Electrocute the hell out of an intruder with an electrified floor, impale the crap out of them on hidden wall spikes and then drop a gigantic burning rock on their head just to be sure. What's not to like? The main problem is the camera. It's like the one from the first Kingdome Hearts game, i.e. way to fucking close. It also looks downward more than it should. And it turns too slowly. Basically, the camera's pretty fucked up, but you can mostly work around it without too much trouble. All those problems end up in getting you hit by attacks (including projectiles) you never saw coming. Intruders make noises before projectile attacks though, so you can blindly dodge most of the time and avoid being hit. Still annoying though.

Something I shouldn't have to complain about but is also bad is the loading times. The game is divided up into chapters with cutscene -> mission (kill some dudes) -> cutscene. There's loading times before the cutscene, after the cutscene, before the mission, after the mission, before the closing cutscene, and after the closing cutscene. It's kind of ridiculous. Especially, when the mission may only last one minute once you've unlocked some of the better traps.

Overall, a very flawed game with a poor localization, bad loading times, and kind of janky in general production quality. If you enjoyed the previous Deception games and can get it cheap I'd pick it up. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend it.

SMT: Devil Summoner 2

I've played to Chapter 2 now and the game is starting to grow on me. It lacks a lot in in-game tutorials, so you have to either read the manual (I would never consider stooping to such a level!) or just kind of figure things out on your own. Having learned most of it I'm now able to figure out what to do to progress without too much difficulty or turning to a FAQ.

Overall, it's still the weakest of the PS2 SMT games so far. There's just something about random battle encounters in an action RPG that's kind And the story hasn't really gone anywhere yet either. Maybe I'll change my mind later, but I'd recommend Persona 4 or some other SMT game instead.


Dynasty Warriors, i.e. one dude slaughtering hordes of mooks meets...some game where you fly around as a dragon and kill things with fire. And you, your weapons, and apparently your dragon all level up separately. The story is pretty lame and cliched.

I still find it fun to play despite being nothing original or amazing. Games are supposed to be fun, so I'll recommend it if the description above appeals to you. Really glowing endorsement, I know. XD


Hopefully, you now feel wise and informed and either inspired to add to your back catalog of games to play (or actually play one that's already sitting in it).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

WAR/WHM using a Sword & Shield

in Valkurm Dunes. Anyone else remember that?

Subjob Leveling

I've been working on subjobs lately for the expansion. I've got Red Mage (with Refresh!) @2,000 to 43. My Corsair I've got @63 to 38. And I'm really noticing how tedious subjob leveling solo can be.

As RDM/BLM I was soloing by the entrance to Sea Serpent Grotto. With Signet up (and three Evasion merits) Red Mage has pretty good evasion versus EP-DC mobs. Not great, but you'll get missed frequently. So I'm about to go kill a mob and I buff: Refresh -> Stoneskin -> Phalanx -> Blaze Spikes -> Enthunder. A minute later, I go and engage. Two minutes of slashing and slowly killing the mob and my Stoneskin breaks. I recast it. Two more minutes and I finally kill the DC Makara I was fighting.


And I didn't even mention the Slow -> Blind -> Paralyze I cast.

As COR/DNC I didn't have any spells to cast, but it was Job Ability intensive. Drain Samba, COR roll, DRK roll, Double Up, etc. I used the Buccaneer's Sword I got from a chest in Yuhtunga Jungle and I broke out my stored NQ Noct set.

What ties the two together is that what makes a job a good subjob (except Ninja), is that it provides lots of useful abilities and/or spells. Because of that when you're playing it as a mainjob there's TONS of stuff to do. Ugh. I think I'm going to suck it up and just LFP on RDM, WHM, BRD, and COR. And I'm going to refuse to pull on the last two. Why? Because fuck everyone else. I got stuck pulling as Ranger when we had Bards and Corsairs, so screw it.

That only leaves Warrior to level which doesn't have much to do except hack things to pieces soloing.

Name Stealin'

Over on BG when the World Merge was announced people almost immediately made new linkshells and mules with the names of prominent HNMLS people from the Source Worlds. Which I have to admit is pretty funny in a childish shitheady kind of way. Square-Enix apparently noticed and decided to nix that. Or they need to keep the number of characters on the Worlds static for some technical reason. But I'm thinking it's the former rather than the latter. doesn't show anyone snagged up Cerberus.Evilpaul, so hopefully I'll be able to keep my current name. If not, I've got ideas for alternatives. I'm not particularly worried though, because a) Who the fuck is Evilpaul? and b) I don't camp Fafnir, so who the fuck is Evilpaul?

