Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Needs Moar Tier III. Also, Merit Points.

So like most people I was happy to see Fusionx delved deep into the Mysterious Dungeon that are The Square-Enix Official Forums and emerged alive with news contained therein of some stuff planned for the next Version Update. Whenever the hell that's actually arriving.
Merit caps are going up! I'm not sure what I want to put mine in though...

HP or MP? I went 8/8MP previously, and don't regret it. Nobody uses Sorcerer's Ring in Abby (you can swap your yellow gear, cancel the HP buff, and swap back to nuking gear), but I've still got one. HP would be good to have for tanking stuff as Monk or Ninja, obviously. Suggestions?

Attributes is easy: More INT! It continues to be the most noticeable base stat for my jobs.

I'm curious as to whether the increased Combat Skills are going to raise the category totals? The really nice thing unique to Hand-to-Hand skill is that as it goes up so does the base DMG of bare fists. So I'll raise that as much as possible. Evasion is also an easy pick if we're allowed to raise it further.

If it's just we can cap out additional categories, then I'm basically stuck with Parrying and Guard as I'm not about to merit Club or Staff. I guess I could do Dagger as I use it on NIN and PUP a little, but meh.

Magic Skills are also easy: Ninjutsu! Sure, I could do SMN magic, but resisted Ninjutsu makes soloing/low-manning stuff more difficult and I use Ninja way more than Summoner.

Others goes without saying that it'll be more of the same. So Critical Hit Rate +1% and Spell Interrupt Down -1% more.

Crafting Changes?!

Most intriguing is Sqeenix possibly allowing an increase in the points over 60 for Crafting.
If I could get another craft to 80, then I'd definitely go with Woodworking. Tier 3'ing Shihei would be fucking awesome. I'm forced to make my own as they sell for twice the cost of materials pretty often.

I'll have to check synth recipe lists, but Alchemy would probably be the other craft I'd want to get to 100. Not because it's a huge money maker, but because in this Abyssean World we live in consumables are really the only stuff worth buying.

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