Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Official Forums suck.

Square-Enix launched the official forums finally. And while better late than after the servers are permanently turned off, I guess, they sort of, well, suck. This is primarily due to two reasons.

The first, is the software. While most web forums use phpBB or whatever, Square-Enix decided to roll their own.
This is not informative.

They distinctly lack any information as to what the sub-forums' threads contents are. It's nice there's Job Specific forums, and slightly odd that there's no World specific ones, but what's in them? That's a lot of clicking to see threads without making an account. (I have no desire to post there.)

The second, is that the posters are idiots. I know it's shocking: I found stupid people on the Internet. But hear me out. The first thing Sqare-Enix posted was a thread saying, "Hey, maybe make your threads' titles in some way reflect the posts' contents?"

So "Awesome idea for PUP!" would be an example of a bad thread title.

"Give PUP A+ Great Katana skill!" would be an example of a good, but stupid, thread title.

And here's an example from the forum.
82.5% Retarded.

Clearly, nobody read the "READ THIS BEFORE POSTING" sticky before posting. Again, I know people not reading the FAQ/Rules/any stickies before posting isn't news, but not banning people for being retarded on your forum makes your forum kind of retarded and buried under all the stupid.

EA/Bioware got some bad press for banning a stupid (although humorous/correct) guy from their forums. Square-Enix should probably at least do a little forum cleaning. (Bans affecting accounts would be a bit severe.)

So, yeah. Sucky Official Forum is sucky.

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  1. You only have to look at the forums for games like Aion to see that official forums contain nothing but whiners and fanboys.

    No good can come of listening to either.

    Also, people that post on forums fool themselves in to thinking that just cos they are posting they are representing everyone.