Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I was skilling up in Besieged. Also, Monk leveling!

I did my first Besieged in forever. I had just arrived back in Whitegate from Mount Z on Black Mage, so I went as BLM80/WHM40 and skilled my not quite capped Elemental/Enfeebling/Dark magic skills.
I got a few levels of Elemental nuking the crap out of some Hydra HNM with an unspellable name, but not much else.

Being able to Haste people as Black Mage could bring back /WHM to a number of situations. Duoing with a NIN or /NIN mainly.
I got a little over 1,000 EXP for a few minutes work. Not bad, I may go to Besieged more often in the future. It's like Campaign except you don't stand around doing nothing because a THF or RDM is "soloing" (read: boring to death) one of the trash mobs for 45 minutes.

iPunch™: Frozen Edition

I logged back in just in time to join an LS merit party. Or post-75 leveling party. (What are we calling them?)

You youngsters may not remember it, but us old folks used to walk uphill knee deep in snow both ways to get our EXPz back before ToAU. Well, one way when you were a Black Mage (or insane fucking Dragoon) soloing King Buffalo. Thankfully, we weren't going to merit...EXP...TP Burn....whatever...on AoE Plague (TP reducing) spamming Buffalo. No, Square-Enix added some new Ahriman mobs all the way up the top of Ule. Range by Jormy.
They are pretty decent EXP fodder. They have ~6,000 HP. With two Bards any decent DD can tear them apart. The biggest problem is the AoE Sleeps and Binds. If one gets obnoxious you can lose your chain pretty easily. The worst such occurance had nearly everyone slept for about five minutes. We'd wake up and Sleepga would land again. Yes, I spammed /slap.

They're casters, of course. Most of the spells are single target, elemental debuffs, or other stupid shit though, so that makes them super easy with Elegy and/or Hojo on them. TP moves tend toward annoying or irrelevant (Arrow Shield) than threatening. They have Eyes on Me which does ~600HP damage unresisted. It's magic damage though, so it won't interrupt casting. The only physical one is Blindeye which with its long charge time and being single hit I think only landed twice.

As far as money drops from EXPing goes, I ended up with a buttload of Dark Crystals, some Ahriman Wings, and lots of Ahriman Lens. The latter of which provide materials for Prism Powders better than the non-EX ones. It's kind of meh from a making gil while leveling perspective.

The EXP rolled in though, and I got more than halfway to 78 from 200 EXP into 76.
Which is quite a lot of EXP. Something around 70K EXP. I had a bit of a headache by the end of it.
I played around with my new H2H WS, of course. Tornado Kick looks pretty cool. But it's kind of Dragon Kick 2.0. It does shit damage without Footwork. This was my highest one of the night. Asuran Fists was doing ~550 on average.

I also found a fun bug where I start to use Tornado Kick with 301 skill, swap out my Faith Torque to have under 300 skill, and Tornado Kick doesn't go through. Of course there's still the bug with the WS not showing up in the WS list until unequipping and putting back on my weapon.

So that was my evening. I made a nice big dent into 80 Monk. Combined with what I've read about Perfect Counter at 79 (it's like Seigan Third Eye Counters for 1-3 hits) I'm looking forward to dinging into 80.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Da! da! da! daa! da! daa! da! da!!

WHM/NIN tanking pre-nerfed with RDM/NIN?

I'm curious...

I was listening to the latest Limit Break Radio episode and they brought up Divine Benison. Which "Quickens spellcasting for status ailment recovery magic. Grants a bonus to enmity reduction." Kaeko pointed out that 'RDM's replacement' would likely be White Mage. Notably, because Yagrush -na spells give crazy hate. But, if AoE -nas don't provide much hate because of Divine Benison, then WHM/NIN has...barspells for VE and Cures for CE? Which would put it in the same boat as RDM/NIN I think.

