Saturday, December 31, 2011

Much Better.

I saw a /shout for the Limit Break quest again today on GW. This time I was already logged in and able to join it.
We had four tails and three BLMs nuke the little bastard down.
After talking to the Moogle again and a little running around I can now finally level to 99!
The only WSes that I'm interested in of the new merit ones are the H2H one (Shijin Spiral) and, when I get RNG leveled up, Last Stand which is apparently the best physical ranged WS.

So I can now do a shitton of leveling and merit point spending.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

That didn't go too well.

So I joined a /shout group to do the final Limit Break quest. We gathered at the BCNM entrance.
And went in. We were going for an Alexander Perfect Defense zerg. Not having Alexander myself, I went Neenja.
Things didn't go so well. That little fucker hits like a truck. It is kind of amusing to be murdered by a backflipping Tarutaru, but less than you'd think.
So we wiped. The full-on zerg with no healer thing relies on Perfect Defense and doesn't work so well when the Summoner doesn't have Alexander. Ugh.

But we regrouped and tried again. This time we had a Summoner with Alex, but no Seasoning Stone so he couldn't flag the quest.
We took care of the stone issue and went back.

0/2. In retrospect I probably should have requested the SMN Hastega us as the SAM/WAR/whatever and I weren't Hundred Fisting the NPC, but I'm not sure it would have made a real difference.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Level 95...and Beyond!

So I'm able to play FFXI again thanks to my videocard replacement gift on X-Mas. I got a Geforce 550 GTX Ti to replace the 240 GT that died. It's got about 4x the compute speed and more than 50% more memory bandwidth, so it's a nice improvement. Also, fuck PNY. They didn't honor the rebate for the old card because the receipt and UPC were "Invalid" (bullfuckingshit) and due to them having the UPC and receipt didn't honor their warranty either. So fuck them in their asses.

Anyway, I've been running around attempting to get the latest Limit Break quest finished.
I farmed two of the Ex items and the two Rare ones earlier. It was a rare reason to actually go to Dangruf Wadi and Raunguemontonotnont Pass.

I've since found out you don't really need the enfeebling item, but got this out of a box and will take a free million gil.
w00t! So there's that. Also, if you're on Cerberus you should really buy a Grapevine Cape. (I'm completely impartial.)

I also did 2/3 of my Trial of the Auction House trials and bought a bunch of Avatarites for the trials. I still need Ramutites for my Thunder Pot staff, but not being able to equip the result yet anyway, and the stuff costing 1.5mil to buy have decided to hold off on the time being.

Also since being back I saw this.
Which is apparently a WoW-like Trial Account. So they have those now apparently. I should try to get an IRL friend to give the game a quick run through. Most of the stuff is uncapped now, so I should be able to help get him through most of the content.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I aplogize for not writing anything here lately. I assure you it's not dead. It's not you, it's me. There's three things going on.

First, this is mostly a FFXI-centric  blog and my graphics card was apparently murdered by Dolphin-emulated The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. If I try to do any 3D intensive app it immediately crashes and I get all sorts of amazing graphical corruption in Windows 7 Aero until I shutdown and restart. If you didn't understand that, suffice it to say I can't play FFXI, so I don't want to write blog entries about, "Hey I got some loot like a month and a half ago, or something."

Second, I've been looking for a job. "And in this global economic crisis" is practically a dead horse punch-line at this point and I'm terrible at job interviews, so that's time-intensive and incredibly unproductive. Apply one hundred times, get five responses, one interview, and no job. Repeat. It's somewhat disheartening.

Third, I decided to try writing and getting paid for it. Which won't mean the death of The Pie Blog™ because, seriously, nobody would pay to read this nonsense. But I've applied for and been accepted as a potential author on a popular comedy, list-based feature column website type thing that pays pretty well in lieu of finding a full-time gig and could be supplemental income regardless. In the case that they publish something I write I'll link to it from here. (You enjoy dick jokes, right?)

To make this somewhat FFXI-related, I'm looking forward to (hopefully) farm the stuff needed for the level 96 Limit Break and do that fight if anybody is still doing it on X-Mas (when I have a replacement GPU). Then I'll get my 95 NIN, MNK, PUP, BLM, SCH, SMN, and 71 RNG to 99!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So I finally splurged for Comet and Thunder V today and had a little fun on BLM.
So that leaves only Breakga as my new spell I haven't acquired. 3.5mil down the drain, but I have plenty of gil and not much to spend it on anyway.

