Monday, May 2, 2011

More Shin, Sad Monk, Happy PUP, and Gold Chest Farming!

I did another Shinryu since the one I posted.
It nearly was a loss as the Brew wore off right after I killed it. And my awesome loot was a Snoll Arm. I'm pretty sure Square-Enix is fucking with me.

Sad Monk

I went to farm up the parts of a Ulhuadshi popset I was missing, and saw this.
My usual luck had people camping nearly every damned thing I went to check on. So a little bit of lulz from seeing someone using a terrible weapon (Afflictors) and a mediocre, in Abyssea, weaponskill (Asuran Fists) brought joy to my black, black heart. Afflictors were shit at level 80. They haven't improved with age. There's probably Auction House shit that's better. Those Heroes zone augmented H2H are better. Asuran Fists doesn't crit. If you don't have Ascetic's Fury, you should be working on getting it. If you can't, for some reason, then use Backhand Blow. Sooooooo bad.

Happy PUP

Later in the day, I went Gold Chest/KI farming in Aby-Tahrongi.
I think that's my personal record for Stringing Pummel. I was PUP/DNC with RR/VV/MC Atmas. After some Bat murdering we moved to Scorpions.
Which went pretty well. I got the unpronounceable Burattinaios which gives my Automaton 10TP/tick Regain.  Combined with VV and that's a crazy 240% TP per minute. Being able to Tactical Switch basically whenever the timer is up is pretty sweet. I haven't really used it for Curing Waltz III spam, but it would work for that too.

And that's pretty much what I've been up to over the past week.

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