I have yet to see much in the way of noteworthy testing of just about anything in Job specific forums on KI or Alla, and haven't been able to read through all the BG threads, so I can't confirm what Enmity effects Divine Benison has. But seeing SE preemptively nerf yet another not-PLD-tank would seem to indicate they know their game fairly well, and really do like making us play it the way they like.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Update Thoughts...

It's no secret what I've been doing since the Version Update arrived: Leveling Black Mage. So, I haven't ventured into the mass death and sufferring that is Walk of Echoes/Abyssea yet. But there's a few things I've noticed I wanted to comment on...


Somehow, Square-Enix made Aquaveil worth casting on purpose. Before it could be OKish if you are meleeing something weak as a black/red/white mage. Now it seems to act like casting interruption shadows. So having your Stoneskin broken either by a Double Attack and/or critical hit while you're getting off a Sleep won't interrupt you with it up. This ties in with the next thing...

Mana Wall

Wow. This was quite surprising. Black Mage 76 gets a 2:1 damage to MP conversion ability. Pull hate on your Magic Burst? If you've got 700MP, Blink, 350HP Stoneskin, and Aquaveil up you can take a fuckton of damage before dying. 700MP will allow Mana Wall to absorb 1400 damage. And that's calculated after any damage reduction gear you have on. Slap on your Earth/Terra's, Jelly Ring, and what have you will boost it further.


Like kited fights? No? Me neither. But with Libra having a Scholar around will provide a hate list with percentages to everyone in the party/alliance. So you don't need to /assist {bt} to find out who's first to be eaten. And it's only got a 1 minute recast, so you can pretty much spam it.


I know there was something else I wanted to mention, but I can't remember what it was at the moment. I'll update this later if I remember it.

Update: Red Mage Tanking

I wasn't too surprised to see this in the update notes. It's pretty lame that SE is taking away RDM's tanking fun, but also good for RDMs using those same abilities for their intended purposes.

I feel like a Dark Knight!

I finally have 276 base Dark Magic skill!

Yeah, I'm bored. I soloed more Aura Statues most of the evening.
Then two parties decided to camp on top of me, so Retraced myself. Three Hawkeye IV's got me a nice 1.2K EXP. I tried going to Cointeaches in Xarc [S], but those were taken.

I'm ~22,000/46,000 to 80 now. I got Sanction Refresh and went to Mount Z to log for the night. The server was fucking packed as shit.
I'll hopefully Level Sync with whoever's there tomorrow. Or go to the west island and chain Wamoura Princes.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Quit camping on top of me you gimp mother&@%&ers...

I find a spot on Mount Z that's not occupied by one or more Black Mages. Things are going OK. I'm getting my Chain #3 and #4 on with some overgrown roaches. I'd do Puddings, but they're always taken.

And that's when some Elvaan wearing terrible gear decides that I sure would love to have his retarded ass camp on top of me. I mean as amusing as it is to see mobs being soloed by a Black Mage use TP moves, and the possibility of watching somebody eat dirt in a remarkably stupid manner can be entertaining: It's fucking annoying.

There's three mobs at most of the better Wamoura Prince solo areas. Enough to chain, not so many that they're linking constantly. Are people so awful at chaining that they think I shouldn't mind them? Is there some way for these gimp idiots to not think they're being assfaced cunt creatures?

I wouldn't even mind if they dropped in at a spot that supports multiple people. The Pudding camp is a good example. You can have several BLMs all soloing there without issue. The west island is the same for Princes. There's four or five spots there. Or one if people are -ga manaburning.

/rant off

Anyway, I plan to have a post with a bit of what I've been up to since the update soon. It mostly involves me nuking things until such a time as they are dead by myself as Black Mage.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I really like resting MP for no reason.

I really like it when I spend two or three fucking minutes /healing MP back. Get up. Nuke a mob several times. Am about to finish it off with a final nuke, and it goes unclaimed and depops before my fucking spell goes off.



What in the flying fuck? Why the fuck do mobs have to depop in three fucking seconds anyway? I'm right fucking next to it. I couldn't lose a mob that fast IF I FUCKING TRIED.