I, of course, tested them out using WormMark2011:

It only did ~50 more than Thunder V which is a bit disappointing as I've got a +3 Dark elemental staff.

I just finished up some KI farming in Aby-Attowha and forgot to see how it is inside. Blizzaja was wrecking the shit out of worms and quite satisfying. Sadly, I forgot to take some pictures.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


My cheap bastard agenda proceeds with haste!

Also, I leveled Synergy from 30 -> 58 for some reason yesterday.

Friday, September 30, 2011

The End of an Era

Out with the old...
In with the new...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where the fuck are the new scrolls from?

That's a rhetorical question.
The real question is: Why the fuck doesn't a fucking NPC sell the fucking things?

Why the fuck aren't the new Automaton Attachments (from the last update months ago) synthable (or Synergy because that has to be involved in fucking everything) or sold by fucking NPCs?

I'd be leveling Black Mage right now, but ~3 INT and some shitty Job Ability aren't huge motivation. A bunch of new fucking spells? Yeah, that would do it. But fuck if I'd be able to get the fucking scrolls.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You don't have the game's source code....

...So kindly shut your sychophantic ass the fuck up.
God I hate the Official Forums.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Epic Like Time! Also, I got a Subligar and know how to use it!

First, you may have heard of Guildworks. It's like Facebook except filled with people you don't know who play your MMORPG instead of people you don't talk to from High School.
We can all agree that YarnBall is rad though.

Also, I hung onto the Carabosse Subligar.
And now I terrorize Jeuno in it. I like to think I'm becoming more mature with age. ;-)

I'll finally get around to covering Aby-La Theine farming tomorrow. I probably won't bother doing Konschstat because that zone is...Club, Staff, and 1h BST Axe or some crap?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Dear Square-Enix,

This is not news.


P.S. Nobody cares about Adventuring Fellows.

P.P.S. Where's our MMM update news?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tackling Tahrongi

So a while back I said I was going to go over the various Abyssea zones and Empy farming in them. Today, I'll write a bit about Aby-Tahrongi which is by far the most annoying to farm and home to the two most feared (because they're misunderstood) NMs, Glavoid and Chloris.

Glavoid Path

So, let's tackle the nefarious worm first. To make the KI farming chain easier to understand, check halfway down the wiki page.

Regular cockatrice, coeurls, manticores, and efts drop the first tier items randomly.

For tier 2... Abas is a joke of an eft that 100% drops the next tier. Tefenet is a coeurl with a cool Death gaze move (you'll want to turn for it).

Tier 3 are 10-15 minute repop mobs that roam the zone Minhocao (standard Sandworm type mob) and Adze (a terrible, gnat with all sorts of enstatus stuff) and two force popped mobs, Alectryon, a standard cockatrice (eft+cockatrice items to pop) and, Muscaliet, a pretty standard Manticore. Proc red on all of these things and you've got a popset.

Meet Glavoid:
For Glavoid'll want some death-proofing. I'm not entirely sure how the Gorge/Disgorge TP moves work, but they sort of do 3000-9000 damage. This makes survivability an issue. Migawari will negate the damage entirely if it's up, but it has a one minute duration with a two minute recast. With capped Haste gear, the white magic Haste spell, and one or two March songs you've got a Ninja with 50% Haste. So Migawari can be up for all but ~3 seconds every two minutes.

So if you can get a setup of NIN/DNC, NIN/WAR, WHM, BRD you're good to go.

For the NINs: For whatever reason Glavoid despite being earth/dark based is susceptible to Stun and Violent Flourish. This makes its -ga3's fairly easy to stop. Slowga casts pretty quickly (and overwrites Haste), so Healing Waltz -> Ni is probably easier than trying to stun it. When its casting is also when you will want to WS as it absorbs physical damage when it TPs which can be hard to predict. Try to turn when its TPing (and for about half the moves, recast shadows), but if you've got Atma of the Apocalypse set you'll probably keep hitting it for a while anyway. Also, if you've got capped Evasion this is one blind ass worm and it misses about half the time in TP gear.

For the WHMs: Erase slow and reapply Haste and keep the NINs topped off. If you're /BLM you can try to stun -ga3's, I guess. It's fairly straightforward.

For the BRD: Keep Marches up. That's really all you need to do.

For the BLMs: Don't nuke it. Seriously, you'll heal it constantly. AFK and make all our lives easier.

If you've got a decent setup Glavoid is very overblown difficulty-wise. People treat it like Rani when all they have in common is that both can absorb damage sometimes.

Chloris Path

Finally, on to the legendary plant monster with an AoE Doom TP move!

