Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Summoner Stratagem

As I wrote before, E-vase-sive Action is pretty easy to solo/duo for a possible Raise III scroll. I decided to try it again as Summoner/Red Mage since I dinged 90 not too long ago.
It turns out it works quite well. I used two Shivas and just stood back and watched. As you can tell from the screenshot I've got far from l33t SMN gear. No meds were needed.

Crap drops, of course.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Summoner: It's not totally useless?

So I tend to rag on Summoner a lot. And the job has plenty of problems. But goddamn is Bakka a whole lot easier when you can toss a disposable Ice-immune pet at him and watch from a safe distance.
I'd been after a Goetia Chain for a while now, but always went as NIN/DNC. Violent Flourish is a pretty reliable Stun, but he can get pretty spamming with -gas and all his TP moves being AoE and shadow stripping. You, of course can't use it while you're Amnesia'd.
It's doable (bring RR), but standing back and keeping up Blink/Stoneskin is soooooo much easier. So I killed Bakka seven more times today and proc'd Blue with Full Swing on my tenth attempt.
Tada! Full Swing seems to be like the Tachi: Koki of Staff WS. Or something. The important thing is the damn neck piece finally dropped!
Yay! Now to toss like fifteen Bakka's Wings.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mega Ding?

I finally got all my jobs to level 90! Well, not "All Jobs", but Black Mage, Summoner, Ninja, Monk, Scholar, and Puppetmaster. Should I finally start working on leveling Ranger again? I've gotten a decent amount of Abyssea stuff done, so there's fewer /shouts that interest me. Maybe get Smithing and Goldsmithing from ~50 to 60? Suggestions?

Monday, February 21, 2011

First and Last

Black Mage was my first job to 75. And its my last to get around to finishing an AF3+1 piece for. I did a little bunny murdering yesterday.

Poor bunny never stood a chance. Everybody got 8/8 on at least one job which was pretty nice.
I've been to Attowha three or four times now to get the base piece. On the plus side as PUP I'm also getting Automaton skill ups. And ta-da!
But I had run out of keys, so they were lost. ;_;

Nah, I'm kidding.
I finally got them! With the added damage reduction gear I've been getting plus an enhanced Mana Wall I can probably take a decent pounding now on BLM.

And now for something completely different...

Unrelated, but I also was able to grind out the last thingy in Aby-Konschstat today.

I think I can get a new synthetic abyssite from the Heroes zone now?

Server maintenance has me bored. Meh.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well, that's a long-winded way to say, "We didn't actually change anything."

I posted on BG saying they hadn't changed shit. Turns out I was 100% correct.

Because all the cool kids are doing it...

I decided to see if I could solo red on Shinryu...
...And it turns out I can!

I had planned to try for three Blue procs (Ninja's pretty limited in Blue possibilities), but he died too fast.

I'd love to get my hands on that Cloak that teaches "Impact." Of course I'll need to go do a Dark elemental DMG+5 Magian staff. XD

Monday, February 14, 2011

So will we have the same "Kupohancements" when the servers are back up?

The "mini version update" finally arrived and we're supposed to get skill ups faster now. I'll be switching to PUP and trying to get Bougrion's Automaton Magic Skill somewhere near capped. I'm not sure if the "Martial Master" moogle thing Cerberus had going will have worn off or not yet?

I'd prefer to try and farm BLM feet in Aby-Attowha while skilling, but having TH for skill ups is also very appealing...



I'm kidding. ;-P
I finally got something to replace my Zenith Mitts for nuking on Black Mage! A MAB+2 and Enmity-3 improvement. Not bad at all.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

People don't need gil anymore? (Also: "Free" R3 for your WHM)

I was listening to episode #242 or #241 Pet Food Alpha podcast a few days ago, and the hosts mentioned that people don't really need gil anymore. Personally, having been playing less (i.e. no fishing+sushi making) I was broke and having trouble buying my new Black Magic/Ninjutsu scrolls. And doing random pickup groups killing NMs I see people scoffing at the idea of splurging to buy a 5K gil pop item. You know, we can just spend 15 minutes trying to get one to drop each kill rather than having 3-6 pops ready to go. Having leveled Ninja to 90 I'm using it a lot more and the cost of tools has gone up sharply, and I see lots of people complaining about that as well. Meds like Echo Drops seem to have become largely optional luxury items as well.

So have we entered some sort of "Post-Gil Economy"? It's true most of the new best gear is "free." But that was also sort of the case for most jobs for the past couple years. Thoughts?

Get Your Raise III Already, Dammit!

So I've run into quite a few 75+ White Mages who don't have Raise III. "OMG It's Super Expensive!!!!!111" I'm told. Well, that's true. It's 500-1,000K across servers. Of course, it's also soloable by a 75 Summoner with some MP meds. For those unfamiliar: "Summoner soloing" is code for "boring the mob (and any spectators) to death."

