Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Augmented Byakko's Haidate?!

I checked earlier to see if the weekly Q&A was posted and found this linked to on the FFXI_EN twitter.
For those who, like me, can't read kanji it says Acc+1 and Damage Taken-2%. Not exactly mind-blowing to be sure, but I'd use that over NQ Shura legs. Will Abjuration stuff also be Augmentable?

How will it work though? Maybe the Kindred's Crests battlefields? They also said in the tweets that the skill level required will be relatively low. So I guess I should skill up Synergy and finish off Smithing/Goldsmithing to 60.

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  1. They announced previously that Salvage gear was going to be augmented. After that, they released this Byakko Haidate augmented. Then it's safe to assume Abjuration, Assault, Nyzul and Limbus gears will also be augmented.

    They also said it's going to be synthed through Synergy, no words on exactly which items will be used. They said it can be HQ 1, 2 and 3. Also, they said its stats will rival AF3+1, but won't beat it because of the level of the gear.
    And lastly, no negative status will be synthed, and you can re-write the augment until you get what you want.