Spoilers: It's also pretty easy.

P.S. Bring a few stacks of Holy Water if you're going to stand next to it.

Popping Chloris is the hardest part of farming Chloris. Seriously, scroll halfway down and look. The Tier 1s are all random dropped things and easy enough (if tedious) to farm.

The Tier 2s, Cannered Noz excepted, are straightforward kills with 100% pop item drops. Cannered Noz is a corpselight NM that spams a breath damage TP move and gets access to Blizzaga IV and Death as it reraises over and over and over and over. It's pretty annoying.

Tier 3s have Chukwa which is a 10-15 minute repop Adamantoise NM. He's not hard, but if there's competition to claim it can be annoying. Ophanim is your standard Hecteyes NM with a petrify gaze move. Treble Noctules is a bat that has a bunch of TP moves that I don't think any other bat in the game uses. Not at all threatening, but strange. Hedetet is really the only one likely to kill anyone as it has a Throat Stab type TP move which is lethal during Mighty Strikes. Proc red on all four and you've got a Chloris popset.

Meet Chloris:
She's a pink Mandragora who single-handedly supports the Holy Water market. She's also half-blind, so keeping shadows up isn't too difficult. Not that the ~80 damage hits are particularly life-threatening.

Aside from your support not standing near it and your tanks having Holy Waters (two or more stacks for faster spamming after Fatal Scream) there's not much to say. The best setup I've done it with was Innin tanking as NIN/DNC with a Ukon WAR/SAM using Retaliation and letting Chloris wreck itself when it uses Hundred Fists. WHM cures people. Everyone else stands back and watches. The pink terror dies in a few minutes. Fatal Scream's Doom usually wears off with two or three Holy Waters, but having two people tanking is a nice backup.

By far the hardest part to killing Chloris is getting a popset for Chloris.


So that's Tahrongi Empy farming. Very time-consuming, but not particularly challenging.

Next time: Aby-La Theine, zombies, and evil pixies!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Been kind of dead here lately...

But that's not to say I haven't been busy...
Quite happy! I know everyone has one, but w00t! :-D

Going to go out for a bit and try stabbing some stuff with it later.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Do want!

The Valoredge could use some defensive boosts, and this might be just what was needed.

Skilling up faster is (potentially) awesome. This is Square-Enix though, so I expect it'll suck.

I'm a little worried about the Cure Potency one though...I usually am near or at maximum light slots with the WHM Automaton already.

Dispel is FUCKING HUGE. Now Ice Spikes are much less likely to get me killed.

Very nice attachments. Now here's hoping they're bought with Allied Notes rather than fucking Imperial Standing (which I have less than 3k of).

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tanking, Nuking/Proc'ing, and General Strategy...

Like most people, I've been doing Abyssea ONRY, basically. Tanking stuff as Ninja mostly and as Monk on occasion, nuking/proc'ing yellow as Black Mage, and discovering stuff that's not apparent from reading the Wiki. Did you know Chloris is actually 32.4x more annoying to get a pop for than actually kill despite having a Doom TP move? Or that Glavoid is actually quite LOL? I didn't. So, I'm looking through screenshots and going to try and get something up about various NMs/fights from the point of view of tanking them, how to time your yellow procs, etc.

But it's late, so that'll hopefully go up on a not busy July 4th tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Full AF3+2...

Yes, I'm quite proud of your accomplishment.

You're one of many tens of thousands of beautiful and unique snowflakes.

Please stop lagging the shit out of Port Jeuno now.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Somebody w/ an Official Forum Account...

Evilpaul is casting Aisha: Ichi on the Giant Bee.
The Giant Bee is Attack Down.
This isn't fucking English.

Ninja Chaimail +1 says "Physical Damage: Shock Spikes effect". This incorrect, it is simply thunder elemental damage. It cannot Stun attackers.
Uzura +2
DMG:45 Delay:216
"Store TP"+15
Seems to not have the Store TP take effect if you switch to it while engaged after using a 2h weapon? I switch to a Gold Muskateer's GK swing it a few times, and switch back to Uzura +2/Kamome and swing twice for 9% TP. I swing twice next for 10% TP. 8 more attack rounds and 99% TP. What the fuck?

If somebody with an Official Forum Account could post there bitching about this broken fucktardedness that would be much appreciated.

LP Olympics

So they're doing a Let's Play Olympics thing on, and I decided to throw my hat in. Hopefully, not having entered, followed the rules, etc, won't be grounds for disqualification. Anyway...