Update Day!

So the Version Update arrived at last and we can now level to 80. Black Mage was winning the poll, so I went with that as my first job to take to 80. After that, I want to do either Scholar or Monk.

I capped BLM EXP at the Pudding Camp on Sunday night as I was down 1.5K EXP.

I turned off the Others' Damage filter for e-peen reasons. After re-capping, I was good to go.

The update downloaded on my PC in less than an hour. On PS2 I gave up. Seriously, I spent like half an hour clicking the "Please fucking download this shit" button to no avail. After the first maintenance extension I decided, "Screw it," and went out for a bit. I got back to see the servers still weren't back up.
Believe it or not, being 311 is still one of the first people back on. This update was big.

I knew from reading the forums like they dispensed crack rocks and I was a person who smoked crack rocks that I needed 5 Kindred's Seals and 3 Merit Points. Which is fairly close to what I'd thought we might need. I only had two, so I ran my ass to Port Jeuno. And the game froze. Well, only momentarily. A cutscene was loading.
That finally ended though, I got 3 KS out of storage, and I ran back to the Nomad Moogle.
The fucker takes your three Merit Points without really telling you. Granted, I didn't really read what he was saying, but still...fuck him. Anyway, I was now all Limit Broken. Again. And can ding into Level 80. I'd just need some EXP first.

How much?


Seriously...who decided that 44K+ EXP per level continuing on would be a good idea? That's a fuckton of EXP.
Getting the 1 EXP to get 76 though, was pretty easy.

I remember finding that top of the hill camp in Caedarva Mire back when ToAU launched and everyone with BLM leveled was looking for solo camps. It's the one with a bunch of VT Spongilla Flies nearby and there's a path in the back that leads to black sheep and the Nightmare Gloves sheep NM. Killing a crappy Easy Prey fly in Pashhow [S] to get 76 was sort of symbolic...or something...as continuing my BLM's growth.

I moved to the Konschstat zoneline, or where it would be, and soloed LOTS of Virulent Peistes. I killed lots of them back when WotG launched. Peiste Skins were worth a lot then, and Sprinter's Shoes cost a massive 980 Allied Notes, and where the hell would you get that from?
The difference a little time makes, right? I popped an Allied Ring charge, and got a good ways towards 77.

I got bored enough to leave and decided to try and find either where the Tier V spells drop from and/or something less retarded to EXP off of.
I didn't find anything. Mount Z. is crowded looking as shit from /search. I'd like to find some T-IT BST pets or SMN elementals to one-shot, but haven't been able to. Hopefully, but I doubt it, things settle down a little pre-noon Eastern time and I can get some Mount Z. soloing time in. There's a western island camp I like to solo on.

I ended up in Xarc [S] killing some Cointeach mobs. Basically, I'd pull them with Burst II, Stun or Bind them depending on what they cast, Thunder IV them, and Thunder III them for the kill. Then a bunch of people showed up there and camped on top of me, so I warped.
And I got ~50% of the way to 77.

So that's my Version Update Day. Anyone have a similar EXP related odyssey? Or take off and do the WotG Quests?

Monday, June 21, 2010

I heard you liked Zeni Collecting

Yo dawg, I heard you like Zeni Collecting so I put some Zeni Collecting in your Abyssea so now you can Zeni Collect...yeah, it kind of falls apart there.

Looking through the new items list it looks one whole fuck of a lot like there's a new Soultrapper thingy along with pop items and trophies. Did Square-Enix take the hint that everyone hates getting Zeni and make Abyssea NMs based around it?

Scholar: Still Shit for Merit Parties.

Fucking lame. Seriously fucking lame.

The first is nice. Aquaveil doing something sure would be handy.

