Saturday, January 29, 2011

The More Things Change

I've been getting my Abyssea on lately. I mostly quit for a few months and only logged back in for the first time recently. (/wave Lisamarie) A lot about FFXI has changed since. Atma has gone from mysterious to "Gimp, why don't you have Atma of the Something Something?" with all three Lunar Abyssite.

Undoubtedly, the best way to approach Abyssea is with a few friends. If you take a party in there, pimp them out with Atma and Abyssite you can tackle damn near anything successfully. Add in that you're friends, and the give-take sort of lotting let's people get pieces finished without being greedy dicks or ninja lotting asshats.

I'm happy to report that I finished off the Abyssea zone Mega Bosses and all the flying goat men Caturae and got my Abyssite of Discernment!
I also went with the group I got the last zone clear with to (hopefully) get the Atma off Glavoid. I killed it before, tanking it as Monk, but we didn't get the Atma. This time I was there as Black Mage. Glavoid and Rani (King Flying Goat Man) have an undeserved reputation of being difficult. Undeserved, because they're not difficult they just absorb damage under some circumstances. And three out of four people can't observe those circumstances. But we proc'd red, I didn't die, Glavoid did, so I've now gotten Shinryuu access and am only missing Sedna's (also crappy) Atma.

Time for bed!

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