Yes, I sort of suck ass. The LP officially begins at 1:57.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Completely forgot about Mog Bonanza!

So it turns out that Marbles are on sale for "shit I never win, but spend 40k gil on anyway" event of the year. So what would I pick should I be killed by a meteorite and could choose from beyond the grave? Read on, to find out!

Rank 1 (All five digits)
  • Gil, because money is nice.
  • Ridill, Kraken Club, Absolute Virtue drops, and Pandemonium Warden drops for the adventurers who have a time machine and can go back to the era when said items were useful.
  • Ochain, Daurdabla, and Defending Ring for the dedicated, but lazy, PLD, BRD, and miscelaneous tank.
  • 10,000 pieces from Dynamis which is basically the "Gil, except I want it from another player instead of Square-Enix" option.
  • And finally, Level 90 Relic, Empyrean, and Mythic Weapons which are all varying degrees of tedious and/or fucking expensive.
This is pretty easy to decide. Well, the first part, anyway. I'd go with one of the uber weapons. As my jobs can either use Katana or Hand-to-Hand it's between those two. I've gotten a Kannagi to the Briareus/Sobek stages (i.e. where it finally becomes Kanagi and gets Blade: Hi), so I'd go for a H2H weapon. Both H2H Mythics are good, but job exclusive. The PUP weapon being the superior of the two. Between Spharai and Verethegna it's a harder pick because the former is very strong as a tanking weapon. But given the chance to get my Monk and uber WS in Abyssea and pimp my PUP a little at the same time I've gotta go with the Empyrean.

Rank 2 (Last four digits)

Rank 2 is much less interesting.
  • Alkalurops, Twilight Mail, Black Belt, Opal Silk, and Novio Earring all fall under the category of "shit I don't have any use for" (or already possess in the case of Novio). I'm amused to not see Novia Earring listed.
  • Shadow Mantle and Shadow Ring are both nice, but not that useful to me.
  • Bonanza Kupon EA is a free AF3+2 item, basically.
  • Cat's Eye finishes the ludicriously expensive Alexandrite segment of the Mythic Weapon quest and almost certainly worth more than the Rank 1 gil prize. So a huge pile of gil, if I could find a buyer is somewhat appealing. Pandemonium Key is for those adventurers with a time machine, again.
  • Really, the only three things that I'd like from this group are Saber Shoot and Twilight Cloak. I've got Opal Silk already and Gugrusaurus is impossible to find on Cerberus. I can't catch them myself, so getting an Ebisu is effectively impossible for me. The Cloak would let me put my Yama's Staff+2 to work and do some epic dark elemental damage.

Rank 3 (Last three digits)

Ick. This category is almost entirely antiquated Salvage crap, Shadowreign stuff that's impossible to get, and really the only thing anyone should pick from here is a Roundel Earring to make their WHM awesome(r) or to sell because 9-10 mil is probably more than the gil reward.

Also, WTF? No, seriously, WTF?

Rank 4 (Last two digits)

Sea Torques, Dyna-Beauc armor, AF3+1, BB items, outdated weapons/armor, and an Odin Statue.

I guess I default to the Odin Statue for my mule option. He can hang with his pal Alexander.

Rank 5 (Last digit)

Rank 5 is the result of scraping the bottom of the barrel too hard and digging through to the dirt underneath. If you like those statue furnishings or really want to do those BCNMs they gave away vouchers for at Fan Fest back when they still did that you're in luck!

I guess I'd go with another statue.


And that's it until next time! I hope to have enriched your life by knowing what I would do in hypothetical circustances that will surely never come to pass.

Monday, June 6, 2011

MS's E3 Press Conference

So because my life is sad I'm watching this thing. About half an hour in...

Call of Duty: MW3 appears to be more of the dreadful same. Terrible shooting and being shuffled from set piece to set piece. And if you play online you'll need to level grind and can enjoy being called a "faggot" or "nigger" by fourteen year olds. Yeah, I'm not a CoD fan.

New Tombraider Is Lara 21 because Japanese people think any older and you hit menopause? Also, her breasts aren't ludicrously sized. Crystal Dynamics isn't even a Japanese developer. I'm confused. And the alternating tap the shoulder buttons quick time event from Resident Evil 4 are back...because those didn't suck 5 years ago. Also, she has Detective Vision now? Is there some reason they couldn't have made a new IP rather than reboot Tombraider for the upteenth time?

Mass Effect 3 Looks to be more Mass Effect which is OK by me. The Kinect shit looks retarded. It's faster to click a button on a thing you're already holding than it is to read a sentence.

