Thursday, February 24, 2011

Summoner: It's not totally useless?

So I tend to rag on Summoner a lot. And the job has plenty of problems. But goddamn is Bakka a whole lot easier when you can toss a disposable Ice-immune pet at him and watch from a safe distance.
I'd been after a Goetia Chain for a while now, but always went as NIN/DNC. Violent Flourish is a pretty reliable Stun, but he can get pretty spamming with -gas and all his TP moves being AoE and shadow stripping. You, of course can't use it while you're Amnesia'd.
It's doable (bring RR), but standing back and keeping up Blink/Stoneskin is soooooo much easier. So I killed Bakka seven more times today and proc'd Blue with Full Swing on my tenth attempt.
Tada! Full Swing seems to be like the Tachi: Koki of Staff WS. Or something. The important thing is the damn neck piece finally dropped!
Yay! Now to toss like fifteen Bakka's Wings.

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  1. Grats :). I've killed him with SMN but we now just go out in a small 'proc' group to ensure we proc blue and he drops most of the time.