Sunday, January 30, 2011

A few things I don't understand...

I've been back in FFXI for a while now, and there's a few things I don't understand about the state of the game...

Echo Drops (Or: That thing you have no need to carry if you cast spells)

 Do mages no longer need to carry Echo Drops? It's like somebody says, "Hello! I'm Bob the Mage. I'm here to cast spells!"

The MobWe'reAllHereToKillThatUsesSilence casts Silencega!

"Bob! Cast some spells!"

"I can't, I'm silenced!"

And since we're talking about Abyssea it's like a 50/50 shot that he was given a free fucking Cathlolicon, that cures Silence, when he fucking entered! It's not like these are the Elixirs and Megalixirs from FFVI or FFVII that were too awesome to ever actually use. Echo Drops cost a whopping 800 gil from the Duty Free store in Port Jeuno that everyone's AFK in to help lag the shit out of the place.

If Your Job Has Cure IV/V/VI and/or Haste You Might Need to Cast It?

I'm not crapping on White Mages. Lord knows they're useful and I sure as fuck don't want to be one. I'm not crapping on people for not keeping everyone who's punching/slashing/stabbing things in the face Hasted 24/7.

But if you join a pickup group as White Mage (or Scholar or Red Mage as a healer) then maybe cast fucking Cures? Everybody's half dead and you've got full MP? Even if you've got 20MP/tick Atma Refresh you're doing it wrong.

If you have Haste and somebody is blink tanking an NM having 15% knocked off their recast timers is sort of nice. It takes about three seconds every three minutes to do this. It also makes it a lot easier to avoid casting those Cure spells.

Or do people now invite healers to look pretty and...

Lotting Shit You Can't Use

I realize that probably the reason most people with Maat's Caps got them was because they felt tortured to their cores when some item dropped they couldn't personally use. But is it really necessary to lot every goddamned thing that drops even when you can't use half of it? Yes, we're all going to "level some job that's been 37 for five years to 90" at some indeterminate, imaginary, point in the future.

But do people no longer even feel the compunction to lie about it?

Bob defeats TheMobWeCameToKill.
You find a DRK AF3 Accessory on TheMobWeCameToKill.
You find a Flint Stone on TheMobWeCameToKill.

(DRKJimmy) Sweet DRK dropped!

DRKJimmy's lot for DRK AF3 Accessory: 426 points.
Bob's lot for DRK AF3 Accessory: 983 points.

Bob obtains DRK AF3 Accessory.

(DRKJimmy) Do you even have DRK90?
(Bob) Nope.

It's like people have no problem literally saying, "I can't use this, but I'm not going to let you use it." The only way I can think of to be a huger douchebag would be to immediately toss the thing and send the person who wanted it a URL to a screenshot.



  1. Grr, I feel you. The other day a WAR with a Maat's Cap outlotted me on the SCH neckpiece. For his SCH81. Which actually was his highest and lowest job because he had them all at 81; not a single 90...

  2. In defence of Silence - some mobs do mute... but otherwise it's indefensible.

    AFK WHM in EXP is my biggest pet hate. I have pulled in groups with 3 WHM and been killed by adds without a single cure.

    As for people lotting shit they can't use. There is a new phenomenon. Exp ALL THE JOBS to 90 in Heroes zones and then lotting everything "legitimately". You can only play one job at a time people!

    Even if you can lot it, it doesn't mean you should. Nor does the fact that you can use it mean you are not a fantastically greedy and offensive loot whore.

    That is all.

    P.S. I lost a lot on a Kamome to a level 27 NIN. It so ridiculous I wanted to punch someone in the face.