Monday, February 21, 2011

First and Last

Black Mage was my first job to 75. And its my last to get around to finishing an AF3+1 piece for. I did a little bunny murdering yesterday.

Poor bunny never stood a chance. Everybody got 8/8 on at least one job which was pretty nice.
I've been to Attowha three or four times now to get the base piece. On the plus side as PUP I'm also getting Automaton skill ups. And ta-da!
But I had run out of keys, so they were lost. ;_;

Nah, I'm kidding.
I finally got them! With the added damage reduction gear I've been getting plus an enhanced Mana Wall I can probably take a decent pounding now on BLM.

And now for something completely different...

Unrelated, but I also was able to grind out the last thingy in Aby-Konschstat today.

I think I can get a new synthetic abyssite from the Heroes zone now?

Server maintenance has me bored. Meh.

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