Saturday, January 1, 2011

Version Update/Heroes of Abyssea Impressions

So after about a three month hiatus, I started to play FFXI again. So what's changed since then? A decent amount of stuff.

Update Thingies

With the new Mog Sack and ~400 inventory slots space problems are basically a thing of the past. Some way to swap an entire Safe/Locker/Storage with Inventory/Satchel/Sack would be quite nice though. That would make switching jobs sooooo much faster.

Salvage is officially on super duper easy mode. I still probably won't do it. The time spent on it would be better spent with the same group killing NMs in Abyssea for seals and AF3 accessories.

Scholar got even more awesome. I was partying on it yesterday and Sublimation chargest in ~2 minutes. I didn't get to play with Immanence
Stratagem: Immanence (SCH Lv.87)
Makes it possible for your next elemental magic spell to be used in a skillchain, but not a magic burst.
yet, but it looks like you could do an entertaining, if a bit pointless, self-Skillchain.
  1. Pop Immanence.
  2. Shellcrusher the mob! (Detonation)
  3. Cast Thunder!
  4. Fragmentation SC!
  5. Pop Alacrity!
  6. Cast Thunder IV!
  7. Boom goes the dynamite! Magic Burst!
I'll have to give it a try later.

Probably more useful would be setting up SCs for lowmanning Abyssean NMs. If Immanence->Aero followed by Immanence->Thunder made Fragmentation mobs being kited by a Scholar and a few Black Mages could be dropped in less time.

Heroes of Abyssea

It seems that Square-Enix either listened to feedback or happened to get a lot of things right this time compared to Scars of Abyssea. The AF3 Seals are still a pain in the ass to obtain outside of killing popped NMs, but all the seals can be obtained from low fame requirement quests. How practical is it to get 10 seals this way? Not very, but I spammed enough Scars area quests to have seals to complete a few pieces, so its doable.

The base pieces of armor can also be purchased for Cruor and Dominion Notes. This is a nice change over the needing to win lot (or not have ninja lotted out of gold chests) to get the Feet base pieces or needing to get 1,000 Resistance Credits to buy the legs which takes a ton of Resistance Ops to do. (Maybe Bastion gives the credits at a decent rate, but I've never done Bastion and don't really know how it works.)

Dominion Ops are basically Fields of Valor that you can repeat as frequently as you can kill the specified mobs. The party I was in yesterday every five Buffalo we killed I was getting ~4,200 EXP extra. And according to a friend who's been keeping up with things you can get a single AF3 Seal every Vana'diel day. I ended up getting one each of NIN, MNK, and PUP hands. Along with some other crap ones. So Abyssean EXP, if it wasn't crazy awesome enough already, now has a decent EXP/hr at the start rather than the slow ramp up. With the storable merit points increased to twenty you can stay longer as well.

So if Abyssean EXP wasn't easy enough already, Heroes made it even easier. A mediocre group that would have had trouble before can work now.


I was planning to do a picturey second half to this post detailing what I've been up to, but its running a bit long and I need to go do some stuff outside. I'll try to get that up later.

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  1. Bastion actually is a very quick way to get resistance credits. I tried it for the first time yesterday and simply by using diaga to hit all the mobs you get credit when any of them dies. I did it on my RDM in between killing nms, I imagine that as BLM you could spam ga or ja spells and quickly take out everything with manawall up before they kill you but I haven't had a chance to try it out