Which means other jobs can do it as well by level 90.

The KS30 I'm talking about is E-vase-sive Action.
I didn't say it's 100% safe.

You fight one of six elementally aligned Pot NMs. People pick the Wind Pot because there's frequent 2x Ice weather and Choke, Silence, and Gravity are not particularly threatening spells. At about 50% HP the Pot will use Chainspell. For jobs with Utsusemi the only real danger is from a -ga3 spell. The Wind Pot is susceptible to Paralyze and it proc's often.

If you wipe and RR the Pot won't use Chainspell a second time.

I've done this a bunch of times as Monk.
Of course most runs don't result in an R3 scroll, but what else are you going to do with KS? You get 24K in gil and usually at least another 20-50K in AH/NPCable stuff if all else fails.

As Monk I tried /NIN, /DNC, and /WHM. Of the three /NIN is probably the safest. Single target, Chainspell'd Tornado/Aero IV will wreck your shit. I haven't personally lost an orb yet, and it's a complete joke if I use Hundred Fists.

Puppetmasters need not be left out in the cold.
It's easily soloable on PUP too.
But what about the White Mages I initially mentioned? So let's see what White Mages have going for them:
1) Good skill with Club (a blunt weapon; Pots take extra blunt damage), and a multi-hit crit WS (Hexastrike)
2) Shell V, MDB Trait, Stoneskin, and decent magic defense
3) Paralyze (it sticks and procs pretty often), Haste, and Cure V/VI
4) Abilty to /NIN

I'd be surprised if a WHM80/NIN40 couldn't win this KS30 solo. The job that actually needs something from this is quite well suited to solo it. (I'd say Square-Enix did this on purpose, but we all know better.)

The cat's out of the bag. There's no reason to be "gimp" on your White Mage anymore. Go pummel an Air Pot and get yourself the scroll.

And in case it's somehow not clear this KS30 is even more of a joke with two or three DD/NINs duoing or trioing it. Just bring RR in case an errant -ga3 drops you.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

@FFXI_EN must be on an RP server....

Because reading the twitter question response posting, which I appreciate the FFXI dev team making don't get me wrong, I'm surprised "BUT THOU MUST!!!" hasn't appeared yet in its contents. It's all role-playingy and stuff. If an actual player wrote on Twitter, "Q: Oh, the Twilight God strike me down! Had I only known that a glorious day such as the February minor version update would come when Artifact Armor could be entrusted to Porter Moogles—the Goddess bless their gentle hearts—I never would have dreamed of casting aside my hard-won set! Will my beloved equipment be lost to me forever? *Sniff*" I have a fire he (no girls on the Internet) can go die in.

But, I was pleased to see this addressed in the latest batch of questions:
I haven't bought a Primeval Brew, but d/cing and getting kicked out when I was able to login the next day has cost me quite a few temp items. And by "quite" I mean a "whole big ole fuckton." I'll still probably keep my Brewin' for Shinryu, but it won't be a "OMG NO WAI I'LL LOSE 200K CRUOR IF I D/C" sort of decision.

So good on the "mini-update" news. Now when's the major update? And what's being added/changed/whatever? We haven't even gotten some level 95 cap increase news. Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It's not just a Blue Mage spell apparently!


Unrelated note, but I finally got around to leveling my PUP and SMN from 76.

PUP's all the way up to 90 now. It's hilariously powerful in Abyssea. Slap on RR/VV/GH and VT mobs go from 100% HP to dead or nearly so from Stringing Pummel -> Tactical Switch (steal Bougrion's TP) -> another SP.

It's also a very sillily dressed job:
(I hit the lotto and got Haste+2 feet from the Dominion trophies guy.)

Summoner is only 83 as of yet. I haven't had an opportunity to get another Heroes zone party and anywhere else the EXP is crap by comparison. I'm still not a huge fan of the job, but there's some stuff where people just want to throw pets at it, so getting it to 90 could prove useful.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Asperger's Douchebag #2576: Snowman of Cerberus

I suffered the misfortune of meeting Snowman of Cerberus the evening. I'd say all Galka are fucking retarded, but I know several people who play Galka who aren't petulant, loudmouthed, fatassed weaklings in real life.

I understand some people actually have genetic disorders. But then there are those who simply emulate them because they suck at tanking or whatever the fuck it is they were attempting (poorly) to do and feel the need to be whiney cunts with "witty" insults. Oh hey guys, I have a 'room temperature IQ' because I didn't do something I wasn't asked to do. Oh fail is me.

My only regret is I didn't run Sippoy on to the loser Galka so he could send me /cry /tells about MPKing him. You fail at tanking a fucking funguar, and I'm the "stupid" one? Key whore less, cracker, please.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Pie Blog™ Super Bowl Coverage!

A picture's worth 1000 words.
There was a lot more going on on Cerberus on Christmas Day. >.<