Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I hate to sound like a broken record.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Square-Enix Customer Support has a lot in common with unicorns.

In that it doesn't fucking exist.

I can't log on to Evilpaul, yet again. I'd contact their "online support", but the last time netted me a boilerplate letter that made it clear my clear and concise description of the problem wasn't read by anything bearing intelligence.

And I was zoning into Abyssea-Attohwa to finish a couple popsets and kill the NMs. Would have finished all my and most of the rest of the static's +2 heads too. Now I won't even be able to enter fucking Abyssea for a full hour after the problem magically solves itself.
Fuck you, Square-Enix. Fuck you in your incompetent asses.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Got a twofer earlier today!

Freaking sweet! Like 1/~300 on the Haste+3% boots for my PUP and I now have a BLM AF3+1 Body.

With a PUP AF3+2 body I'd have capped gear Haste on PUP. For a job that used to get put on shit like Seer's gear that's pretty mindblowing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The More You Know!

I haven't posted much lately. I have been playing FFXI a good bit, but just haven't felt inspired, I guess. So, I just wanted to mention that if ~10 year old game reviews irk you that GameSpot has your number. They reviewed the first Persona, Legend of Legaia, and Suikoden. If you aren't a crazy person, and have played all of those games, then you know the only one you would tell someone you don't hate to play would be Suikoden. It was an awesome RPG. So, guess which got the lowest rating by GameSpot? Suikoden.

So, yeah.

If you're looking for old JRPGs to play through I wouldn't put GameSpot review scores as a point in your purchasing decision.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So why the fuck can't I go to Port Bastok?

Two days in a fucking row.

I called a fucking GM yesterday. I never received a reply. I got a fucking form letter saying the GM was useless and to go to some website and something something somebody else will fix it. Well, I did that. I think. And today after I can magically log on again for some reason.

And now I can't again.




Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And they broke Port #@%ing Bastok now too?

So, if you like logging in don't go to Port Bastok apparently. Or should I check POL.com to see they've posted a warning about that now and it's all my fault?

Like eight months for a fucking Version Update and not a fucking thing works.

Fucking really, Square-Enix?

As expected, the Update Day Maintenance was extended and as a result I didn't get to login and see what's new until later in the evening. Being slightly (read: not slightly) drunk, I decided it best to just spend my stored up merit points and call it a night. Let other people figure out this Voidwatch stuff, and where the 14hMP staff is from.

So I did. On Hand-to-Hand merits. They didn't increase Evasion/Parrying/Guard/Shield beyond 4. Monk, PUP, and Ninja don't need Combat Skills other than H2H and Katana. It's only logical.
Great. So 19 merits fucking wasted. Thanks, Square-Enix!

Hmm. So what else is new? Well, there's the PUP H2H weapons with the 10TP/tick Regain.
Oh wait.

Fucking, really? The Caller's Pendant gives 2.5TP/tick to Avatars. It was really in need of a 90% reduction? Somebody had the decimal at the wrong place?

Am I being paranoid if I'm worried Sage Sundi is coming to my house and going to rape my cat and stick a banana in my car's tailpipe?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Update Day Stuff

So the update finally arrived, and I'm here to pick apart the Version Update Notes and bitch about things. Let's get started!
The potency of the "Automaton: Regain" effect granted by the hand-to-hand weapon "Burattinaios" has been adjusted.

Does Square-Enix hate FUN?! Sure, having 240%TP Regain per minute, 10% from the H2H was sort of broken, but FUCK! You could do shit like this:
And that's pretty awesome!

OK, so you can't really tell from the picture, but with RR/VV/GH set I was standing a PUP/DNC and Deploy -> Retreive to fire off an Armor Piercer for ~700 DMG twice a minute. Our tanks got exploded at 2%, so I Ventriloquy'd all the Armor Piercer hate onto myself...and couldn't find a Fanatic's Drink. But we deadified it anyway, so yeah.

What was my point in all this? It better be 5TP/tick and not some 2.5TP/tick like the Caller's Pendant (Avatar's don't need TP anyway :-P). /RAGE

Moving along....

Synergy On Sky (etc) Gear

Well, it turns out yeah, Synergy is still fucking retarded. Want to Synergize your Genbu's Kabuto to a whole new level of bucket helmet awesome? Well get your Synergy rank up to Recruit and get a Genbu's Seal. Synergize that Genbu's Seal into a Genbu's Tatter. Synergize your Genbu's Tatter+Kabuto into an augmented improved version.

Abjuration gear follows the same pattern needing a Tatter made from one of the papers from that set. Thankfully, you can use an Aquarian: Head seal to make the Tatter for your Zenith Mitts +1 or whatever.

And papers drop from Kings, which are now force popped, so maybe we'll be able to get some shiny, new, old gear without camping shit in Sky again? Depending what the augments are the stuff will probably just be situational with AF3+1s and +2s anyway.

New Synergy (UGH) Gear

The gear teased now has names and requires drops from the new Voidwalker NM things. Fazheluo Mail, Hyksos Robe, and Cuauhtli Harness. Hopefully, the battlefields are at least fun since the shit requires high level Synergy to make.

Dynamis? Anyone?

There's surprisingly no new information about Dynamis changes as far as I can tell.


So, a few interesting things (new Automaton Attachments!!), but most of the stuff is too vague to parse. Hopefully, the new Voidwatch stuff is fun and Dynamis is revived a bit.

Monday, May 2, 2011

More Shin, Sad Monk, Happy PUP, and Gold Chest Farming!

I did another Shinryu since the one I posted.
It nearly was a loss as the Brew wore off right after I killed it. And my awesome loot was a Snoll Arm. I'm pretty sure Square-Enix is fucking with me.

Sad Monk

I went to farm up the parts of a Ulhuadshi popset I was missing, and saw this.
My usual luck had people camping nearly every damned thing I went to check on. So a little bit of lulz from seeing someone using a terrible weapon (Afflictors) and a mediocre, in Abyssea, weaponskill (Asuran Fists) brought joy to my black, black heart. Afflictors were shit at level 80. They haven't improved with age. There's probably Auction House shit that's better. Those Heroes zone augmented H2H are better. Asuran Fists doesn't crit. If you don't have Ascetic's Fury, you should be working on getting it. If you can't, for some reason, then use Backhand Blow. Sooooooo bad.

Happy PUP

Later in the day, I went Gold Chest/KI farming in Aby-Tahrongi.
I think that's my personal record for Stringing Pummel. I was PUP/DNC with RR/VV/MC Atmas. After some Bat murdering we moved to Scorpions.
Which went pretty well. I got the unpronounceable Burattinaios which gives my Automaton 10TP/tick Regain.  Combined with VV and that's a crazy 240% TP per minute. Being able to Tactical Switch basically whenever the timer is up is pretty sweet. I haven't really used it for Curing Waltz III spam, but it would work for that too.

And that's pretty much what I've been up to over the past week.