New Xbox Dashboard so Kinect can now navigate the entire thing using voice controls? Neat, I guess. Also, people use Bing to search? You learn something new everyday.

Gears of War 3 I know Ice-T is a big videogame fan, but him playing part on stage is still slightly bizarre. I didn't care about the preceding Gears games and I don't care about this one.

Rome because flailing about like a retard for hours kicking and shit sounds fun.

Halo: Anniversary Baby's First FPS is getting an HD remake. I always thought those repeating copy/pasted alien ship rooms and obnoxious sticky grenades needed multisample antialiasing.

Forza evilpaul doesn't care about racing games.

Fable: The Journey Can we really plant a tree and watch it grow this time? So there's a kart racing segment that Kinect can control? OK. Controller's still probably better. And now it's a rail shooter controlled with Kinect? I thought it was a shitty action RPG? Which makes it double shitty because action RPGs are just shitty action games with RPG element shoehorned in.

Minecraft Still have never played it on PC.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures I've never been to Disneyland. I went to Disneyworld when I was five. There's two things about this demo I'm noticing. First, the children they have on stage, like all children, can't act for shit. The mini-games look like things Tetsuya Nomura thought too cotemptably fucking stupid for Kingdom Hearts.

Also, THERE ARE NO BLACK PEOPLE IN DISNEYLAND. Is this set in the "classic 1950s" or something? Did they include "Colored" waterfountains? Hilariously racist? I'd say so.

Kinect StarWars A rail shooter and awkward motion-based combat? Pass.

I'm going to go out now as the additional Kinect shit is boring. Yay, finger tracking! Yay, avatars that live deep in the Uncanny Valley and have great stalking potential! It's like...yes, that's a thing you can do. OK. And? It's like a toy that will have the same longlasting appeal as playing with sticks and rocks.

Also, why is the douchebag on stage wearing gigantic fucking sunglasses indoors? Is it because you need to be fucking high to enjoy this shit?

Fuck! More Kinect Sports shit. I'm out.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I hate to sound like a broken record.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Square-Enix Customer Support has a lot in common with unicorns.

In that it doesn't fucking exist.

I can't log on to Evilpaul, yet again. I'd contact their "online support", but the last time netted me a boilerplate letter that made it clear my clear and concise description of the problem wasn't read by anything bearing intelligence.

And I was zoning into Abyssea-Attohwa to finish a couple popsets and kill the NMs. Would have finished all my and most of the rest of the static's +2 heads too. Now I won't even be able to enter fucking Abyssea for a full hour after the problem magically solves itself.
Fuck you, Square-Enix. Fuck you in your incompetent asses.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Got a twofer earlier today!

Freaking sweet! Like 1/~300 on the Haste+3% boots for my PUP and I now have a BLM AF3+1 Body.

With a PUP AF3+2 body I'd have capped gear Haste on PUP. For a job that used to get put on shit like Seer's gear that's pretty mindblowing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The More You Know!

I haven't posted much lately. I have been playing FFXI a good bit, but just haven't felt inspired, I guess. So, I just wanted to mention that if ~10 year old game reviews irk you that GameSpot has your number. They reviewed the first Persona, Legend of Legaia, and Suikoden. If you aren't a crazy person, and have played all of those games, then you know the only one you would tell someone you don't hate to play would be Suikoden. It was an awesome RPG. So, guess which got the lowest rating by GameSpot? Suikoden.

So, yeah.

If you're looking for old JRPGs to play through I wouldn't put GameSpot review scores as a point in your purchasing decision.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So why the fuck can't I go to Port Bastok?

Two days in a fucking row.

I called a fucking GM yesterday. I never received a reply. I got a fucking form letter saying the GM was useless and to go to some website and something something somebody else will fix it. Well, I did that. I think. And today after I can magically log on again for some reason.

And now I can't again.




Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And they broke Port #@%ing Bastok now too?

So, if you like logging in don't go to Port Bastok apparently. Or should I check to see they've posted a warning about that now and it's all my fault?

Like eight months for a fucking Version Update and not a fucking thing works.

Fucking really, Square-Enix?

As expected, the Update Day Maintenance was extended and as a result I didn't get to login and see what's new until later in the evening. Being slightly (read: not slightly) drunk, I decided it best to just spend my stored up merit points and call it a night. Let other people figure out this Voidwatch stuff, and where the 14hMP staff is from.