The second means RDM/NIN is no longer a tank. NIN/RDM isn't either (shockingly). Paladins can still Phalanx themselves and no longer have any reason to sub Red Mage. NIN/DRK got partially, or mostly, nerfed. Basically, other than DD tanking Paladin is the only tank in the game now. You might point out that I have no idea what "adjusted the enmity" means, but there's no way for this to make Samurai more awesome, so it's making Paladin more awesome.

So I guess we may just learn those new WS? Hopefully, those won't suck.
The first is puzzling. So's the second. What the fuck does either mean? Are Faith Baghnacks (sp? :-P) fucked? Posting the English Update Notes in English sure would be handy, wouldn't it?
Yay? I haven't bothered to really work on a Magian Weapon. I don't know that cutting the trials to 25% the number of kills required would get me to consider changing that.
So KS99s are uncapped? Nice, I guess.

The second meaning Attack+%, Defense+%, Accuracy+%, etc?
So STAT+6 Rings and STAT+3 Earrings?

I've gotta say not seeing any .DAT mining results yet that I'm not very pleased.

What to 80 first?

I originally leveled jobs to 75 in this order:
Black Mage -> Summoner -> Ninja -> Monk -> Scholar (before it was cool) -> Puppetmaster (still isn't cool)

I'm not sure what I want to take to 80 first though. I'm thinking:
Scholar -> Monk -> Black Mage -> Ninja -> Puppetmaster -> done!
I'm not inclined to bother with Summoner. I'll probably go back to leveling /WAR to 49.

Suggestions? I could do the "get 76 on everything" to start as I'm less than 1k EXP down from 43,999 on all six jobs. I'll put a poll on the side.

So what stupid crap is Square-Enix going to make us do for 76?

So, I logged in tonight to see if we were doing Limbus or something, but nobody was in LS. So much for that. I logged out and played Mass Effect 2 for a while. It's a pretty awesome series, pick them up cheap on Steam or Gamestop or wherever. Very fun games.

I logged back in to FFXI again afterwards to get my characters strategically located for the update tomorrow. That is to say, they're by the Auction House. :-P

While I was doing that the now rejuvenated LS discussed topics such as how I think I hate Tom Cruise with Down Syndrome from thosee insurance ads more than "Flo"/Cavemen/Geckos from other insurance ads. We also talked about something we'll probably know by the time most people are reading this: What the hell is Square-Enix going to make us do for 76?

My guesses are Maat will want a KS99 orb or the limit break Moogle will want some Merit Points.

Jacinda believes we'll see an elaborate quest line involving Odin, Shantotto, pie, and...really if it has pie I think we can forgive it being convoluted and requiring multiple waits until after JP midnight, right?

There were other theories that it'll have to require some item that's made from Synergy. Because, you know, everything has to involve Synergy. (Assuming SE doesn't make failed Synergy attempts lose the materials I should probably get around to leveling that.)

Anyone have any pre-POL notes/.DAT digging predictions he or she would like to share?

Post 800!

I forgot to make some note of it, but The Pie Blog™ actually has over 800 posts on it now. Which is sort of landmark in that it can't go downhill any further! Yay!

What's the traditional gift for an 800th post-versary? I'm not sure if anyone's come up with it yet, so I'm going to say IKEA fiberboard. So give someone you love a little shelf held together with strange composite wooden plugs and help celebrate!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I hate THF + first 'Voke.

Anyone know how to change Blogger back to the Olde Tymey editor? This new one sucks. (And when did MS make a second fixed width font?)

Anyway, as the title would suggest I really dislike the first Provoke thing. It's done wrong at least 75% of the time. The THF is always /NIN anyway, so they could just use SA on their own and not annoy everyone.

My last two parties as Warrior have been good examples of the first Provoke problem.

The first, we had a Paladin, no Bard/Corsair, and both the THF and the PLD were slow as shit to line up and get SATA going. We're talking the mob's half dead by the time they get around to it. And we're killing slow as fuck. I'll spare the other party members the embarrassment of a screenshot.