Square-Enix Accounts...

Since signing up for that Nomad Moogle Bonanza I've had to enter my Square-Enix Account password to log in. (If there's a way around that I wasn't able to find it and figure it out.) It's not really that big a deal though, but it did finally wear me down: I bought a Security Token. It arrived yesterday, so I've now got 70 extra inventory space on my character (and I assume my mule, but I haven't logged on to that character in a few days).

I have to say that's proved immediately useful. I'm carrying my subjob leveling stuff in it along with my Ranger gear. I keep my Mog House organized with my melee job stuff in my Mog Safe (MNK, PUP), my mage job stuff in my Mog Locker (BLM, SCH), and my mostly not used jobs stuff in my Mog House Storage (SMN, NIN).

How sad is it that Puppetmaster is more useful than Ninja? Anyway...

So that's pretty much what I've been up to lately. There was also some Sea Farming (we got a bunch of Ix'DRK capes) and Dynamis-Qufim (cleared it, got a few nice drops), but that's about it.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Multiple Sets of "AF3"?

I'm curious about this whole Abyssea thing. They're adding it in three steps and increasing the level cap each time. They're also adding a new set of Relic Armor from it, "AF3." And if I understand it correctly the Magian quests will add some sort of new Relic/Mythic level weapons.

Will we get the full sets of AF3 in the June update? I'm thinking we will. I'm also betting that they're going to be "socketable." You get your new Lich's Petasos (Wizard's -> Sorcerer's -> ???) from the first Abyssea and it's got some base stats and whatnot on it, and everyone wants one. The next Abyssea area will have something like -1 hats or perhaps something like Evoliths that adds further bonuses to it.

Also, if you haven't yet check out the latest episode of Pet Food Alpha. They discuss all the Vanafest 2010 news and clarify a lot of the info that's come out. I'm listening now.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

World Merge Details. Also, World Merge = Character Data Lost?

Square-Enix announced that they were doing server consolidation at Vanafest 2010. This much anyone who's remotely interested in FFXI knows. They updated us again today (finally) with a notice we can't server transfer or something until they do the world merge. But still can't be assed to tell us WHEN THE HELL IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN.

A mid-March update supposedly... We're 1/4 the way through March. By my mathological calculations that means we're mid-March in about 7 days. I was kind of hoping for more than "We're still planning World Merge+Update at some time in the future."

Also, deeply cynical though I may be I'm going to go out on a limb and bet lots of people on "Source Worlds" lose all recent progress they've made on their characters upon logging in for the first time on the "Destination Worlds."

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Square-Enix really needs to multi-source some items.... (Also, the Octave Club)

Things like not-75 BCNMs that are the sole source of Refresh people aren't doing much anymore, so I've been waiting two days to snag myself a Refresh scroll to be able to continue leveling Red Mage to 49. I could try to put together a BCNM40 run myself, but people seem to be "Kraken Club onry" and only spam that shitty BCNM60. (I even checked to see if anyone reported getting a Refresh scroll from the keys from the addon scenarios, but alas none have been reported.)

Besides level capped BCNMs there's also things that only come from the Ashu Talif Assault missions. The PUP Automaton attachments I don't have are almost entirely from that BCNM. They're all in the 1,000,000 gil price range and super rare. Several are really useful too. (Haste+%, Magic Acc+X(or+%?), less overloads, etc.) There's Rare/Ex Haste+3% pants from it too that are quite nice for the jobs left off Byakko's/Homam.

Stuff like this Square-Enix should really address as the game is getting older.

Octave Club

When the level cap is 80 for three or four months the Octave Club is going to be on par with the Kraken. Levels 88 and 96 too, but those aren't final caps. Just something random I thought of and wanted to mention. (I don't have either club or a desire to camp them/spam that BCNM.)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Subjob Leveling...

With the June Version Update the level cap is being raised to 80. So, I'm getting some subjob leveling out of the way now so I can work on mains later. I started with Red Mage. It's useful for both Black Mage and Scholar as a subjob and being able to Convert will be pretty awesome.

I have run into one problem though: I can't find a damned Refresh scroll. They're only 6k gil, but there's only one up on the AH at a time it seems and always snatched up immediately. It's like trying to get Raise II and Reraise II scrolls from when I leveled Scholar all over again. I'm not such a huge jackass that I'd join a post-41 party and not have Refresh, so that means I'd have to suffer through more 37 capped East Ronfaure [S] EXP. Or solo. With a Shield, Phalanx, and Stoneskin I do a pretty good brickwall impression, but good god is it slow. Kind of like Dancer. They can't kill me, but I can't kill the mob quickly either. Ugh.