So I did. On Hand-to-Hand merits. They didn't increase Evasion/Parrying/Guard/Shield beyond 4. Monk, PUP, and Ninja don't need Combat Skills other than H2H and Katana. It's only logical.
Great. So 19 merits fucking wasted. Thanks, Square-Enix!

Hmm. So what else is new? Well, there's the PUP H2H weapons with the 10TP/tick Regain.
Oh wait.

Fucking, really? The Caller's Pendant gives 2.5TP/tick to Avatars. It was really in need of a 90% reduction? Somebody had the decimal at the wrong place?

Am I being paranoid if I'm worried Sage Sundi is coming to my house and going to rape my cat and stick a banana in my car's tailpipe?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Update Day Stuff

So the update finally arrived, and I'm here to pick apart the Version Update Notes and bitch about things. Let's get started!
The potency of the "Automaton: Regain" effect granted by the hand-to-hand weapon "Burattinaios" has been adjusted.

Does Square-Enix hate FUN?! Sure, having 240%TP Regain per minute, 10% from the H2H was sort of broken, but FUCK! You could do shit like this:
And that's pretty awesome!

OK, so you can't really tell from the picture, but with RR/VV/GH set I was standing a PUP/DNC and Deploy -> Retreive to fire off an Armor Piercer for ~700 DMG twice a minute. Our tanks got exploded at 2%, so I Ventriloquy'd all the Armor Piercer hate onto myself...and couldn't find a Fanatic's Drink. But we deadified it anyway, so yeah.

What was my point in all this? It better be 5TP/tick and not some 2.5TP/tick like the Caller's Pendant (Avatar's don't need TP anyway :-P). /RAGE

Moving along....

Synergy On Sky (etc) Gear

Well, it turns out yeah, Synergy is still fucking retarded. Want to Synergize your Genbu's Kabuto to a whole new level of bucket helmet awesome? Well get your Synergy rank up to Recruit and get a Genbu's Seal. Synergize that Genbu's Seal into a Genbu's Tatter. Synergize your Genbu's Tatter+Kabuto into an augmented improved version.

Abjuration gear follows the same pattern needing a Tatter made from one of the papers from that set. Thankfully, you can use an Aquarian: Head seal to make the Tatter for your Zenith Mitts +1 or whatever.

And papers drop from Kings, which are now force popped, so maybe we'll be able to get some shiny, new, old gear without camping shit in Sky again? Depending what the augments are the stuff will probably just be situational with AF3+1s and +2s anyway.

New Synergy (UGH) Gear

The gear teased now has names and requires drops from the new Voidwalker NM things. Fazheluo Mail, Hyksos Robe, and Cuauhtli Harness. Hopefully, the battlefields are at least fun since the shit requires high level Synergy to make.

Dynamis? Anyone?

There's surprisingly no new information about Dynamis changes as far as I can tell.


So, a few interesting things (new Automaton Attachments!!), but most of the stuff is too vague to parse. Hopefully, the new Voidwatch stuff is fun and Dynamis is revived a bit.

Monday, May 2, 2011

More Shin, Sad Monk, Happy PUP, and Gold Chest Farming!

I did another Shinryu since the one I posted.
It nearly was a loss as the Brew wore off right after I killed it. And my awesome loot was a Snoll Arm. I'm pretty sure Square-Enix is fucking with me.

Sad Monk

I went to farm up the parts of a Ulhuadshi popset I was missing, and saw this.
My usual luck had people camping nearly every damned thing I went to check on. So a little bit of lulz from seeing someone using a terrible weapon (Afflictors) and a mediocre, in Abyssea, weaponskill (Asuran Fists) brought joy to my black, black heart. Afflictors were shit at level 80. They haven't improved with age. There's probably Auction House shit that's better. Those Heroes zone augmented H2H are better. Asuran Fists doesn't crit. If you don't have Ascetic's Fury, you should be working on getting it. If you can't, for some reason, then use Backhand Blow. Sooooooo bad.

Happy PUP

Later in the day, I went Gold Chest/KI farming in Aby-Tahrongi.
I think that's my personal record for Stringing Pummel. I was PUP/DNC with RR/VV/MC Atmas. After some Bat murdering we moved to Scorpions.
Which went pretty well. I got the unpronounceable Burattinaios which gives my Automaton 10TP/tick Regain.  Combined with VV and that's a crazy 240% TP per minute. Being able to Tactical Switch basically whenever the timer is up is pretty sweet. I haven't really used it for Curing Waltz III spam, but it would work for that too.