The second, was the rare ocassion that first 'voke worked OK.
We had all /NIN DDs two WARs using Polearm and a SAM using Polearm. The THF lined up fast and the NIN would use Provoke right after SATA. Double Thrust -> Vipe Bite makes Distortion and would nearly kill the birds when we had TP.
And best yet, I wasn't the first 'voke.

"I'm out of shihe--"

Trades the guy a bag of shihei.

And I hit 43! Which means /WAR is ready for tomorrow and the next update. If Square-Enix fixes Guard, then with Perfect Counter MNK/WAR may be non-suicidal.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Ferry™

Where the only thing interesting that could possibly happen is sex or a pirate attack.

New Job Abilities, New Job Traits, and New Spells, Oh My!

This is one of those things where I wonder if I could put "new" in front to modify all three nouns or need to apply it to each? English, ambiguous, etc. Anyway...

Square-Enix announced some Job Adjustment/Level Cap Increase details today. So, let's take a look at them:

The Warrior one seems to tie in with new Job Trait. The Monk one could be pretty nice.

Now, for the new Job Traits:

  • Some damage boosting ones for DDs.
  • Some defensive ones for tanks/pullers.
  • Some strange TP bonus one on Parrying/Guard which are fucking worthless unless Square-Enix makes Parrying/Guard skill up at a reasonable rate.
OK, but nothing too amazing here, really. I'm still hoping Scholar gets Raise III, Reraise III, Regen III, etc. Maybe at a later date?

Now for the new spells:

Pretty underwhelming, but kind of expected.

I wasn't expecting Thunder V this update, so I'm not let down in that regard. Water V might be OK for Wyrm/Tiamat or something?

The BRD songs are meh.

Aisha: Ichi is probably the spell that looks to be combined Sneak+Invis. Wikipedia tells me it's the name of Muhummed's most awesome wife. Or something. I have no idea how that's supposed to be related.

The "more jobs able to learn existing spells" seems pretty pointless other than PLD getting Phalanx (possibly). Maybe PLDs would go with /BLM or /DRK now? My PLD is level 1, so I'm not sure what the full implications will be.

That's it?

So that's the Job Adjustments announcement. I'm not sure how, but Square-Enix is managing to make me less excited about the June Update the more I hear about it. Maybe it's just I was thinking more of 75->99 which will be end up being a lot more than 75->80?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What have I been up to?

No, I'm asking, what have I been up to? I'll check the Screenshot folder because I kind of don't remember. (Don't ask.)I stood around Bastok Markets [S] and got an East Ronfaure [S] party invite. It was at I-10, I think according to the /tell. I went to that behind the wall camp at that coordinate, and see that nobody is there.


So, I wander around some more and find out it's at the Processionaires Boyhada Tree Camp of East Ronfaure [S]. The freaking hill with a Ladybug pop right on top of it.

I burned through two Emperor Ring charges though and quickly went from barely 38 to nearly 41. So my /WAR is now "done" for the update although I'm going to continue leveling it to 49 to be done with it for good.

Zeni, Again?

I did some more ZNMs, too.We did two of these stupid Mamool Ja NMs. I kind of hate kited fights in general they tend to be pretty drawn out.

I got some nice gloves though, so I can't complain. I think we've got ~5 Tinnin sets now, so hopefully we'll get some Enkidu Harnesses and whatnot.It's kind of a Scorpion Harness/Hauby hybrid. Pretty nice.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You only need Wings of the Goddess Mission 3?

Square-Enix gave us a thoroughly unexciting announcement today. Like Ringthree pointed out about the "OMG u can has 76!?!" blurb if you would find out about this at all you already knew about it since Vanafest 2010.

The only remotely surprising thing is that it's apparently some sort of tiered Campaign Battle system in Walk of Echoes? And it "solves" the problem of scheduling/claiming Limbus/Dynamis/Einherjar areas by...ignoring it entirely?

