Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finally Dropped!

I had a busy day in FFXI, and I intend to post a little about it (finally killed an Abyssea Megaboss, the Orobon with the unspellable name, and two others after that!!!), but the NMs in (S) zones I've been camping on and off for months finally all put out!
Now I've got the set of rings and put my Sniper's+Toreador's Ring duo up on the Auction House. (Hopefully, somebody will buy the things. The Price History wasn't encouraging.)

I killed Hyakinthos at least thirty times and may post a string of the frequently profanity laden screenshots later if I'm feeling like it. I finally got the drop as MNK90/THF37. (i r teh gimp. ;_;)

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