Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So...did they tweet anything interesting?

I'm a little puzzled as to what the next Version Update holds in store for us. Not interested enough to check my long abandoned twitter (@realevilpaul!!!! lolzzzz!!!!), but I'm wondering where the game is headed from here?

The shuffling around of people for FFXI and apparent shit-canning of everyone who touched FFXIV doesn't inspire confidence. Sure, we can guess Black Mages will eventually be able to cast Meteor and since its apparently dark elemental wish they'd upgraded different Magian staves. Will the ZOMGAWESOME Empyrean Armor +2 get a +3 version? That would make sense for some of the weapons trials. The High Kindred's Crests seem to be a response to criticism of adding the Kindred's Crest with shittacular drop rates that made people spend 8+ hours killing shit to get 5 for the Limit Break quest. I'm guessing we'll also see new BCNMs (or whatever acronym). It would be easy "new" content, so I could see them going for it.

So any news? Anything not stupid posted on twitter?


  1. They're looking at merging the AHs and letting you re-quest ToAU rings.

  2. Some hints were dropped about getting rid of the once per day rule for FoV.

    They still can't quite seem to grasp the concept of the character limit per tweet though, which I find unsettling.