Thursday, February 10, 2011

@FFXI_EN must be on an RP server....

Because reading the twitter question response posting, which I appreciate the FFXI dev team making don't get me wrong, I'm surprised "BUT THOU MUST!!!" hasn't appeared yet in its contents. It's all role-playingy and stuff. If an actual player wrote on Twitter, "Q: Oh, the Twilight God strike me down! Had I only known that a glorious day such as the February minor version update would come when Artifact Armor could be entrusted to Porter Moogles—the Goddess bless their gentle hearts—I never would have dreamed of casting aside my hard-won set! Will my beloved equipment be lost to me forever? *Sniff*" I have a fire he (no girls on the Internet) can go die in.

But, I was pleased to see this addressed in the latest batch of questions:
I haven't bought a Primeval Brew, but d/cing and getting kicked out when I was able to login the next day has cost me quite a few temp items. And by "quite" I mean a "whole big ole fuckton." I'll still probably keep my Brewin' for Shinryu, but it won't be a "OMG NO WAI I'LL LOSE 200K CRUOR IF I D/C" sort of decision.

So good on the "mini-update" news. Now when's the major update? And what's being added/changed/whatever? We haven't even gotten some level 95 cap increase news. Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

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