Aside from that annoying setback, there's not much else I need to level before June. My /WAR will be gimped at 80 as it's only 37, but /WAR doesn't really get anything new at 40. I also rarely get to /WAR as Monk and I don't do much as Ninja that I'd be better /WAR than /DNC or /DRK. Speaking of /DRK it's in the same boat as /WAR. I don't use it much and it gets nothing of interest at level 40. Some new Absorb spells and Bio II...both of which suck subbed. I could not bother with either and I don't think anyone would notice or care.

Dancer as a subjob does get some new goodies at 40, the Reverse Flourish and Stutter Step. Stutter Step is pretty useless as it lowers magic evasion. Reverse Flourish gives you TP back in exchange for Finishing Moves. Better than not having it, I guess. Not that amazing or potentially interesting as things that will become available with a higher level cap (Haste Samba).

Subbed White Mage I get the feeling is going to be one of those jobs which has it's subbed JAs restricted. I can't see Square-Enix giving fully powered Aflatus JAs. It's mostly interesting because it gives subbed Haste. Being able to AoE Haste as Scholar could be quite useful. No Magic Atk. Bonus trait of course means that it'll tip Scholar fully into a healer/buffer role to have Haste available.

Anyone else started leveling subjobs?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Big Foot, Chupacabre, and Summoner's Horns, Oh My!

They do exist! Summoner's Horns, that is. In about four years of Dynamis I'd never seen one drop until tonight! The NM finally put out.

Congratulations to Jacinda on her pointy SMN thingy!

A rival LS attempts to hack me!!!

Well, not really.

I mean for one thing other than Dynamis Epic/NeedsMoarRelics and |DaFunk| don't even do the same events. So, there's not much rivalry there. But I did get this rather funny, Engrishy, private message to my user account on |DaFunk|'s forum (from a spambot not from somebody in DF).For the uninitiated, "Security Tool" is some malware that does things like create fake blue screens of death (in the wrong resolution, color depth, and refresh's embarrassingly stupid), auto-closes Task Manager, and generally fucks up your PC. I removed it from my parent's computer a few days ago, and thought it was funny to see its creators have forum crawling spambots.

Should you find your own PC infected, check out this Youtube video which shows how to remove it. And don't type in and visit the URL in that screenshot, obviously.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

But what about Adventuring Fellows?

Sure, you might point out that I haven't finished the quest to get one yet, but lots of people did...can we get our Adventuring Fellows leveled up more with the increased level cap? I'm kind of tempted to finish the quest and level one as a Haste/Curebot would be pretty handy to have available, but Square-Enix seems to have forgotten about them.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

MNK/DNC solos Byakko!

With the news of the level cap being raised to 99 it got me wondering about what crazy, as things are now, stuff we'll see being done in a few months from now because it's no longer difficult. There's things that I can't see being changed like the caps on Accuracy, Haste, Physical/Magic Damage Reduction, Magic Resist rates, etc.

Then there's others where changes are probably going to have to be made. People have pretty well figured out how Enmity and the "hate cap" works and been exploiting it to their advantage for several years now. I can't picture that scaling all the way to level 99. Higher HP, more powerful elemental spells, new JAs (maybe PLDs or WARs finally get Enrage?)'s just not going to work.

So what will we be seeing in a few months from now? Most currently formidable things to a single adventurer like sky gods will probably be soloable, given an hour or two, by PLD/RDMs. Maybe NIN/RDM, THF/NIN, MNK/DNC, SAM/DNC, etc, too depending. Will the local has everything Aegis+Excalibur PLDs be in city Dynamis soloing to fund further relics? It's funny to imagine, but I think it's quite possible.

I, for one, am quite eager for the first time in a long while to see what happens. I guess we'll probably have to wait a month to get any more details out of Square-Enix though. /sigh

On a side note: I think I should probably level my Red Mage and White Mage subs to 49. Anyone want to form a 5xRDM+BRD Enspell burn party? I think the idea is fucking hilarious and I really don't want to solo Fields of Valor to 49 on a bunch of jobs. Then again, if I do pre-level subs to 49 I bet SE will come out and say "any level 37 sub will stay auto-capped for players above level 75" or something so it was a waste. LOL.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Maat's Cap People...


Bishes Broke Mah Sorcerer's Ring!

It occurs to me that at level 99 I'll have far more HP than I could currently reduce sufficiently to activate my Sorcerer's Ring.

Oh well, at least they'll probably introduce STAT+8/9 rings (and completely hose the Snow/Flame Ring market).

UPDATE: Sniper's +1/Toreadors are probably screwed too, by the way.