And that's pretty much what I've been up to over the past week.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Portal 2 (No Spoilers)

So I finally got around to finishing the last thing in Portal, and got the sequel Portal 2. If you haven't played the first, then you apparently don't like fun, or missed the giveaway weekend it was free on Steam and didn't get the Orange Box either.

In any case, I've gotten about halfway through it and it's a great game. The writing is again top notch. There's a number of new characters and they're all humorous in different ways. The puzzles are back too, of course, and a number of new elements have been added. There's the colored gels that have various effects on surfaces. I don't remember lasers in the original, so I'm pretty sure those are new.

Something odd I still haven't figured out is heights. I've heard of people getting motion sickness from playing first-person shooters. I have never experienced this, personall. What I've never heard of people experiencing a real-life fear of heights in a videogame, but a few times looking down from somewhere it's made me feel uneasy. So I guess expansive environments that seem realistic is a positive?
There have been a few puzzles like the one above (pic stolen from Wikipedia) that were rather exhilarating. The blue portal is a big drop, and the distance that you're launched from the orange one is pretty long.

So, yeah. I'm going to take the controversial view that Portal 2 is in fact a great game. And if you haven't picked it up yet (the $50+ asking price is steep for a sequel to a game that was free), then check Gamestop or KMart this weekend as its apparently half-off.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Down to the wire!

So, I have been working on a Yama's Staff +2 lately. I went with the Dark Potency route hoping we'll get a dark elemental Meteor/Comet down the line. The previous two staves I upgraded were Ice/Lightning and had trials that could be done on BST pets. The later trials are killshots over 150 or 250 elemental damage. Both lend themselves to -ga3ing a bunch of mobs and/or just one-shotting BST pets. The Dark staff doesn't really have this option. Sure, you could Cataclysm stuff, but mage melee sucks. So, this one took a lot longer than the rest, and I plan to write up something similar to my previous posts about it.

But the point of this post, is that I finished it earlier!
Right down to the wire!

Friday, April 22, 2011

That looks....crazy broken.

They posted some Job Adjustments for the ludicrously long awaited Version Update finally. I'm a bit surprised to see what they are. But first...

King's Quest!

To briefly comment on the changes to Ground Kings: Great! I'm pretty sure that somebody did a detailed mock-up of almost exactly the announced system several years ago and it was floating around at the '06ish Fan Fest, but better late than never. Lowering Black Belt item drops seems kind of retarded, I ended up having to buy mine for 6 million gil because the drop rate on NQ HNMs and KS99s was horrid, but otherwise it's a positive.

I'm not sure if I'll do more KS30 spam for R3 or wait for this. They should probably add BS/KS drops inside Abyssea (or however they changed them due to Genkai Quest problems).

Job Adjustments: Dark Knight

They do know about Desperate Blows merits, right?
Because this looks crazy broken. ~25% Job Ability Haste 60% of the time?


As you may know, I've got my PUP90 and enjoy murdering the shit out of things with Stringing Pummel in Abyssea. So, I was delighted to see this.
For the non-PUPs the Heat Capacitor looks like a Meditate for Automatons. Using Fire Maneuvers provides a boost to an Autos STR and makes Attack boosting fire-based Attachments like Tension Springs provide larger percent bonuses. Unfortunately, having Fire Maneuvers up also affects which WS an Auto will use, and it's not always the better one. Tactical Switch swaps TP between Master and Automaton, so I think it'll be most useful either where you can't use Fire Maneuvers with a melee/ranged frame or with the mage Auto where the Master is meleeing.

Power Cooler looks to make the WHM Automaton slightly more MP efficient. Mana Booster (also an ice-based attachment) reduces the recast time between spells, so it's generally in use already. An Automaton running out of MP is usually not an issue with ADD (Activate-Deploy-Deactivate) fully restoring MP and Deus Ex Automaton allowing ADD even when Activate isn't up. So it's nice to have, but nothing amazing. On the BLM Auto it's not desirable as those Ice capacity slots are useful for damage.

Barrage Turbine is exactly what it sounds like. It'll probably give three plus the number of Wind Maneuvers, possibly based on level, shots of Barrage. And the occasionally makes it sound like a three or five minute recast timer. I don't use the Sharpshot frame much, so I don't see this as particularly useful.

Galvanizer looks pretty nice. There's not much in the way of useful Thunder Attachments for Mage Autos. For the melee and ranged ones Target Marker and/or Stabilizer(s) are usually used to provide an Accuracy boost, so countering attacks after Barraging at the start of a fight would be pretty handy.