Then, of course, there's this:

I haven't been reading any FFXI forum enough lately (read: BG) to see assholes bragging about how their bots and hacks are better than other people's ones specifically with regards to casting lots. But if the people I see doing Campaign who consistently will lot over 900 on any item worth more than 2k gil are an indication the fucking things exist. If you've spent a few hours doing Campaign to get your Medal back for the eighth time you've seen it too.

So just as a Ridill or Defending Ring is the Botter's Badge of Honor whatever crap comes out of Walk of Echoes will be the same. Cool, I was worried there might be some content worth doing in Walk of Echoes.

Possible Funny Unintended Consequence?

How much do you want to bet HNMLSes will be Astral Burning mules to fill the 64 character Battlefield limits to cockblock people?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

It all started out as a normal evening. I was going to go hangout at the Northern Cliffs of Qufim Island and fish.
Evilpaul is a damn sexy fisherman. *cough*
Things had seemed normal enough, and then the next think I know this has happened!A Moogle appeared and then vanished in the middle of Lower Jeuno. I find myself as a hilariously gimp 38 Warrior wielding a cheapo Polearm. And then, I warn you to not underestimate the horror of what followed!I found myself in Moblin Maze Mongers! Heavens forgive me!!!

The next thing I know I'll be leveling Blue Mage and thinking Chocobo Racing is awesome.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Update

In my continuing theme of plagiarizing titles, I've decided to steal one that relates to the content of this post!

Subjob Leveling!

I was in Yuhtunga Jungle stabbing things as Dancer some more. I finally hit 49 and can retire it.I'll do Campaign Ops to get it to 50 so I can do the DNC AF Quests.

I also got started on Warrior. I'm planning to level that almost entirely in East Ronfaure [S] parties. Of course that brings up the question: What type of weapon to use? Birds are weak to piercing damage and Warrior has decent Polearm skill. Also, the level appropriate Great Axe is expensive and I'm a cheap bastard.Unfortunately, due to my Samurai and Dragoon both being level 1, my Polearm skill was 0. I headed out to Qufim Island as WAR/DNC to do some Fields of Valor and skill up.And thanks to the Mog Tablet Martial Master thingy it went up pretty quickly!By the time I hit 38 it was up to 95/109 skill. I've got a Peacock Charm and some other Accuracy gear most people probably don't have, so I won't feel too bad skilling up most/all of the rest of the way to 109 in a party.

Fuckin' Weirdos

Cerberus has some pretty strange people on it. And by strange I mean moderately annoying/retarded. Is it really that difficult to understand the "don't skill up/farm/hog mobs where people level"? It's great that you want to cap your Parrying or Guard by having 45 mobs pound the fuck out of you. There's plenty of dungeon areas where you can do that and be the only person in a zone. The Jungles, Deserts, etc aren't one of them.

Ugh. Anyway...

Zeni Time!

We did some Tier 1 and 2 Mamool ZNMs on Saturday night. First was the Puk.Apparently the Garuda enhancing hat dropped on the one before I logged on to FFXI. I'd kind of like one despite the fact I haven't played Summoner in a year or more. So I'll just have to live with my extra inventory slot. :-p

I got a D2 a bit prematurely before the trophy item dropped to me. Thankfully, my Olduum Ring got me back in time.Next up was Iriz Irma or however you spell the Marid ZNM.Yes, somehow my Modus Veritas "missed." I guess I waved my arms wrong or something.We did a bunch of those and then went to the undersea ruins to do Armed Gears.That NM takes forever to kill. It was after midnight, so I did a suicidal 2hr towards the end.I only got off a Blizzard IV and Thunder IV before it killed me. I got back up and threw off another Tier III and went to go /heal in the corner.

Armed Gears died shortly thereafter, and full drops!And who's Samurai got a new stabby thing?Epic/Sisen's! We called it a night at that point.

It was then a heinous diabolical event took place.Davik "stole" my Lightning Crystal!!! That bastard!

Not to worry though, we've got two more pops for Armed Gears.

And that was my weekend. I think there's Limbus in a bit, so maybe I'll get an AF+1 item or something from that.