The new weaponskills both look good. The first being a crit WS could potentially be amazing in Abby. The second being multi-hit should outperform Armor Piercer which is single-hit.

Job Traits

These look OK.
I'm not sure how Tranquil Heart will work, but having some innate Enmity- on Cure spells can't hurt. It'll help make White Mage even more awesomely broken. For subjobs only /WHM will probably give the Tier II trait at 90. /RDM probably will at 99. Unless Scholar gets Gravity nobody will care if /SCH gives the Tier II trait..

Stalwart Soul looks to...what the fuck is a "DKN Lv.45"? Fuck.

Ranged crits just get a 25% damage bonus, unlike melee attacks, so maybe Dead Aim will have them act more like melee ones?


And there's this stuff.
The VIT change sounds good for Counterstanced Monks. Probably broken in an Emergency Maintenance awesome kind of way. (I'm calling it!) Also nice, because I like using the Atma of the Mounted Champion which gives VIT+50 soloing or when I'm not sure about having dedicated healing.

EXP loss change is something people have been bitching about for years. If you haven't read Pat's The Rise and Fall of Final Fantasy it's interesting, informative, and pretty entertaining to anyone who's a fan of (or hates, I guess) the FF series. His FF11 experience was ruined in sizeable part by the death penalty. Rhete hated much more of the game overall, but EXP loss was a part of it. Losing EXP after level 5 is kind of a steep difficulty/learning curve bump. So yeah, evilpaul approves this change.

Now if they can just add those Targeting the Captain attachments somewhere else or make them Synergy'able or something. Somebody post that on the Official Forum for me. :-P

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Needs Moar Tier III. Also, Merit Points.

So like most people I was happy to see Fusionx delved deep into the Mysterious Dungeon that are The Square-Enix Official Forums and emerged alive with news contained therein of some stuff planned for the next Version Update. Whenever the hell that's actually arriving.
Merit caps are going up! I'm not sure what I want to put mine in though...

HP or MP? I went 8/8MP previously, and don't regret it. Nobody uses Sorcerer's Ring in Abby (you can swap your yellow gear, cancel the HP buff, and swap back to nuking gear), but I've still got one. HP would be good to have for tanking stuff as Monk or Ninja, obviously. Suggestions?

Attributes is easy: More INT! It continues to be the most noticeable base stat for my jobs.

I'm curious as to whether the increased Combat Skills are going to raise the category totals? The really nice thing unique to Hand-to-Hand skill is that as it goes up so does the base DMG of bare fists. So I'll raise that as much as possible. Evasion is also an easy pick if we're allowed to raise it further.

If it's just we can cap out additional categories, then I'm basically stuck with Parrying and Guard as I'm not about to merit Club or Staff. I guess I could do Dagger as I use it on NIN and PUP a little, but meh.

Magic Skills are also easy: Ninjutsu! Sure, I could do SMN magic, but resisted Ninjutsu makes soloing/low-manning stuff more difficult and I use Ninja way more than Summoner.

Others goes without saying that it'll be more of the same. So Critical Hit Rate +1% and Spell Interrupt Down -1% more.

Crafting Changes?!

Most intriguing is Sqeenix possibly allowing an increase in the points over 60 for Crafting.
If I could get another craft to 80, then I'd definitely go with Woodworking. Tier 3'ing Shihei would be fucking awesome. I'm forced to make my own as they sell for twice the cost of materials pretty often.

I'll have to check synth recipe lists, but Alchemy would probably be the other craft I'd want to get to 100. Not because it's a huge money maker, but because in this Abyssean World we live in consumables are really the only stuff worth buying.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What I've been up to lately...

I haven't been posting much lately.

In-game I've mostly been working on getting AF3+1 seals. That's going pretty well. I've finished all six pairs of feet (they've been done a while now), finished all six pairs of pants (and plus +2'd three doing Sobek spam), and have +1'd all but one of my head pieces. I'm working on SMN as I type this.

I don't want this to be a "look at my shinies" post though, so something completely different: I've been doing Wings of the Goddess Missions! They really put some effort into the cutscenes. They're not the usual canned /emotes and dialogue. There's people flying inexplicably, throwing swords through the air and into Orcs, and all kinds of crazy. Here's a few pics I grabbed. I guess they're technically spoilers, but unless you've done WotG already they don't reveal much really.
I'm hoping to get up to and past the next battlefield/NM fight/whatever later today. If you're playing FFXI and haven't gotten around to them it's really worth it.

Also, take a look at this:
Is Square-Enix fucking with me?